Baldur’s Gate 3 Cleric Tempest Domain Build And Subclass Guide

Tempest Domain Cleric subclass in Baldur's Gate 3 is a stormcaller damage role and we have the best build for it.

Tempest Domain subclass for the Cleric in Baldur’s Gate 3, as the name implies, relies heavily on storm-related spells. While Cleric might be a medium armor class, the bulk of its playstyle revolves around spell usage. While some other subclasses for the Cleric class serve as support or tanks for your party, the Baldur’s Gate 3 Tempest Domain build focuses heavily on damage.

Thanks to spells like Shatter, Call Lightning and Insect Plague, Tempest Domain Cleric in BG3 is a master of the weather and their performance on the battlefield reflects that. If a Baldur’s Gate 3 Cleric Tempest Domain build is what you are interested in, you have come to the right place.

Starting Abilities and Skills for Cleric Tempest Domain

Race: Gold Dwarf is the best race for the Cleric Tempest Domain build during character creation as it provides you with a bonus 1 Hit point at the beginning of the game and at every level, you will get an additional 1 point. It also provides you with Dwarven combat training.

Ability Point distribution: STR 11, CON 15, DEX 11, INT 10, CHA 11, WIS 17

Skills: Insight, Religion, Medicine and Persuasion.

Best Background

The best background for Cleric Tempest Domain is Acolyte. It gives your character proficiency in Insight and Religion. Due to a high amount of Wisdom, you gain an Insight bonus helping you figure out a person’s true intentions. Being a Cleric, the Religion proficiency also helps you understand various religious aspects of the world and interact with them like temples and statues of deities.


Best Feats for Cleric Tempest Domain

Your character has the option to choose one feat after every four levels. We have covered the best feats for you if you are playing the Cleric Tempest Domain subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Level 4: War Caster is a good early feat to unlock so you can gain an Advantage on Saving Throws when Concentrating on maintaining a spell. War Caster feat also allows you to cast Shocking Grasp on an enemy that is about to move out of melee range.

Level 8: Unlock the Lucky feat so you get an advantage on Saving Throws and Ability checks. This lucky feat also allows you to reroll enemies’ attacks.

Level 12: Unlocking the Tough feat gives you two additional max HP for each level you have gained. If you choose Tough feat at level 12, you will instantly get a permanent boost of 24 HP.

Best Spells for Tempest Domain

Level 1: Fog Cloud and Thunderwave. Thunderwave allows you to unleash a Thunderous force wave. Once this wave reaches any object or creature in Baldur’s Gate 3, all of them will be pushed away at a far distance. The Fog Cloud spell can bring clouds that prevail to blind and hide anyone within it.

Level 3: Gust of Wind and Shatter. Gust of Wind spell gives you the ability to charge a strong wind that will help you to clear the prevailing clouds. Also, upon using this spell, this strong wind will push creatures at a distance of 5 meters away, the result of this strong wind is making them go Off Balance. Shatter spells can be used to do damage to all the creatures and objectives in a given range of 18m and 3m radius. Inorganic material creatures have a negative impact on their Saving Throws.

Level 5: Sleet Storm and Call Lightning. Sleet Strom spell allows you to summon a storm that affects enemy concentration. Moreover, the usage of this spell will bring ice to the ground. Call Lightning spell can be charged to bring down the lightning which does damage from 3 to 30, anywhere in this range on the opponents standing in a given range of 18m.

Level 7: Freedom of Movement and Ice Storm. Freedom of Movement spell gives the ability to not get any impact coming from the spell, water, or hard terrain on the target’s Movement. Ice Storm spell allows you to bring a hail ice storm coming from above and damaging 6 to 40 every creature within an area.

Level 9: Destructive Wave and Insect Plague. Destructive Wave spells let you construct a shockwave that damages creatures in a certain range and prone them. The shockwave can be of malevolent thunder or divine. Insect Plague spell allows you to summon locusts which will attack your opponents within a specified range of 18m. Creatures will be at a disadvantage when they try to do perception checks.

Best armor and weapons

The best-fit type of weapons while playing in a Cleric class are Martial and Simple weapons.

Helm: Grymskull Helm. When you have equipped this helm, the attacker is unable to land critical hits on your character. It also provides you with fire damage resistance.

Cloak: Cindermoth Cloak: This clock burns the creature who is attacking you within 2m in range.

Armor: Reaper’s Embrace. It is a rare armor that provides 19 armor class and reduces all incoming damage by 2.

Gloves: Gloves of the Growling Underdog. When you equip these gloves on your character, it grants you an advantage on melee attack rolls when you are fighting off 2 or more enemies.

Boots: Disintegrating Night Walkers. While wearing these boots, you can not get Ensnared, Entangled, or Enwebbed on the surface where you experience ice or grease. Moreover, it also provides you with Misty Step which you can use to teleport at a short distance.

Melee: Selune’s Spear of Night. It grants the wearer an advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws, along with that, it also gives an advantage on Perception checks. It allows you to have a vision in the darkness up to 12m. Additionally, this legendary one-handed equipment gives you Moonbeam spell and Moonmote class actions.

Amulet: Spellcrux Amulet. This very rare amulet gives your character Spell Slot Restoration.

Ring 1: Ring of Salving: This ring allows you to increase your healing. You get 2 hit points whenever you are healing any other creature.

Ring 2: The Whispering Promise. This ring provides you with 1 to 4 bonus attack rolls along with 2 turns of saving throws whenever you are healing any creature.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Cleric Tempest Domain Build level progression

Level 1: Since our build is about Tempest Domain, select that as your subclass at level 1. You will select one Deity out of 20 given Deities who can worship. Moreover, you gain proficiency in Heavy Armour and Martial Weapons. Along with the above, it also unlocks the Wrath of the Storm feature which deals 2 to 16 lightning damage in response to the creature attacking you.

Level 2: Channel Divinity Charges. You unlock this feature to channel divine energy. Additionally, you also unlock the Turn Undead action feature. This action feature allows you to compel undead who see you or hear you to use turns to go away from you until you damage them. You also unlock Destructive Wrath which lets you deal maximum damage when you use Channel Divinity and your reaction either from roll Thunder or Lighting damage.

Level 3: Two new spell slots are unlocked. I have mentioned which spells to unlock in the section above.

Level 4: You can unlock a new feat as Cleric Tempest Domain. My recommendation for the feat is mentioned above. 

Level 5: Destroy Undead class feature can be unlocked. It deals radiant damage to the enemy once the Turn Undead spell’s effect ends.

Level 6: Improved Warding Flare feature is unlocked and can be used to miss attacks of the enemy to an ally by using reaction, so can put attack roll at a disadvantage.

Level 7: Two new spell slots are unlocked which are mentioned above.

Level 8: Unlocked Divine Strike: Tempest action feature allows you to deal thunder damage in between 1 to 8 extra on your existing gear’s damage as you melee attack any of the creatures. You can unlock a new feat as Cleric Tempest Domain.  

Level 9: Two new spell slots are unlocked. Recommendations are mentioned above.

Level 10:  You can unlock the Divine Intervention class feature which lets you ask your deity for help. This spell can only be used once in the entire playthrough.

Level 12: You can unlock a new feat to fully complete your BG3 Tempest Domain Cleric build.

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