Assassin’s Creed Origins Animal Lairs Guide

Assassin's Creed Origins animal lairs are spread across the entirety of the game. Players can use these lairs to hunt for crafting materials, XP and more.

Assassin’s Creed Origins animal lairs are spread across the entirety of the game. Players can use these lairs to hunt for crafting materials, XP, and killing the alpha animal raises the loot value of the corpse.

Killing animals is easy if you manage to get close to them as much as possible. There is a particular section early on in the game that actually trains you to sneak close to the animals, highlighting its importance. There are some key points you need to keep in mind.

Use Senu to scout the area carefully and identify the leader of the pack. Locate vantage points as well as find routs that can help you get close without spooking the animals. Some of the animals are less active during the night, making it easier for you to grab them.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Animals Guide

Cobra Lair
Cobra’s don’t present a challenge in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Use Sleeping Darts to take them down but you can also kill them with a couple of strikes or arrows. Head to Saqqara Nome and find an opening in the room’s north side, slide through it.

Crocodile Lairs
Lake Mareotis (level 8) – Southwest of the Temple of Sekhmet, look for a small Island

Sap-Meh Nome (level 14) – East coast of Lake Mareotis, northwest corner of Sap-Meh Nome

Sap-Meh Nome (level 14) – Near the middle, northwest of Anthylla Outpost within a small canyon

Sap-Meh Nome (level14) – East side of the territory, southwest of Apollodorus estate

Ineb -Hedjet Nome (level 21) – Locate the shallow waters on the north side of Memphis, off the eastern coast. You need to go directly south of Pr-Hapi-in-lwnw.

Faiyum Oasis (level 30) – On the east of waterway, somewhere between Philadelphia and Krokodilopolis.

Im-Khent Nome (level 32) – Far North side of Nome, north of Udjat Apiary

Herakleion Nome (level 32) – Directly west of Yw Huts, Southwest of Thonis

Herakleion Nome (level 33) – Southwest of Natho, far southeast of Nome

Elite crocs prefer to surround themselves with younger ones. They are usually one level below the main target. You can find them in shallow waters and you can easily spot alpha animals. Use Senu to mark them if you are having trouble locating the alpha. Group of crocs can overwhelm you easily so it best to attack them from a distance and a bow or a spear.

Hippopotamus Lairs
Lake Mareotis (level 8) – Between Lakeside Villa Outpost and Temple of Sekhmet

Lake Mareotis (level 14) – Southeast side of the lake, southeast of Sais Village

Faiyum (level 27) – Northwest corner of the lake

Uab Nome (level 30) – East side of the shore of the narrow strip of land, northwest corner of Uab Nome, west of Krokodilopolis.

Uab Nome (level 31) – Northern shore of the Nome, across the Tomb of Amenemhat III

Herakleion Nome (level 33) – Northwest of Natho

Hippos usually hang out with hippos of the same level but Alphas can easily be spotted. Use Senu if you are having trouble spotting one. Watch out for the charge attack, isolate the alpha and use sleep darts to take him down.

Hyena Lairs
Siwa (level 3) – Small watering hole, northwest side of the lake

Sap-Meh Nome (level 14) Across the water from Alexandria

Giza (level 19) Path the runs between Tombs of Khafre and Menkaure

Saqqara Nome (25) – Southwest of Nitria Village, west of Bent Pyramid of Djoser

Faiyum (level 27) – West of Dionysias

Uab Nome (level 31) – South of Dioryx Megale Wharf, west of a world portal

Isolated Desert (level 39) – Narrow Caynon that connects to Qattara Depression

Hynas that are close to Bayek’s level can be a problem as they overwhelm him with numbers. Players need to find high ground and shower arrows from above.

Ibex Lair
Siwa (level 3) – Northeast of big lake, look for a small watering hole

The lone ibex is in Siwa and the good news is that they do not attack. Get as close to them as possible and attack with a bow.

Leopard Lairs
Saqqara Nome (level 20) – Northeast corner of Nome, northwest of Memphis

Faiyum (level 27) – Far southeast between Philadelphia and Kerke villages

Uab Nome (level 33) – East of border of Nome, southest of Etesias Olive Grove on top of a Plateau

Libue (level 34) – Southcentral section of the area close to the top of mountain, amongst ruins

Green Mountains (level 34) – Near middle of the area, northeast of Necropolis Hideout, southwest of Collis Roman Hunting Camp

You can find the leopards in small packs; when fighting the leopards on the ground always have a way out in mind. Use allows and firebombs.

Lion/Lioness Lairs
Ka-Khem Nome (level 20) – Directly east of Letopolis

Haueris Nome (level 33) – Northwest of Hermopolis and south of limestone quarry

Libue (level 34) – Ruins on top of a mountain northwest of Saragina Camp

Marmarica (level 40) – West of Livius Roman Tower

Use Senu to scout the area and mark your primary target as well as other predators. Sleep darts come in handy against these animals.

Vulture Lairs
Siwa (level 3) – Burnt Village south side of the city of Siwa

Lake Mareotis (level 8) – Northwest of Temple of Sekhmet

Saqqara Nome (level 24) – Between Temple of Djoser and Tomb of Sneferu

Faiyum (level 27) – North of Faiyum and Northeast of the lake. Look for dome-shaped rock formation

Green Mountain (level 34) – South of Collis Roman Hunting Camp. Look for circular stone ruins

Isolated Island (level 39) – East of Pissa Oros Citadel close to a partial tower

Isolated Island (level 39) – West of Remetch Ra Village at the base of rock pillars

Use the Warrior Bow to benefit from its spread.

This was our Assassin’s Creed Origins Animal Lairs Guide if you have any questions take to the comments below.

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