Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Solo Build

While Baldur's Gate 3 doesn't give lone wolf advantage, you can definitely play the game solo with our recommended build.

The thought of doing a solo run in a team game fascinates us for sure. If you have thought about it playing Baldur’s Gate 3 as a lone wolf without any party members, then you might be thinking about which class you need to choose for the whole game. You need not worry as we have researched for you and the only thing you need is this guide with the best Baldur’s Gate 3 solo build that should keep you alive in every combat encounter.

Unlike Divinity Original Sin games, there is no skill or buff that allows you to gain bonuses when playing as a lone wolf in BG3. However, if you don’t like your companions (kind of weird) you can play the entirety of Baldur’s Gate 3 solo and that is where our build should help.

Starting Class, Abilities and Skills for Lone Wolf solo build

The best class for a solo BG3 run is the Paladin class due to their high health pool, defensive abilities, proficiency with heavy armor, and high damage. During hostile situations, their high Charisma will help you to get out without fighting the enemies.

The best Paladin Subclass I will recommend for this BG3 solo build is Oath of Ancients. The subclass offers you high damage of Paladin along with a healing ability that increases by the level. The rest of the character creation options are mentioned below

Race: Zariel Tiefling – gives you additional strength and provides searing flames that deal extra fire damage to opponents.

Ability Stats: 17 STR, 12 DEX, 13 CON, 8 INT, 10 WIS, 15 CHR


Skills: Athletics, Intimidations.

Best Background for Paladin Oath of Ancients

Soldier is the best background in BG3 for our recommended lone wolf build in BG3. It will provide you with greater strength and tactics on the battlefield. You will need greater strength during your solo run as you will be fighting all the enemies alone without any help.

Best feats for BG3 solo build

Level 4: Ability Improvement. Use your feat point to increase Strength to 19. Your focus is to stay alive and kill your opponent as soon as possible.

Level 8: Unlock the Great Weapon Master feat. The feat will give you an additional turn when you kill someone or land a critical hit with a melee weapon. Attacking with Heavy Melee weapons you are proficient with will deal an extra 10 damage but comes with a cost of a -5-attack roll penalty.

Level 12: Use the last feat to maximize your strength to 20.

Best Spells for Solo/Lone wolf playstyle

Healing Radiance (Level 1): Heals yourself and your allies for 5 HP. In the next turn, you will get 5HP again. The amount of HP recovered is increased as you level up.

Lay on Hand Charges (Level 4): You can heal or cure yourself or your allies. Does not require any spell slot.

Branding Smite (level 5): Marks your enemy with light preventing him from turning invisible and does 2d6 radiant damage.

Blinding Smite (Level 9): Does +3d8 radiant Damage and blinds your opponent.

Best Armor and Weapons

Helmet: Helmet of Smiting- gain temporary hp equal to your Charisma Modifier.

Amulet: Broodmother Revenge – adds 1d4 poison damage to weapons when healed.

Ring: Whispering Promise and Crusher’s Ring.

Gloves: Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength – Steal from House of Hope for Helsik to increase Strength to 23

Chest: Adamantine Armor – for 3 turns, the attacker gets -1 attack roll.

Boots: Aid and Comfort – Temporarily gain 3 HP when healing

Melee Weapon: Phalar Aluve or Loviatar’s Scourge.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Paladin solo build level progression

Level 2: Unlocks two level 1 spell slots and three similar actions. Divine Smite Weapon Damage, Divine Smite: Reaction Damage, and Divine Smite: Critical Reaction Damage. All of them deal 1-8 additional radiant damage. Spells Unlocked are Command, Compelled Duel, Cure Wound, Bless, Divine Favor, Heroism, Wrathful Smite, Protection from Evil and Good, Thunderous Smite, Smearing Smite and Shield of Faith. You also need to choose a fighting style here, choose defense to reduce damage taken.

Level 3: At level 3, you will unlock the third level 1 spell slot and Class feature Divine Health which will protect you from diseases. Two actions are unlocked, Nature’s Wrath: Restrain an enemy, the enemy can’t move, misses his shots, and becomes an easy target and the other action is Turn the Faithless: Turns nearby fey and fiends and prevents them from coming near you. Two Oath spells are also unlocked, Speak with animals and ensnaring strike.

Level 4: At level four, your first feat is unlocked which has been explained earlier.

Level 5: Gain 1 level 1 spell slot and 2 level 2 slots. At this level, you will be able to do one extra attack. Spells unlocked at this level are Aid, Branding Smite, Lesser Restoration, Magic weapon, and protection from poison. Two oath spells are also unlocked, Misty Step and Moon Beam.

Level 6: At level 6, you will unlock an action, Aura of Protection which gives you or your nearby allies a +3 bonus to saving throws.

Level 7: Unlocks the 3rd level 2 spell slot and an action Aura of Warding which reduces spell damage taken by you or your allies to half.

Level 8: Unlocks the 2nd feat.

Level 9: 2Level 3 spell slots are unlocked along with the spells, Blinding Smite, Crusador Mantle, Daylight, Elemental Weapon, Remove Curses, Revivify, and Warden of Vitality. Two Oath spells, Protection from Energy and Plant Growth are also unlocked.

Level 10: At level 10, you will unlock the Action Aura of Courage, the action prevents you and your allies from being frightened.

Level 11: Unlock the 3rd level 3 spell slot and a class feature Improved Divine Smite that does additional 1-8 radiant melee attack damage to enemies.

Level 12: Unlock the Last feat.

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