Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes ‘Conjuring Up a Killing’ Guide

Dreadful Crimes are a special set of investigation based side-quests in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate that require you to carry out murder investigations by acquiring clues and arriving to a final suspect, just like Sherlock Holmes.

Note: You should investigate all clues with Eagle Vision, and follow the guide step-by-step to avoid any undiscovered clue or suspect and acquire max rewards.

Be warned: this guide is full of SPOILERS.

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Conjuring Up a Killing!

The rewards for completing this investigation are:

£: 2500 (Max)
XP: 1000 (Max)

You’re going to be meeting Charles Dickens to solve a murder of the spiritualist Thaddeus the Amazing. You’ll find Mr. Dickens near the park and train station in southwest Westminster.

After meeting up with him, you’ll have to head to the Psychic’s House, southwest of where Charles Dickens is. On your way, you’ll walk on a séance in progress. In the house, you’ll have 7 Clues to investigate.

  • Thaddeus’ Body – The body is on a chair at the séance table on the first floor. Examine it to find a knife stuck in his torso.
  • Timer and Flashpot – To the right of the body is a timer on the ground. The fuse leads to the empty plaster of cylinder that contained some gunpowder.
  • Client List – There’s a list on a desk in the hallway at the top of the stairs of the second floor.
  • Threatening Note – This item is found on the floor on the other side of the doorway near the desk and client list.
  • Old Note – There’s a worn note on the floor at the foot of the bed in the room on the second floor.
  • Receipt – Check the receipt on the second floor in the northeast corner under a small table.
  • Legal Papers – You can find some legal papers on the second floor on a table next to the windows.

There are 5 Suspects in the house here, and you need to investigate all of them.

  • Douglas – Speak to Douglas standing closest to the entryway on the first floor. Ask him about Thaddeus and the Seance.
  • Lady Ursula – Ursula is standing near a window in the living room. Talk to her about whatever you can to find out she’s somewhat of a crazy cat lady.
  • Howard Roberts – Roberts is also in the living room near the séance table. Talk to him about Thaddeus and the Legal Papers.
  • Wilburn – Speak to the doctor standing in the séance room to the left of the victim. Talk to him about Thaddeus and the Séance.
  • Janice Asquith – To the right of the body is Janice. Ask her about Thaddeus and the Séance, then ask her about her sister.

Completing your investigations here will open up 3 New Investigation Zones. We’ll head to Robert’s House first. There are 3 Clues that can be found here.

  • Sydney Newspaper Clipping – Find the clipping on a corner table on the first floor of the house.
  • Paper – There’s a paper on a small table with drawers at the top of the stairs on the second floor. Observe it for some clues.
  • Note Added to Father’s Will – This note is on a small table next to a bookcase in the bedroom on the second floor.

Now, talk to the sole Suspect in this area, Anne Roberts. She is Howard’s sister. Talk to her about Howard Roberts, the Séance, and the Legal Papers.

After this, head to Lady Ursula’s House. There are 3 Clues to be found here.

  • Boston Newspaper Clipping – Check near the fireplace to find this newspaper clipping. There seems to be a pattern of psychics foretelling their own deaths.
  • Letter – There’s a letter under the bed on the second floor.
  • Lady Ursula’s Will – On the third floor is a desk next to a bed that has this will.

Once done with the clues, talk to the sole Suspect in the house. Miriam is the maid here. Talk to her about Lady Ursula, Douglas, and Mittens.

Now, we’re heading to Asquith’s House. There are 4 Clues to be found here.

  • Diary – Check for a third-story open window on the southern part of the house. Get inside the house through there to find the diary under the bed.
  • Business Letter – A business letter can be found on the floor on the second level of the house. It’s among the books below a bookshelf in the study.
  • Coat – A coat is hanging near the front door on the coatrack. The pocket has a letter inside it.
  • Cigarette Butts – Exit the house through the front door to notice a cigarette butt and tobacco scent. This is a trail that leads to another investigation zone, but we’ll only go there once we’ve interrogated the suspects.

There are 2 Suspects here who need to be investigated.

  • Colonel Asquith – Janice’s father, Colonel Asquith, is on the second floor of the house. Talk to him about Thaddeus and Sister.
  • Everett Boyd – Speak to Janice’s betrothed Everett Boyd on the first floor. Talk about Thaddeus, the Engagement, and Business.

It’s time to follow that cigarette scent. It leads to a Suspect named Billy. Talk to him and ask about Tramp. Then ask him who the guy is he’s talking about. This will open up the final Investigation Zone.

Head to the office, then to the top floor to find 4 Clues.

  • Note – All clues are on the top floor. The note is on the floor below the window on the right.
  • Business Cards – There are several business cards on a piano stool beside the piano. Check them out.
  • Thaddeus’ Note – There’s a note on the floor under the window. It gives some interesting insight.
  • Client Files – The files are on the table on the west wall of the only room on the top floor.

If you wish to get more clues, you can head back to the Psychic’s House and speak to all the suspects there again. It is now time to Accuse. Accuse Douglas of murdering the Psychic, and he police will take care of him.

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