Assassin’s Creed: Unity Murder Mysteries Guide – Clues Locations, How to Solve

Clues Locations and how to solve Assassin's Creed: Unity Murder Mysteries to unlock Hand of Justice achievement or trophy.

Murder Mystery icons are magnifying glasses and are initiated by interacting with Vidocq in the Palais de Justice district.

To solve a Murder Mystery, one needs to search for clues using Eagle Vision, talk to eyewitnesses, and connect dots to capture the culprit.

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Murder Mysteries

One can take more than one try to solve a crime, but solving it in the first go yields better rewards. During any active Murder Mystery, all gathered evidence can be found under Case Files of the Database Menu.

After a mystery has been solved, one needs to speak to a nearby Chief of Police to acquire rewards which usually include a unique weapon and cash rewards.

Solving a murder mystery unlocks a Hand of Justice achievement or trophy.

Important: In this guide, I have listed clues you need to find in a neighborhood. You need to find them all. If you have trouble understanding the murder, you will find the solved murder mystery section right after the clues.

Murder Foretold

Clues Locations


  • Body
  • Crumpled paper
  • Body of Friar Stanislaus
  • Body of Friar Bernard
  • Body of Friar Benoit
  • A page of paper
  • Partially burnt diary
  • Large book
  • Statement of Friar Honoré
  • Statement of the Abbot
  • Statement of Friar Benedict
  • Statement of Friar Joseph
  • Statement of the Vineyard Worker

Murder Foretold Murder Mystery Solved: Obsessed with predictions of Nostradamus, Friar Honoré brought Friar Jean into his obsession.

In order to make one of the Nostradamus predictions come true, they served poisoned wine to one of the elder monks. Later on, Jean wanted to confess, but Honoré murdered him and ran in fear while he was about to burn Jean’s diary.

The Body in the Brothel

Clues Locations


  • Woman’s body
  • Diary
  • Ropes and gag
  • Spikes and hooks
  • Whip
  • Statement of Micheline
  • Statement of Anna

De Sade Villa

  • Statement of the Marquis de Sade
  • Statement of the Valet
  • Letter to valet

Leather Shop

  • Statement of the Leather Worker
  • Delivery book

Student’s Hovel

  • Book: 120 Days of Sodom by Donatien A.-F., Marquis de Sade
  • Statement of the Student

Meeting Place

  • Statement of the Vagabond


  • Scrapbook
  • Mysterious letter

The Body in the Brothel Murder Mystery Solved: The valet collected De Sade’s personal effects and went inside the brothel where he murdered Suzanna.

After completing the work, he received payment from St-Just’s agent in the church courtyard and was seen by the vagabond.

The Body Politic

Clues Locations

Dining Room

  • Man’s body
  • Necklace
  • Victim’s wine glass
  • Statement of Antoine Gerard
  • Statement of Madeleine Gerard
  • Statement of Olivier Gedet
  • Statement of Mme Hennebert


  • Window pane
  • Note to Alicia
  • Statement of Alicia
  • Statement of Armand


  • Note from Gedet
  • Feuillant letter

Black Office

  • Note to agent
  • Note from chemist
  • Report
  • Agent list

André’s House

  • Bottle
  • Note for André
  • Statement of the Old Woman


  • List of accounts
  • Glass bead
  • Statement of the Glassmaker


  • Statement of André

The Body Politic Murder Mystery Solved: Deputy Hennebert hired Armand after being targeted once. The Black Office arranged a dinner party with Assemblyman Gerard AKA ‘Patriot’.

After a couple of careful tactics, Hennebert was forced to be separated from Armand’s security. Finally, Gerard poisoned Hennebert’s wineglass causing him to die.

The Red Ghost of the Tuileries

Clues Locations


  • Body of Director Beaudoin
  • Love Letter
  • Invitation
  • Bank registry
  • Newspaper
  • Vent trap
  • Oil painting
  • Marks on wall
  • Vials
  • Personal letter
  • Statement of Counselor LeGall
  • Statement of First Valet
  • Statement of Second Valet
  • Statement of Third Valet

Von Glück Mansion

  • Empty bottles
  • Report
  • Statement of Herr Friedrich von Glück
  • Statement of Brigitta von Glück

Gambling Den

  • Ledger
  • Set of dueling pistols
  • Statement of card-player
  • Statement of Creditor

Victim’s House

  • Historical books and papers
  • Letter from Counselor LeGall
  • Suicide note
  • Religious objects
  • Glass vials
  • Letter from creditor

Counselor’s House

  • Letter from Beaudoin
  • Official-looking letter
  • A genealogical tree

Apothecary Shop

  • Statement of the Apothecary

Secret Room

  • Pot and brush
  • Mouthpiece
  • Levers
  • Red garment
  • Instruments

The Red Ghost of the Tuileries Murder Myster Solved: LeGall wanted to get hold of Beaudoin’s position and used to tactics of Red Ghost legend to spur him to commit suicide. Von Gluck also wanted to kill Beaudoin, but he didn’t take part in the murder because he was too drunk to do so. Furthermore, Beaudoin’s creditor was also working with the schemers.

Barber of Seville

Clues Locations


  • Body
  • Handbill

Café / Love Nest

  • Razor
  • Body
  • Crumpled note
  • Theatre poster
  • Statement of Café Owner

Outdoor Theatre

  • Prop table
  • Fire site
  • Rendezvous note
  • Anonymous note
  • Costume rack
  • Statement of Rose
  • Statement of Pascal
  • Statement of Ficarron

Barber of Seville Murder Mystery Solved: Knowing about the relationship between Barto and Rose, Laurent set out to kill Barto for revenge. Rose sent her brother Ficarron a letter explaining the whole situation who set out to meet Barto.

When he reached Barto, he saw that Laurent has already killed him. Seeing this, he used the same weapon that Laurent used and killed him. Furthermore, Pascal had nothing to do with the crime in discussion.

Hot Chocolate to Die for

Clues Locations


  • Statement of Amèlie Monvoisin
  • Women’s body
  • Overturned cup
  • Flower garden
  • Ring

Dining Room

  • Statement of Pierre Duclos
  • Statement of Georges Villiers-Segonac
  • Silver pot
  • Snuffbox
  • Letter to Pierre


  • Statement of the Maid
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Mortar and pestle


  • Crumpled letter
  • Documents
  • Book: Paris Society
  • Commonplace book


  • Statement of Lucille Tuchet

Hot Chocolate to Die for’ Murder Mystery Solved: Amèlie Monvoisin wanted to gain hold of all the wealth that her ancestors left her and poisoned Valerie Duclos to accomplish her motives.

Seeing that she is next in the bloodline, Amèlie concocted a deadly poison and mixed it in Valerie’s cocoa, leaving George as the obvious culprit. Since Amèlie stored the poison in an inherited ring, she discarded that ring in the garden.

Bones of Contention

Clues Locations


  • Dirty sackcloth bag
  • Statement of the boatman
  • Statement of National Guardsman

Bella’s House

  • Letter from Jamie
  • Statement of Bella
  • Statement of Jamie MacArthur
  • Statement of old woman


  • Statement of the shopkeeper
  • List of Errands

Jamie’s House

  • Letters from Bella
  • Crumpled letter

Butcher Shop

  • Bloody bucket
  • Large sackcloth bag
  • Small bag
  • Butcher’s block
  • Statement of the butcher

Taverne du chien qui boite

  • Statement of barkeep

Bones of Contention Murder Mystery Solved: When Bella’s father didn’t allow Jamie MacArthur to marry her daughter, MacArthur decided to kill him.

In order to do so, he gained hold of Bella’s grandmother’s errand list and edited it to mention one out-of-the-way butcher’s shop in it.

Disguised himself as the butcher, Jamie killed Bella’s father and disposed of his bones in a sack and disposed them off into the river.

Ancestral Vengeance

Clues Locations

Teragon’s House

  • Pool of blood
  • Dead body
  • Partially burned letter
  • A book: History of France, volume 4
  • A book: Almanac: Île de la Cité – XII
  • Newspaper
  • Bloody symbol
  • Torture devices
  • Statement of Madame Teragon

Grimany’s House

  • Dead body
  • Bloody symbol
  • Letter from Teragon
  • Torture devices
  • De Prasi’s House
  • Murderer’s blood trail
  • Blood trail out of house
  • Statement of Victor de Prasi
  • Torture devices


  • Trail of blood

Locked House

  • Statement of Anne de Molay

Ancestral Vengeance Murder Mystery Solved: After Bertrand Grimary gave interview to a city newspaper, he was tracked down and murdered. Following this, Paul Teragon, a friend of Grimary, was murdered.

Before the serial killer could murder M. de Prasi, he successfully managed to fight off the attacker which led to the murderer: Anne de Molay; descendant of a famous Templar who was a subject to medieval inquisitors.

A Dash of Poison

Clues Locations


  • Man’s body
  • Woman’s body
  • Empty coin purse
  • Bloody vomit
  • Drops of black liquid
  • Small glass vial

Apothecary Stand

  • Pestle and mortar
  • Medicinal tonics
  • Chemistry books and journals
  • Supplies
  • Statement of the apothecary

Merchant Stall

  • Tonics and medicine
  • Tonic bottle
  • Purses
  • Statement of the merchant


  • Notebook
  • Supplies
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Medicine bottles
  • Statement of the chemist
  • Letter from Samuel Maran

A Dash of Poison Murder Mystery Solved: Mme Beaudry wasn’t only a customer of Samuel Maran, but also a rival. She was selling Maran’s tonic for less price by using cheaper ingredients to create the tonic.

When Maran found about this, he sent Beaudry a new tonic to try which killed her instantly. A wandered came across her body and also tried out the tonic which led to another death.

The Death of Philibert Aspairt

Clues Locations


  • Worn shovel
  • Set of keys
  • Old satchel
  • Bible
  • Crate of Chartreuse
  • Loose beads

Apothecary Stand

  • Statement of the apothecary

Merchant Stall

  • Statement of the merchant
  • New shovels
  • Supplies


  • Statement of the barkeep
  • Statement of Antoine Danis
  • Statement of Navarre Cavery
  • Statement of Catherine Doyère
  • Bottles of Chartreuse
  • Bottles of wine and liquor


  • Statement of the nun
  • The blood of Christ
  • Bottles of Chartreuse
  • Stack of Bibles


  • Statement of the gravedigger
  • Shovel
  • Half buried coffin
  • Worn Bible
  • Small wooden cross

The Death of Philibert Aspairt Murder Mystery Solved: Philibert Aspairt was head over heels in debt and accidentally stumbled upon Paris catacombs where he got his hands on a large heap of Chartreuse.

Seeing an easy way to clear all his debts, he stole as much Chartreuse as he could carry, but Sister Sorel saw him and forbade him from doing so.

Ignoring Sister Sorel’s warning, he again showed to steal more. However, this time he received a shovel on the head and spent the rest of his days in the catacombs.

The Decapitated Warden

Clues Locations


  • Dissolving corpse
  • Short sword
  • Statement of Mathieu Rochon
  • Statement of tannery owner

Jewelry Shop

  • Statement of the jewelry shop owner

Warden’s House

  • Letter
  • Statement of the Mme. Camille
  • Statement of Julien Lamond
  • Statement of Genevieve Cerne
  • Statement of MInette Rosier
  • Letter from Warden Leroux


  • Statement of the barkeep
  • Statement of Danton Marotte


  • Head on a pike
  • Statement of the Deputy Warden

Blacksmith Shop

  • Statement of the blacksmith

The Decapitated Warden Murder Mystery Solved: Warden Leroux had been running La Salpetriere Prison for so long, and his Deputy Hugo Souliere didn’t like it.

After learning that Leroux some gambling debts with a local gang, Les Marcheurs, Souliere ordered a weapon that was specifically used by Les Marcheurs.

Using this weapon, Souliere stabbed the Warden Leroux and dropped his body in the chemical and placed his head on a spike outside the La Salpetriere Prison.

Unfortunate for Souliere, his own contradicting statement led to his downfall.

Cut the Middle Man

Clues Locations


  • Dead body
  • Footprints
  • Seaweed
  • Satchel


  • Torn medical journal
  • Fishing hook
  • Mattress
  • A book: Guide to Fish Species
  • Statement of asylum inmate


  • Statement of the surgeon
  • Statement of surgeon’s assistant


  • Trail of blood
  • Signs of struggle
  • Raw meat
  • Statement of Leon Doiron

Butcher Shop

  • Butcher’s knives
  • Statement of the butcher
  • Statement of the butcher’s assistant


  • Human limb
  • Statement of the fisherman


  • Pile of corpses
  • Cleaver
  • Torn journal
  • Leather straps


  • Statement of asylum director

Cut the Middle Man Murder Mystery Solved: A patient from La Salpêtrière asylum, Simon Larue found a visiting surgeon’s medical journal and started practicing surgery on his cell’s rats.

Having illusions of himself as a well-known surgeon, he escaped the asylum and murdered several civilians in the name of practicing. He finally received a job at a butcher’s shop where he continued his murder spree.

His sand-covered boots and his knife were more than enough to get him behind bars.

The Hand of Science

Clues Locations


  • Corpse
  • Bloody Bible
  • Exam of Pierre Simeoni
  • Exam of Lionel Viala
  • Trail of blood
  • Statement of Pierre Simeoni
  • Statement of Lionel Viala
  • Statement of Professor Frison


  • Statement of the priest
  • Statement of the church deacon


  • List of chemicals
  • Manifesto
  • Scrap of paper


  • Lesson plan
  • Chemical vials
  • Smashed bottles
  • Statement of the school caretaker


  • L’avantcourer Journal
  • Key

The Hand of Science Murder Mystery Solved: In Chemical Science School Eustache du Gary, Professor Frison has always been overshadowed by his co-worker Professor Marcel. After Marcel published a successful essay, Frison decided to do something about Marcel.

Having learnt about Marcel experiment, he replaced Sulfuric Acid bottle with a highly explosive chemical compound called Nitric Acid and replaced the tag bearing his hand-writing.

The next day, an explosion took place in the laboratory resulting in Marcel’s death. Until the very end, Marcel didn’t believe that Frison has anything to do with it.

Instead, he was under the impression that church’s priest played a role in his death.

The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat

Clues Locations

Marat’s House

  • Jean-Paul Marat’s body
  • Empty Bottle of tonic
  • Bloody knife
  • The Friend of the People
  • Statement of Jacques-Louis David
  • List of Girondin traitors
  • Letter from Charlotte Corday


  • Statement of Albertine Marat
  • Statement of Jasper Lasalle
  • Statement of Simmone Evrard
  • Statement of Charlotte Corday
  • Statement of Theron Brignac


  • Letter from Charlotte Corday
  • Plutarch’s Parallel Lives


  • Letter from Simmone Evrard
  • Corpse


  • Statement of Dominique Bûches


  • Statement of Jacqueline Perel
  • Statement of Madeline Leclair
  • Statement of Chantelle Naves

Merchant Stall

  • Statement of the merchant
  • Providence Hotel Handbill

Apothecary Stall

  • Statement of the apothecary

The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat Murder Mystery Solved: Jean-Paul newspaper, The Friend of the People gained him many enemies including a small aristocrat named Charlotte Corday.

Partnering up with Girondists, she planned to murder Jean-Paul in order to prevent more bloodshed being done by The Friend of the People. She visited his house to provide him with a list of Girondists leaders and stabbed him in his tub.

It was later revealed that the diary containing the names of Girdondists leaders had a code which led to a room in Hotel Providence. In this room, a writing, ‘I kill one man to save 100,000’ was found.

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