Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Loading Weapons

Loading Weapons in Baldur's Gate 3 are basically mechanical ranged equipment and we have suggestions for the best in the game.

The Loading Weapon Property covers all the weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 which requires you to reload the weapon after using it once. This category involves all classes of Crossbows in the game which includes Hand, Heavy, and Light Crossbows. Following are some of the best crossbows falling under the Loading weapons category in Baldur’s Gate 3.

#1 Hand Crossbow +1

The Hand Crossbow +1 is one of the Hand Crossbows in BG3 having the Loading weapon property. Like the other similar bows having the same properties, Hand Crossbow +1 can give a befitting damage of 1d6+1 Piercing. It is a very rare crossbow in BG3.

Hand Crossbow +1 does possess the Weapon Enchantment +1 also the Light weapon category along with the Loading as well. Hand Crossbow +1 can also help in unlocking the Piercing Shot and the Mobile Shot actions.

#2 Firestroker

Firestroker also belongs to the Hand Crossbows class. This uncommon bow with a range of 15 meters can provide 1d6 Piercing damage to opponents. To get your hands over this weapon you have to visit Grymforge. There it can be found resting inside a chest.

In addition to the Loading property, it also possesses the Light weapon property as well which is evident by its weight. Firestroker provides the Burned Alive equipment feature which helps in knocking down enemies faster because of the additional 1d4 Piercing damage to the Burning Targets.

To use this Crossbow, first, you have to master Martial proficiency. Like the Hand Crossbow +1, Firestroker Crossbow can also help in unlocking the Piercing Shot and the Mobile Shot actions as well.


#3 Githyanki Crossbow

Well, going further on the list of the best Loading weapons, Githyanki Crossbow also makes it on the list. This is an uncommon Heavy Crossbow in BG3. To procure the Githyanki Crossbow, you have to loot a Githyanki Raider. It also possesses the Two-Handed weapon property in BG3. The damage this bow can provide is 1d10 Piercing, which is quite amusing but this does not stop here at all.

Along with the base damage, it can also provide conditional 1d4 Psychic Damage. To deal the additional damage, you must have 50% or fewer Hitpoints. Holding it in the Main hand only also provides the Brace Ranges weapon skill. Additionally, it can also help you get Piercing Shot weapon action as well.

#4 Giantbreaker

Giantbreaker is also one of the Heavy crossbows in BG3. Being a rare bow, it is very difficult to be found. To get it, first, you need to help in finding the Missing Shipment to increase the Zhentarim merchant’s inventory. Once done with that you can get it from the merchant Brem in Zhentarim Hideout.

Giantbreaker crossbow can wield 1d10 Piercing damage to the enemies. It also possesses the Heavy Hitter skill which can stumble up the target.

Similar to the Githyanki Crossbow, Giantbreaker has the main hand-only Brace ranged skill for the while it can also help you with gaining the Piercing Shot actions as well. One important thing to mention here is the Reeling performs -1 to Attack Rolls as a penalty.

#5 Light Crossbow +1

This bow falls under the light bows in the game. Along with the Loading property, this weapon also possesses the Two-Handed property and does not require any mastery to operate them. This uncommon bow can deal 1d8+1 Piercing damage to enemies. Unlike the bows discussed above, Light Crossbow +1 has 3 meters extended range compared to the Hand and Heavy bows.

Light Crossbow +1 has +1 Weapon Enchantment and can be found inside a chest located somewhere in Grymforge. This light bow can also help you in getting the Piercing Shot actions as well.

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