How To Kill Adamantine Golem Without Using The Hammer In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Adamantine Golem is a tough boss in Baldur's Gate 3 and made even tougher when you have to kill it without the forge hammer for an achievement.

Grym the Adamantine Golem is the Grymforge Protector that players encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3 when they try to craft an Adamantine weapon or armor for the first time. Grym the Forge Protector boss is one of the toughest enemies in BG3 but with the right strategy and using the forge hammer, you can defeat it within 3-4 turns. However, if you are an achievement hunter, there is an achievement to kill the Adamantine Golem in Baldur’s Gate 3 without using the Forge Hammer at all.

We are here to help you unlock that achievement and explain how you can deal enough damage to kill the Adamantine Golem in Baldur’s Gate 3 without needing the massive damage from the forge hammer.

Preparing to kill the Baldur’s Gate 3 Adamantine Golem without the Forge Hammer

While Grym seems to be a strong enemy with no visible weakness, there is one vulnerability that the players can exploit to defeat Grym in BG3 at the Adamantine Forge. The weakness happens to be Bludgeoning Damage. To deal a significant amount of said damage it is preferred the players use heavy weapons like war hammers, mauls, flails, and maces or anything that can cause blunt force trauma or bludgeoning damage.

Of course, you can only deal damage to the Grymforge Protector in BG3 if you have made it vulnerable to damage by making it stand in the lava. So creating a lava pool in the area is the first step to defeating Adamantine Golem without the hammer in BG3.

Apply superheated debuff

While the weapons have been discussed, the next part of the strategy to defeat the Adamantine Boss is to cause vulnerability in order to hit the Adamantine Golem with Bludgeoning Damage. It automatically receives the “Superheated” debuff when it is in Lava, so the first part of the plan requires it to be constantly staying within the lava.

This means that one of your characters needs to always be standing next to the lava valve to activate it. I would recommend putting a long-range character like Gale. Whenever the lava drains away, the character needs to activate the valve again and flood the area with lava so the Adamantine Golem always has the Superheated debuff and can take damage from other sources.

Kite the Adamantine Golem around the arena

The final part of the strategy is to keep Grym engaged while slowly chipping away at its health. To do this, the tank players play the most important role. (See how to build a tank in Bg3). The tanks can essentially keep Grym baited and engaged by being the last one to deal damage to Grym. Grym will always target the player who dealt damage to it last so you need to make sure this player constantly moves around and have the Adamantine Golem chase them.

Keeping Grym debuffed using the Lava, and then dealing Bludgeoning Damage to it through the round, ending the round with a tank dealing damage to Grym so that the Adamantine Golem diverts its attention to the tank that can stay strong despite taking heavy damage.

That’s the loop that the party needs to strive for in order to obtain “A Grym Fate” achievement. It will take you a lot longer compared to using the Forge Hammer to kill the Adamantine Golem in BG3. However, as long as you keep moving around, have your casters defeat the Mephits that spawn and keep melee characters focused on the boss should allow you to chip away at its health every turn.

The tank’s positioning is the most important thing when it comes to defeating the Adamantine Golem without the hammer in BG3. Make sure you always save enough movement points to get away from Grym and stock up on potions or have a healer in the party to keep your health up.

The Adamantine Golem in Baldur’s Gate 3 once defeated will drop the Grymskull Helm – a special helmet that makes the wearer invulnerable to critical hits and gives fire resistance.

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