What Are Bonus Actions In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Consuming your action is not the end of the world in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a turn-based action RPG where you and your enemies can take limited actions. You can attack, move, cast spells, heal, and act as Actions. However, Baldur’s Gate 3 also lets you perform several Bonus Actions. These aren’t full actions but provide additional functionality in combat. You can only make one bonus action per turn, per character.

Newbies to the franchise and the Dungeons and Dragons gaming system might be confused about the difference between action and bonus actions. We can explain all the tidbits.

Bonus action in Baldur’s Gate 3 explained

While Baldur’s Gate 3 combat primarily depends on Actions, you can perform a bonus action before your turn ends. The number of Bonus Actions is very limited and mainly depends on classes and sub-classes.

An Orange Triangle represents Bonus Action, and you can select them by pressing this button over your action bar. Due to their extremely complex nature and varied variety for each class, we have compiled a detailed list of all the Bonus Actions available in the game.

Here is a list of all bonus actions available in Baldur’s Gate 3

Bonus ActionsDescriptions
JumpMake a jump depending on your character’s strength modifier
DipDip your weapon in a surface to coat it to increase the damage
ShoveStick to the shadows to increase your chances of remaining undetected
HideStick to the shadows to increase your chances of remaining undetected
PotionConsume a potion as a bonus action
DashDouble your movement speed for the turn. Can be used by Rogues as a cunning action at level 2 and Wildheart Barbarian at level 3. Spellcasters like Wizards, Clerics, Arcane Trickster, and Eldritch Knight get it by a level 1 spell, Expeditious Retreat.
Off-Hand StrikeThis weapon attack is available as a bonus action to dual-wielders.
FrenzyAvailable to Barbarian class only.
Wild Shape actionsAllows you to change into various animal forms with their unique HP and attributes. Only available to Circle of the Moon Druids.
Pommel StrikeDaze a nearby enemy that you strike with the pommel of your melee weapon.
Mobile ShotCan only be used after using Dash as an action. Allows you to hit enemies with a ranged attack while moving.
RallyUse your superiority dice to grant 8 temporary HP to your ally. Can only be used by Battle Master Fighter.
Vampire BiteRestores 2d4 HP and inflicts the same amount of piercing damage on enemies. Can be used by Astarion or a character that gains this vampiric ability.
Create Spell SlotYou can sacrifice your Sorcery points to earn a spell slot. Can only be used by Sorcerers. 
Create Sorcery PointsYou can sacrifice your spell slot to create sorcery points. Can only be used by Sorcerers.
Shadow StepAllows you to move from shadow to shadow. You gain an advantage on your next melee attack roll. Can only be used by Way of Shadow Monk.
Bardic InspirationYou can inspire your ally to add a bonus to their next attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. Can only be used by Bards.
Spiritual WeaponSummon a spectral weapon that deals 1d8+1+your ability modifier damage to enemies for the next 10 turns. Can only be used by clerics.
Reflective ShellYou get a protective shell that reflects all incoming projectiles back to the source. Can be used once per short rest and become available after meeting the Emperor for the first time.
Psionic PullYou can pull a creature or object towards you. Can only be used by a level 3 Fighter and once per short rest. 
Enraged ThrowAllows you to pick up an enemy and throw it at another enemy to make them prone. This bonus action can only be used by Berserker barbarian.
War MagicAs an Eldritch Knight Fighter, you get a weapon attack as bonus action after casting a cantrip. Can be used on character level 7 or above.

Bonus Actions as a Wizard

The class that least benefits from the bonus actions is Wizard. They can’t cast additional spells with bonus action. The only way to cast a spell as a bonus action is to equip the Band of the Mystic Scoundrel ring. Once Akabi teleports you, you can loot it from a backpack in the jungle (X: -1555, Y: -1520).

This ring allows its wearer to cast an Illusion or Enchantment spell after hitting their enemies with a weapon during Action. This allows you to cast a spell as a bonus action, but you still can’t cast two spells per turn.

However, you can consume items like potions as a bonus action with a Wizard.

Cantrips as Bonus Action

While Cantrips can only be used as Actions, a unique gear item in Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to cast them as bonus actions.

The item in question is Quickspell Gloves, which you can purchase from Rolan or Lorroakan’s projection in the Sorcerous Sundries. Once equipped, they allow the user to cast a cantrip as a bonus action once per short rest.

Make sure to equip those gloves on Wyll and blast away the enemies with Eldritch Blast.

Can you use Illithid Powers as a Bonus Action? 

The short answer is yes. However, this can be obtained by gaining a passive ability known as Awakened Illithid Powers, which can only be obtained by sitting in the Zaith’isk Chair and passing all three saving throws.

This chair is found in Creche Y’llek’s infirmary and is part of The Githyanki Warrior questline. If you fail any check, you will miss out on this passive ability and receive a -2 debuff on that skill.

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