Baldur’s Gate 3 Punch Drunk Achievement Guide

Baldur’s Gate 3 Punch Drunk is a Achievement which serves no purpose other than collecting it as a trophy.

One of the achievements that you may have missed early on in Baldur’s Gate 3 is Punch Drunk Achievement. It will require you to defeat at least twenty opponents while one of your party characters is drunk.

To complete this achievement, you must have certain beverages in your party members’ inventory. This will include Alcohol, Portal Sherry, Stagswift Tonic, etc., which they need to drink to get drunk.

Then you must equip the Sprit Conjuration or Evocation spell like Sunbeam or any other AoE spell. This way, you can eliminate the enemy surrounding you while your party member in BG3 is drunk. Doing so, you will gain the Punch Drunk Achievement at the end with relative ease.

Moreover, you will find it tricky if you aim to complete this achievement early in the game. As in many cases, you will be more focused on killing the enemy, which will come with decent HP. Nevertheless, we have discussed all the scenarios in all three acts of BG3 where you can grab the opportunity to complete this achievement.

However, it would be best if you always remembered to save your game before going out to complete the Punch Drunk Achievement. This way, even if you fail, you can work on your plan again.

Punch Drunk achievement in Act 1

If you are more keen on completing this specific achievement with a drunk party member early on in BG3, then you can do so during the first Act. However, this won’t be as easy as the ones you do during the second or third Act.

Make your way to the Goblin Camp near the Druid Grove area. Once you sneak inside, you will find some goblins sleeping there. Switch to him if you have a Rogue class character in your party.

Then you will have to make sure that one of your party members apart from him drinks the alcohol. After that member is intoxicated, you can use the Rogue character to perform the killings by sneaking up on the sleeping goblins. Also, ensure the party member drinks enough alcohol during this whole venture.

Ultimately, this method will earn you the Punch Drunk achievement in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, it will be time-consuming, and you might not complete it successfully in many cases. You can wait for the story to progress and then go for this achievement during Act 2 or 3 in BG3.

Punch Drunk achievement in Act 2

During the game’s second Act, you can venture towards the northeastern area of the Shadow Cursed Land in BG3. You will find a spot with a bunch of Shadow Cursed Ravens (Lvl 1) in that area.

These creatures have 1HP and can be killed off as enemies, so you can proceed with the same plan with the Shadowheart character to complete the Punch Drunk Achievement.

Drink the Stagswift Tonic first, then go for a bottle of alcohol. Then, equip your character with the Spirit Conjuration or AoE spell and proceed towards the ravens next.

The spell will do your hard work and swiftly kill the ravens in your surrounding radius. Once all the ravens are dead, you will receive the Punch Drunk Achievement in BG3.

Punch Drunk achievement in Act 3

The easiest way to get the Punch Drunk Achievement in Baldur’s Gate 3 would be by visiting the Elfsong Tavern at the Baldur’s Gate region. You will come across this place during the third Act of the game. When you do, you need to head to its Basement. You can go directly to the kitchen and find the stairs there. This will lead you to the tavern’s basement next.

Upon reaching that place, you can choose the Shadowheart character from your party. This particular achievement will require you to defeat opponents with a drunk party member. Go to her inventory and drink a Stagswift Tonic first. After that, you can drink a bottle of alcohol.

The basement area will be filled with rats, which can serve as easy enemies to dispose of. This is because of their low HP. You can then use the Spirit Conjuration spell, which can cause massive damage to nearby enemies.

This way, you can kill all the rats there while in a drunken state. Apart from this, you can use any other AoE spell as long it completes the purpose of destroying the enemies around you in BG3. Once all the rats are killed off, you will automatically receive the Punch Drunk achievement.

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