All Lae’zel Endings In Baldurs Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Lae'zel will have two possible endings depending on your choices during the Githyanki Warrior quest.

Lae’zel is one of the ten companions, and you will play her “The Githyanki Warrior” companion quest, which will determine Baldur’s Gate 3 Lae’zel Endings. Once she is in your party, you must help her save her Githyanki people from the Netherbrains and Valaakiths.

Certain events will occur during the game, where you can make multiple choices. Your choice will turn the La’’zel story entirely and have a different ending in BG3.

Choosing the right decision can lead to a happy Baldur’s Gate 3 Lae’zel Endings, while some choices can make the ending more emotional. Let’s look at certain events, what choices you can make during those events, and where they will lead you in the end.

Prince Orpheus becomes a Mind Flayer

Prince Orpheus will become a Mind Flayer for this BG3 Lae’zel Ending. When you confront the Emperor, he will ask you to sacrifice to defeat the Netherbrains. You can break your alliance with the Emperor at this point, and he will join the Netherbrians.

But, The Prince of Comet Orpheus decides to make a sacrifice and says there is no other option and one has to become a mind flayer. He will then ask you to kill him and tell Lae’zel to lead the Githyanki people.

If Lae’zel agrees to your decision to kill Orpheus, you can stab and kill Orpheus. In this Lae’zel ending in BG3, she will leave your party to take charge of the Githyanki people.


In the same scenario, if you choose not to kill Orpheus, Lae’zel will not go to lead the Githyanki and stay with you. While you throw your dagger to save Orpheus, he will grab it by magic and kill himself.

You become a Mind Flayer ending in BG3

As the Emperor said, one party member must sacrifice and become a Mind Flayer. In this scenario, you will trust the Emperor, Karlach will probably choose to become a Mindflayer, and Orpheus will stay a Githyanki.

In this ending, you and Lae’zel will stay in Baldur’s Gate 3 but go separate ways. You can ask Lae’zel to stay, but she will refuse and say she will live as an outcast for failing her people. Similarly, you can still convince her again, but your Mind Flayer form is why she cannot stay with you.

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