6 Combat Tips to Dominate Baldur’s Gate 3

We have brought for you Baldur's Gate 3: Combat Guide that will include many tips to help you get the most efficiency out of your actions

In Baldur’s Gate 3, knowing how combat works in the game is vital. You’ll have access to multiple classes, each bringing something new. Whether that’s through the class-specific actions, innumerable spells, and weapons available, the options are unlimited. However, they can get confusing, and you’ll make mistakes.

So, knowing how to use the combat system to its fullest is important. As you level up in BG3, the fights will keep getting harsher. You will need to maximize the usage of your actions and spells.

1. Move Tactically

Movement during Baldur’s Gate 3’s combat is done by highlighting a tile on the tactical map. While moving, you must remember to stay off the red highlighted area.

When you are moving through hazards, your path will turn red, and you will be taking damage.

You should also stay at enough distance from the enemy to not enter their zone of control. In the enemy’s zone of control, the enemy can attack you. If you leave an enemy’s vicinity, the enemy can get an Opportunity Attack on you even when it is not their turn. The same goes for hostiles too; you can get Opportunity Attacks on them.

2. Go for Combos

When it comes to casting spells, there are pretty great combos that you can use against opponents to inflict maximum damage. As a Warlock, one of these is the Hex, a Bonus Action. When you cast out Hex, you can use Eldritch Blast (an action), too, on the same turn!

So see which kind of character you have, what kind of actions and bonus actions in BG3 they can get, and take full advantage of that. Similarly, if you have a melee character, you can make a melee attack against them and then use the Shove bonus action to push them away. This gives you some breathing room.

3. Distribute Healing Items

While it may seem tempting to hoard all healing items for your main character, it works better for your party if you distribute them. Baldur’s Gate 3 relies heavily on party composition, strategy, and synergy. Ensuring your allies are healed and cared for ensures they can support you better.

Your party members can self-sustain themselves as well. Additionally, this clears inventory space to make room for other items that may aid you in combat.

4. Use Your Environment

Another way you can be effective in combat in Baldur’s Gate 3 is by making sure you’re using the environment to your advantage. In the game, there are many ways you can do this. Firstly, if you are in a combat situation atop an elevated plain, you can shove your opponent immediately. This depends on factors like your strength stat, athletics and acrobatics skill, and your enemy’s weight.

Shoving is also most effective when you’re taking a stealthy approach or if you are hidden. In the case of the Rogue class, which focuses on stealth, you’ll find yourself more successful with the shove bonus action.

You can also pick up items from the battlefield to throw at your enemies. Furthermore, you can drop overhanging blocks onto your enemies and shove them into hazardous areas like spider pits. So keep your eyes open and see what you can use.

5. Use AOE Spells

Certain spells have a large area of effect (AOE), allowing you to control the battlefield. For example, the Cloud of Daggers spell has an 18-meter AOE on the battlefield; once you cast it, anyone who comes into contact with it will be damaged along a 4d4 range as long as the spell is up.

Learn and equip spells that allow you to cast a larger area of damage. If you’re strategic enough with how you cast your spells, AOE spells can instantly turn the tide of the battle. These spells can create hazards on the battlefield, and if you position them right, your enemies will have no choice but to pass through them and get damaged.

6. Focus on elemental interaction

You can also make elements work with each other to deal damage to your opponents. For example, if your party has a wizard that knows the grease spell, you can use this with any flame spell to create a large area of damage.

This process has to be completed in quick succession. Experiment with other elements and spells; there are plenty of elements that you can exploit on the battlefield.