How To Win Akabi’s Jackpot In Baldur’s Gate 3

Akabi the Djinni in Baldur's Gate 3 is clearly cheating but there is a way to win his Wheel of Wonders game and get the jackpot in form of a legendary weapon.

The Circus of the Last Days in the Rivington area of Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with a lot of interesting characters. Talking to them can lead you to new quests like finding Dribbles the Clown, figuring out if the companion you like is destined for you, or taking part in minigames to win rewards. One of those NPCs in the circus is Akabi, a Djinni, who hosts a spin-the-wheel minigame and promises great rewards if you can win Akabi’s game in BG3. 

However, what you probably don’t know is that the Akabi’s game is rigged. The Djinni Akabi is cheating, and you can’t win the Jackpot no matter how good your roll is. That is where we come in to help you win the game leading to the legendary weapon, Nyrulna.

Spin Akabi’s Wheel of Wonders in Circus of Last Days

You can find Akabi the Djinni inside the Circus of Last Days (X: -69, Y: -73). This circus is in the northern part of the Village of Rivington, which you can visit during Act 3 of the game.

Once you start Act 3, simply walk along the path till you reach the Rivington waypoint near the entrance of the town. Turn left from there and keep going forward towards the Lower City. You should see Circus of the Last Days on your left. 

Enter through the gate and make your way to the south part of the Circus, where you will be able to find Akabi the Djinni, who has a setup of spin the wheel game.

Once you start playing Akabi’s Wheel of Wonders in BG3, you will realize that you are just getting cheap prizes. Each time you spin the wheel, it will cost you 500 gold, and you end up with worthless junk. You will know that this game is rigged without even passing a Perception check. 

If you confront and accuse Akabi that he is cheating, he will not agree and will transform your character into a cheese wheel and close his game, which we do not recommend.

How to win Akabi’s jackpot in Baldur’s Gate 3

To stop Akabi from cheating and win the Akabi Jackpot, you need to steal something from him. The said thing in question is the Djinni ring, which Akabi is using to rig his game and win non-stop. To steal the ring from Akabi, cast the Greater Invisibility spell on one of your characters. Disband them from the party and move them behind Akabi. Use sleight of Hand to steel Djinni ring from Akabi’s pocket. 

Once you have taken the Djinni Ring from Akabi, you can take part in the Wheel of Wonders game again. Now, spin the wheel one more time, and this time, you will win Akabi’s jackpot. This will infuriate Akabi, and he will transport you to a jungle in another dimension with dinosaur enemies.

How to find Nyrulna and exit the Jungle

The dinosaurs will hit you hard and will not be affected by your damage as they are damage-resistant. On top of that, these dinosaurs do not give any reward as you defeat them. It is best that you just avoid them and continue the path to leave the area. For that purpose, cast the Greater Invisibility spell and use stealth to avoid being detected.

Travel southwest until you reach a cave. Enter the cave, collect the loot inside, and then exit from the east side to follow a new path. Keep following the path till you reach the edge of the cliff, and on the other side, you can see a portal.

Use the Feather-Falling spell or potion to jump and make your way to the portal without taking fall damage. However, before you enter the portal, look at the chest next to it. This chest contains Nyrulna Trident, the ultimate prize of Akabi’s game.

Lockpick the chest with a DC20 roll, and you will get Nyrulna Legendary Trident in BG3 as a reward. If you don’t have lockpicks, you can carry the chest in your inventory and open it later. Once you have the trident or chest in your bag, interact with the portal to exit and reach the Circus of the Last Days. You have successfully won Akabi’s Jackpot in Baldur’s Gate 3, and your reward is a legendary weapon.

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