Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes ‘Next Stop: Murder! Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes to solve 'Next Stop: Murder!.

Dreadful Crimes are a special set of investigative side-quests in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate that require you to carry out classic murder investigations by acquiring clues and arriving to a final suspect.

Note: You should investigate all clues with Eagle Vision. Be warned: this guide is full of SPOILERS. Read at your own risk.

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Next Stop: Murder!

The rewards for this investigation are:

£: 2500 (Max)
XP: 1000 (Max)

Unlike the other Dreadful Crimes investigations, Henry Raymond and Artie are nowhere to be found. You’ll need to head to The Thames and meet the worker in the corner. He’s the dude screaming for help.

The Riverbank is where the cadaver is, and where the investigation starts. It’s to the southwest from where you start this Dreadful Crime. There are 3 Clues here to be investigated.

  • Body – Jump down off the road wall to the riverbank to find the body in the mud near a small dock. Inspect the body closely to find out information. Near the body are drag marks that lead towards the water. Inspect the marks with Eagle Vision.
  • Coat – Under the rail bridge is a rich man’s coat. The name of the owner is sewed in the lining: Matthew Killian.
  • Pocket Watch – Climb the rail bridge to the top to find a silver watch on the north edge from where the body may have fallen. Use Eagle vision to find out that the body came from a train, and the broken watch shows the time of death.

With these clues investigated, it’s time to talk to 2 Suspects.

  • Vagrant – Vagrant is the guy under the bridge. He’s standing near a tree. Talk to him about the Body, Shelter, and Midnight. Ask him about the Coat as well after asking him about the Shelter.
  • Trainmaster – With new info available from Vagrant, you’ll need to head to the Victoria Train Station. Talk to the trainmaster inside the Victoria Station near the north stairs. Ask him about train 616.

Talking to the trainmaster opens up new Investigation Zones. You’ll need to quickly head east to the train. Head to the southernmost car, Sleeper 2. Here, there are 2 Clues.

  • Handbag – There’s a handbag on the floor next to a suspect. Explore it to find a letter, then read it.
  • Note – Next to the suspect is a small note near the door. This is an extremely important clue.

Talk to the lone Suspect after obtaining the clues. She’s Vivian, the lady mentioned in the letter. Ask her about Last Evening, Killian, Letter from Sister, and the Note. She’ll give you quite a bit of information.

Now, head to the Sleeper 1 car. There are 2 Clues here.

  • Derringer – There’s a gun located on the floor on the left side of the train under a seat. It’s a small Derringer, and one bullet is missing from the chamber.
  • Letter – Check the right side of the train to find this letter in Sleeper 1. You’ll possibly find the motive of the murder in this letter.

Now, talk to the 2 Suspects.

  • Sam – Sam is the valet standing in the corner. Ask him about Last Evening and Killian. He’ll give you some useful information.
  • Angus Wolf – Angus Wolf is standing in the corner on the right. Ask him about Last Evening, Valet, and Killian.

You’ll now need to climb to the top of the Passenger Carriage to find a single Clue.

  • Shoe – The top of the carriage has a shoe on the rooftop. It matches the one found on the victim.

Head into the Passenger Carriage and talk to the lone Suspect here: Luke. Talk to him about everything you can to gain some vital information.

Next, head to the Restaurant Carriage, which is actually two connected carriages. There are 3 Clues here.

  • Sleeping Pills – The first car has no clues, so move on to the other one to find pills on a corner shelf to your right, next to the door.
  • Newspaper – There’s a newspaper on a chair at a dining table. Read it to get some useful info.
  • Pamphlets – Check the table to the right to find an anti-industrialist pamphlet.

Now, it’s time to talk to the 2 Suspects in the Restaurant Carriage cars.

  • Ryan – Ryan is the bartender and is standing near the exit of the first car. Talk to him about Pills, and the Scheme.
  • Peter – The train steward Peter is standing in the second restaurant car. Talk to him about Last Evening, Killian, and Vivian.

With all the information available, it’s time to Accuse the murderer.

Peter, the steward, is a former employee of Matthew Killian, and was put out of work, and is the one who killed Killian. Accuse him to complete this investigation.

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