Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes ‘Locked In To Die’ Guide

Dreadful Crimes are a special set of investigative side-quests in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate that require you to carry out classic murder investigations by acquiring clues and arriving to a final suspect.

Note: All clues should be investigated with Eagle Vision. Be warned: this guide is full of SPOILERS. Read at your own risk.

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Locked In To Die!

The rewards for solving this murder mystery are:

£: 2000 (Max)
XP: 1000 (Max)
Brass Knuckles: Engraved Knuckles

You’ll find Artie and Henry Raymond in north Whitechapel at The Strand. They’ll be in a backyard. This investigation focuses on a perplexing locked-room murder.

You’ll need to first head to Bryon Cashan’s body, which is located in his room. There are 10 Clues that you need to find here before talking to suspects.

  • Cashan’s Body – Inspect Cashan’s body on the bed in his room on the third floor of the apartment building. You’ll need to climb up and enter through the third floor window,
  • Editor’s Letter – There’s a desk next to the bed that has a letter on it. Read it to get some information.
  • Candles – The yellow candle on the bedpost at the foot of the bed is fully burnt.
  • Gas Lamp – There’s a gas lamp on the wall besides the letter.
  • Air Vent – Check the vent on the wall below the chair rail.
  • Review – There’s an open door in the room. Check behind it to find a review on a desk. Inspect it to get some info.
  • Window – Observe the locked window in Bryon’s room.
  • Anonymous Letter – Check near the window for a letter on a desk. Inspection suggests that it’s written by a feminine hand.
  • Concert Program – Inspect the program that is stuck on the filing cabinet near the doorway.
  • Door – Inspect the door in Bryon’s room.

After observing all these clues, take to the 1 Suspect.

  • Henman – Talk to Mrs. Henman, the housekeeper, who is in the hallway outside of Bryon’s room. Talk to her about Cashan, Last Night, and the Concert Program.

Once you’ve talked to Mrs. Henman, head over to Bloomfield’s Room, adjacent to Cashan’s apartment. There are 6 Clues here.

  • Key – There is a key located on the edge of the desk inside the Bloomfield’s room.
  • Gas Lamp – Observe the Gas Lamp in the room
  • Air Vent – Just like with Cashan’s room, observe the air vent underneath the chair.
  • Sheet Music – There’s a desk in the back of the room near the chalkboard. On it is a sheet of music that you should inspect.
  • Newspaper – There’s a newspaper on the mail sorter in the back of the room. Inspect It for some info.
  • Candelabra – Inspect the candelabra between the windows on the eastern wall.

After checking Bloomfield’s room, talk to 2 Suspects.

  • Bloomfield – Speak to Mrs. Bloomfield in the back of her apartment. Talk to her about Cashan, Last Night, and Candles.
  • Bloomfield – Talk to Mr. Bloomfield in his apartment about Cashan, Bon Vivant, Last Night, and Sheet Music.

Once you’ve talked to these two, speak to Mrs. Henman again to make her admit that she was having an affair with Cashan.

Now, it’s time to head to Golden’s Room on the second floor. There are 7 Clues here.

  • Sheet Music – You can find the sheet music on the desk to the left as soon as you enter the room.
  • Clothing – Check the coat stand to your right as you enter Golden’s room to find men’s clothes on it.
  • Gas Lamp – Observe the gas lamp in this room.
  • Candle – There’s a candle above the fireplace mantel.
  • Shavings – There are some shavings on the desk in the back of the room. Seems like someone was carving a candle.
  • Box of Candles – There is an empty box of candles on the floor below the open window.
  • Violin String Box – There’s a box of violin strings on the sort desk behind the suspect here.

After this, talk to the Suspect.

  • David Golden – David is standing in his room. Speak to him about Cashan, Last Night, and the Box of Candles.

Once you’re done with David Golden, head to the Basement. There are 3 Clues here.

  • Gas Tank – There’s a gas tank on the first floor near the open north doorway. It seems to be covered in soot like the clothes you found earlier.
  • Chemical – A small beaker that is partially filled with liquid is on a table near the worktable.
  • Chemistry Experiment – You’ll find plenty of beakers, funnels, and chemical compounds near the worktable in the basement.

With the Basement covered, it’s time to go to Henman’s Room. There are 4 Clues here.

  • Gas Lamp – Like in the other rooms, observe the gas lamp.
  • Key Holder – Check the key holder on the opposite side of the entrance from the gas lamps.
  • Screwdriver – The long desk in Henman’s room has a screwdriver on it.
  • Candles – There are some unused candles on the left of Henman’s desk.

With all these clues gathered in Henman’s Room, it’s time to talk to Mr. Henman. Ask him about Cashan, Clothes, and the Screwdriver. He’ll give you a lot of useful information that will allow you to find the murderer.

With the necessary evidence and information, it is time to Accuse the murderer. Head back to Golden’s Room and accuse David Golden of murdering Cashan, who had destroyed his career with his music reviews.

You’ll get a good briefing of what exactly happened, and why.

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