Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Train Hideout Missions Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Train Hideout missions guide to help you complete train hideouts memories.

Train Hideout Missions are Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate side-quests that players unlock during Sequence 3.

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Train Hideout Missions

Train Hideout Missions require you to meet up with Agnes and help the Rooks take care of the Blighters gang members in one way or the other.

This guide will help you get through the three vanilla Train Hideout missions.

Stalk the Stalker

This memory is exclusive to Evie Frye. The challenge for this memory is to Air Assassinate all snipers.

Talk to Agnes in the Train Hideout to start this memory. Agnes tells Evie that she’s being followed, so Evie decides to follow her to stalk the stalker.

Head to the meeting point in Southwark. You’ll have to watch from above as Agnes starts her routine walk. Use the rooftops to tail the stalker who glows yellow during Eagle Vision.

There’s a 15 second timer if he leaves your sight, so be swift, but make sure you aren’t spotted by him. The stalker eventually heads to some gang members in a shelter and mentions Agnes is with a train gang. These guys are going to try to snipe her out from rooftops.

It’s time to complete the challenges while at the same time eliminating the threat Agnes faces. Leap from the rafters of the shelter to the flagpole on the building to the east. Drop down to the rail and assassinate the first sniper here.

Next, rope launch to the rooftop above the catwalk and zipline to the edge of the rooftop to the north side. Leap off the north edge to and assassinate the sniper on the suspended platform.

Head back to the previous rooftop and head to the north edge. Assassinate the sniper on the northeast edge.

Rope launch to the chimney of the building to the east, then leap to the rooftop towards the next sniper on the edge of this rooftop. Kill him, then head north along the rooftop ledge up the net building.

Continue running north and kill the last sniper on the next rooftop below you. Now, it’s time to reach the train station. Simply rope launch and zipline to the train station and reach the marker inside.

Help the Rooks take out the Blighters in the train station. If you kill the enemies stealthily, you can head to marker to complete the memory. If you were loud, expect reinforcements to arrive via a train.

Nigel in For the Chop

This is an Evie Frye exclusive Train Hideout sidequest. The bonus challenge is to knock out 4 guards instead of killing them.

Talk to Agnes in the train hideout to start the memory. Apparently, the previous stalker who decided to join Agnes’ gang, Nigel, has been captured by the police and charged for the murder of a Blighter.

You have to destroy the evidence they have on him. Head to The Strand and walk up to the police wagon where Nigel is incarcerated.

Talk to him to find out about what happened. Once you regain control of Evie, Rope Launch to the top of the nearby rooftop beside the police wagon.

Head to the build to the east across the courtyard below and Leap of Faith into the haystack from the zipline. There are six guards in the area. Three of them are standing still at the courtyard entrances and three of them are on patrol.

Wait for the closest policeman to come near the haystack, then knock him out after exiting the hay as he walks away.

Next, go to the north exit and wait for the patrolling policeman to move far away from the one near the gate. Knock out the one on the gate, and hide his body from the entrance somewhere where the patrolling guards can’t see it.

Now, stay behind the entrance wall and wait for the patrolling policeman. Quietly take him out from behind. Observe the southern policeman’s route and then sneak up on him and knock him out.

The evidence is beside the gazebo. Wait for the remainder of the policeman to move away and take away Nigel’s hat. Rope launch to the rooftops to the east.

Jump from the east side of the rooftop into the haystack. Exit and knockout the policeman near the haystack when he is looking away.

The next evidence also needs to be destroyed while the patrolling guard is away. Rope Launch to the nearest rooftop, then zipline to the church to the south. From the east edge of the church, zipline across the garden to a ledge on the building to the east.

Drop down to the ground and cover behind the concrete planters to hide from the patrolling cop. When the guards are farthest away, make your way to the evidence and steal it.

The last bit is the toughest. You’ll have to hide the body. Exit the garden from the north and jump into the haystack. Observe the guards’ patrol pattern. When the coast is clear, exit the haystack and head ot the graveyard.

Pick up the body and run south through the graveyard towards the haystack in the southwest part. Dump the body here, then return to the police wagon where Nigel is being held. Talk to the Chief of Police to let Nigel go.

Hullo Mr. Gatling

This Train Hideout is a Jacob Frye only memory. You’ll need to avoid taking any damage and detach 5 wagons in order to complete the challenges and get 100% sync.

With Jacob, talk to Agnes in the Train Hideout to start this quest. You’ll start this mission just outside Whitechapel Train Station.

After talking to Nigel about the jammed Gatling gun, you’ll need to load it continuously till the gauge is full and the gun is ready to fire.

Now, it’s time for some mayhem. Make each shot count and use the gun in bursts for some headshots against the enemy gang members.

The biggest headache in the sidequest comes from the snipers on the rooftops and top of the train station, who are the ones most likely to damage you. These guys usually arrive after a few waves of attacks. Make sure to take them out first if you want to complete the challenge.

Use your Eagle Vision to spot them easily. There are also plenty of explosive crates, but save them up for when large groups of enemies start to appear before the train begins moving.

Once the train begins to move, the first challenge is ended, so you can afford to take damage now. Next up, you’ll want to detach five train cars.

Clear the enemies from the nearby cars on the enemy train, then try to shoot the coupling between the last two cars. With enough shots the coupling will break to detach the cars.

Repeat the same for the fifth car. Next up, you’ll face an obstruction which stops the train. Enemies will appear in the streets to the east. Take them out via explosives, and also take care of the snipers.

Kill of the remaining enemies and the train will start to move again. Next, it’s time to shoot the Blighters. Spot the car that contains the explosives. Shoot through the window of the covered car to hit the crate.

Now, jump on to the next train car ahead of yours and detach the car with the Gatling gun to complete the memory.

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