Assassin’s Creed: Unity Companion App Glyph Puzzles, Nomad Missions, Rewards

Assassin's Creed: Unity Companion App tips to solve Glyph Puzzles, complete Nomad Missions, use Nomad Brotherhood to get in-game Rewards.

If you happen to have an Android or iOS device, you can make use of an Assassin’s Creed: Unity app called the Companion App, which will transfer bonus rewards to your main game if certain tasks are completed in the app.

The Companion App is essentially a metagame in which you collect in-app currency, which unlocks missions within the app that you can complete. These missions will then give you rewards that you can collect from your main game.

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Companion App Tips

In order to do this though, you need to earn Nomad Points from within the game, invest in Café Theatres and Social Clubs, and also unlock Viewpoints to expand the territory from where you can recruit Assassins within the App.

The Companion App’s metagame is divided into two phases: the Glyph Puzzles, and the Nomad Missions.

Glyph Puzzles
Glyph Puzzles are simple spot-the-symbol puzzles that come in a minigame of sorts in the Companions App. In these, you have to use your limited Eagle Vision pulses to spot glyph symbols on different buildings and architecture.

The amount of pulses you have available is displayed in the top left corner of the screen, and the glyphs that you need to look for are directly below.

You can rotate the building, initiate your Eagle Vision, then select as many glyphs as you can find on the building at that specific angle within the limited time span of the Eagle Vision.

Once you’re done, rotate to a new angle and repeat the process. If you run out of Eagle Vision pulses, you can either start over again for free, or you can purchase additional pulses.

Every puzzle solved grants you in-app currency, and you can unlock a set of Nomad Missions.

Nomad Missions
When the Nomad Missions are unlocked, you can tap on them and see the objective details. These are chance-based missions that have a success rate depends on the number of Assassins you assign for the mission and their individual skills.

You can tap on the ‘+’ sign to add Assassins for a mission after viewing its briefing. When you choose a candidate, the Success Rate bar will fill up. This bar indicates your Odds of Success, which is the percentage probability of the mission being accomplished.

Anything below 100% has a slight chance of failure, in which case you would get nothing and the assassins you send out will be killed and forever lost.

To get the best possible success rate, you should choose your recruits according to the required stats.

The stronger the recruits are though, the more in-app currency it will cost to hire them. It is also important not to forget to heal your recruits before you send them out for the missions.

Nomad Brotherhood
You can manage your assassins by accessing the Nomad Brotherhood through the icon on the bottom left of the screen. In this new screen, you can recruit new assassins and manage the ones that you already have.

New assassins can be recruited by spending the in-app currency, and assassins are leveled up when they gain sufficient experience, in which case a golden icon appears, and you can increase one of their stats by one unit.

Initially, you’ll only have 4 slots in the Nomad Brotherhood. However, you can expand them by synchronizing additional Viewpoints within the main game, allowing you to recruit assassins from additional regions.

If your mission was a success, you will receive certain rewards.

The individual assignments will give you XP and also level up your assassins, but when you complete the mission ‘sets’ (basically missions in the same location), you will acquire rewards that can be collected in the main game.

These rewards can be in the form of Chests, Artifacts, or Companion Missions, of which the first two can be either collected within the Companion App, or you can have Arno get them within the main game.

Each set of missions can be completed up to three times and will give you a different reward in the main game each time.

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