Should You Kill Gandrel In Baldur’s Gate 3

Gandrel is a character in Baldur's Gate 3 who will put players in a tough spot after he becomes a threat to the life of Astarion.

There is a lot of decision-making in Baldur’s Gate 3, and sometimes, the game puts you in a position where you are unsure of what to do. Similar is the case with Baldur’s Gate 3 Killing Gandrel decision. Gandrel in BG3 is from the Gur race, and you will meet him first during the Pale Elf quest.

Upon meeting, he will ask if you know the whereabouts of the Vampire Astarion. He will reveal that he wants to find and kill Astarion at all costs. The background for this is that Astarion had killed multiple Gur people. That is why Gangrel is thirsty for Astarion’s blood.

But the concern is that Astarion is your companion, and allowing Gandrel to kill him can impact your whole game.

What happens if you kill Gandrel in Baldur’s Gate 3

At the time when Gandrel reveals his thirst for blood and his plot to assassinate Astarion, you will be given three choices to make, and all of them will have different consequences:

  • You can kill Gandrel
  • You can provide Astarion’s whereabouts.
  • You can warn Astarion of Gandrel’s incoming assassination.

If you choose to kill Gandrel in BG3 and manage to save Astarion, you will receive trust from all your companions, impacting good relations with them for the entire journey. They will also consider your decision after they realize you are loyal to them. You will get the following rewards after killing Gandrel.

  • Gandrel’s Aspiration
  • Dagger
  • Supply Pack
  • Leather
  • Light Armor
  • Arrow of Fire
  • Arrow of Acid
  • 2x Healing Potions

What happens if you let Gandrel Go

Choosing the latter option of allowing Gandrel to kill Astarion in BG3 has disastrous outcomes. When you tell the whereabouts of Astarion to Gandrel, he will immediately leave your party and will no longer be available for the rest of the game. You will lose him entirely.


Also, your other companions will question your leadership and doubt whether you are loyal to them. If you don’t want distrust from your companions and don’t want to kill Gandrel, you can make another decision.

You don’t tell Gandrel’s whereabouts, but you inform Astarion about Gandrel’s intention and his possible assassination. This will, however, result in only gratitude from Astarion. Remember, Gandrel will eventually find and kill Astarion if you let him go.

Should You kill or let Gandrel go in BG3?

The simple answer is to kill Gandrel in Baldur’s Gate 3. Astation is a precious companion who will be very useful throughout the game. Losing him will only increase your game burden, and your other companions will not trust you anymore. I would recommend you to go for killing Gandrel. It will protect Astarion, and you will also receive rewards.

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