Assassin’s Creed Origins Legendary Weapons Guide

Assassin's Creed Origins Legendary Weapons Guide to help you learn all about different available Legendary Weapons in AC: Origins and how to get them.

The best weapons in the new Assassin’s Creed are the legendary ones. To find them though, can be a very difficult task. This Assassin’s Creed Origins Legendary Weapons Guide tells you the best way to get whichever weapon you require. Although weapon locations are randomized in AC, most of the legendary weapons have a common drop or source.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Legendary Weapons

Remember to upgrade your weapons as you level up using the blacksmith so that they are the same as your character level. This will maximize the damage output and make fights easier in the process.

The Fang

This sword is offered with the digital deluxe pre-order. This has max level Critical Hit damage and poison on hit which makes it perfect for one on one combat. You might be able to one hit enemies if you are a level above them.

Imitation Siwan Khopesh

Imitation is a praise worthy offensive Blade. This blade is a deadly combination of speed and strength and can cause bleeding on Hit level 2 and level 1 Critical Hit Damage. You can obtain this blade after completing the side quest Forging Siwa in Faiyum.

Berserker Blade

Berserker blade is a secondary option for you in a battle due to it possessing level 1 perks and a low-quality overall.  It may be a good display but it can’t do you any favors in the battlefield. This weapon is rewarded from the chests at Nomad’s Bazaar.

Regular and Dual Sword

Low-Damaging Swords 

These Low damaging swords can be found from Blacksmith, Loot. Swords such as:

  • Copper Sword
  • Gudbrand Blade
  • Khamudid Lost Blade
  • Rusted Blade
  • Bronze Khopesh
  • Devotee of Montu
  • Harpe of Perseus
  • Viper’s Tooth
  • Jutes & Cimbri
  • Mirror Blades
  • Scissor Blades

Golden Wolf

You can get this sword by killing the Outsider Phylakes. This sword should be built to crit as it has a max level critical hit rate and level 2 critical hit damage.

Apart from this, you will restore a little bit of your health whenever you kill an enemy with it, making it perfect for tearing down multiple enemies.

Freeman Sword

This sword is rewarded after defeating Boss in Cyrene Gladiator Arena

Sword of Path

Sword of Path is rewarded after Completing Medjay Quest – Song of the Desert.

Medium-Damaging Swords 

These Medium-damaging swords are found are Blacksmith, Loot.

  • Amum’s Blade
  • Bronze Sword
  • Iron Shotel
  • Khopesh Sword
  • Nilotic Khopesh
  • Hash and Slash

Coast of Russicada/The Falcata

These Medium-damaging swords are found are Nomad’s Bazaar.

The reaming swords such as Shamshir, Sword of the Free and Sanaa Khopesh can be acquired from Uplay, Completing Medjay Quest – Are You Not Entertained? And completing Medjay Quest – Bayek’s House, respectively.

High-Damaging Swords 

Hepzefa’s Sword

This high damaging sword can be acquired by completing Main Quest – Meet Aya at Siwa.

Humbaba’s Fang and Pearl of Dur-Jakin

These high damaging swords are purchases from Nomad’s Bazaar.

Sea People’s Blade and Canaanite Blade

These high damaging swords can be found either at Blacksmith, Loot or Normad’s Bazaar.

Silver Wind/Aruna/ Thorn/ Eyes of Horus

These lethal swords can be bought from Nomad’s Bazaar, and e-Store.

Imitation Siwan Khopesh

Imitation Siwan Khopesh is rewarded after completing Medjay Quest – The
Nomad’s Bazaar.

Motivational Duet/ Wadjet’s Knives

These high damaging swords can be found at Blacksmith, Loot.

Storm Blades

Storm blades are fast and deadly at the same time. The thing that makes this weapon so deadly is the instant charges of heavy attacks which can result in a blood bath of enemies. This weapon can be obtained by killing Ra’s Mercy Phylakes.

Extreme-Damaging Swords 

Mustapha’s Blade/ Berserker Blade

Both of these extreme damaging swords can be found at Blacksmith, Loot.

Fatal Duet

Fatal Duet can be found in the Hidden Ones store and you’ll receive it after finishing the game.

Heavy Swords and Blades

Low-Damaging Swords 

The following swords are found at Blacksmith, Loot.

  • Boredom Bane
  • Bronze Bludgeon
  • Marcus’s Thunder Ball
  • Battleaxe
  • Crescent Axe
  • Fan Axe
  • Scalloped Head Axe

Medium-Damaging Swords 

These Medium damaging swords can be acquired from Blacksmith, Loot.

  • Diamond Exchange
  • Mace
  • Skull-Breaker
  • Spade of All Trades
  • The Uab Block
  • Bronze Axe
  • Sharp Cut

Madusa is rewarded after completing Medjay Quest – Grand Theft Cargo and Sycamore Is found at Uplay.

High-Damaging Swords 

Eye of Ra/ Mushussu/ Shark Fin

These swords are all found at Nomad’s Bazaar and e-Store.

No Borders/ Nebuchadnezzar’s Wrath

Both of these high damaging swords are purchased from Nomad’s Bazaar.


This sword is rewarded after completing Medjay Quest – Mound of
Grain and Gold.

As for Copper Mace, Gruesome Mattock, Minoan Poppy Pin, Bronze Epsilon Axe and Cutting Axe, they all are found at Blacksmith, Loot.


Low-Damaging Spear

Leaf-Shaped Impaler/ Light Spear/ Needle

These spears can be acquired from Blacksmith, Loot.

Medium-Damaging Spear

Shooting Star

You’ll get rewarded with Shooting Star after completing Medjay Quest -Fair Trade.

The Trial

You can find this spear at Uplay.

High-Damaging Spear

Cyrenes Spear

This 400-year-old spear provides a long reach along with a level 3 Critical Hit Damage bonus for boot. This weapon is received after Completing the side quest A Bad Apple.


Kill the Stranger Phylakes to get this weapon. This has a huge critical hit damage and is perfect for battling heavily armored enemies. Sarissa spear is rewarded after killing The Stranger Phylakes.

Golden Feather/ Lance of Anhur

Both of these spears are found at Nomad’s Bazaar, and e-Store.

The Phoenix

This spear is located at Nomad’s Bazaar.


This spear is located at Blacksmith, Loot.

Extreme-Damaging Spear

Sekhmet’s Spear

You can find this spear at Blacksmith, Loot.

Heavy Blades


Leviathan is by far the best-looking weapon in Assassins Creed Origins. It’s an aggressive sword used for killing an opponent with ease. You’ll be rewarded with this weapon after beating one of the bosses in Arena


Mushussu is an impressive offensive weapon. Once you receive Adrenaline on Hurt, it gives you an Adrenaline increase with further Critical Hit Damage. You’ll be rewarded with this weapon after completing special daily quests.


This weapon lives up to its name, Headsplitter. This is the largest blade used in the game. Damage received and kills provide additional Adrenaline, making it a true heave blade. You’ll have this weapon after killing The Hill Phylakes.

Serpent Axe

Serpent Ace is blade shaped liked a serpent. This weapon is found in the Hidden Ones store and you’ll receive it after finishing the game.


Low-Damaging Scepters

Cypriot Gabbro Head/ Pharoah’s Mace

These Low-damaging Scepters are found at Blacksmith, Loot.

Medium-Damaging Scepters

Staff of Sehetep

A very smart choice in a fight. This Scepter makes the opponents bleed and has an impressive range along with additional bonuses. You’ll receive this weapon after completing side quest Bad Faith in Krokodilopolis.

Bringer of Chaos and Peasant’s Scepter are both found at Blacksmith, Loot. As for Acacia Rod, it can be achieved from both Blacksmith, Loot, and Nomad’s Bazaar.

High-Damaging Scepters

Alexandria’s Light, Scorpion Sting and Apep’s Staff are found both at Nomad’s Bazaar, and e-Store but Nubian Scepter can only be found at Nomad’s Bazaar.

Scepter of Amun

This Scepter is rewarded after completing Medjay Quest – Making History

Bladed Scepter/ Ceremonial Staff/ Hasanlu Skeptron/ Siwan Scepter

All of these special high damaging Scepters are found at Blacksmith, Loot.

Extreme-Damaging Scepters

Raneb’s Hammer

This heavy Scepter is found at Blacksmith, Loot.

Heavy Blunt

Headache Remedy

Everyone hates Headaches because nobody likes their skulls getting pinched from the inside. This is where the Headache Remedy comes at your aid and releases you from the pain. This heavy blunt gives Adrenaline on Kill and Adrenaline on Hurt and is a suitable weapon for increasing the rage.

Complete the Twin Despair Papyrus puzzle can get the Headache Remedy as a reward.


Jackals Gaze (Warrior Bow)

An all-rounder and a true Warrior Bow having a level 4 Precision perk with a level 3 Bleeding on Hit is supported by a Health on Hit rare perk. Jackals Gaze is rewarded after completing side quest Smoke over Water in Sap-Res Nome.

Low-Damaging Bow

These are all the low-damaging bows in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

  • Combat Bow
  • Desheret Patrol Bow
  • Im-Khent Bow
  • Bitter Bow
  • Quick Bow
  • Toxotai Bow
  • Sty
  • Wall of Sand
  • Valkyrie Operator
  • Whisper of Death

Medium-Damaging Bow

The Crimson Death

This weapon has a Level 2 Precision, a Health for Critical bonus, a high damage rate. However, without a proper perks department. You’ll be rewarded with The Crimson Death from the Nomad’s Bazaar chests.


A Hunter Bow having an aggressive right of fire. Also, this weapon can perform a max charge and is rewarded after killing Bane of Hathor Phylakes.

Alchemist’s Dream

This Bow is rewarded after completing Medjay Quest – Predator to Prey.


This Bow is rewarded after completing Medjay Quest – The Heart of Faiyum.

Ancestral Bow

This Bow is rewarded after completing Medjay Quest – Seven Farmers.

 Jebel Barkal

This Bows are found in Nomad’s Bazaar.

Crown Jewel

Crown Jewel is located at Uplay.

As far as the other bows are concerned, they all are found at Blacksmith, Loot. Bows such as:

  • Rain of Arrows
  • Copper Arc
  • Desert Companion
  • Mute Bow
  • Victoria
  • Wildland Bow

High-Damaging Bow

The Fourth Plague

The Fourth Plague is the most precise bow in the game. It possesses a Critical Hit Damage buff and a Health on Hit perk. You can find this accurate shooter by killing Galatian Phylakes.

Bow of Wadjet

Bow of Wadjet possesses a level 3 Rate of Fire increase and level 2 Critical Hit Damage alongside a Poison on Hit effect. The best part of about this weapon is the hit. One out of 5 hits are guaranteed to touch your opponent’s face.  You’ll receive this weapon after Completing the Curse of Wadjet quest in Faiyum.

Trophy Hunter

Trophy Hunter is the best option for long range Attack. It possesses a level 2 Stealth Damage, level 3 Critical Hit Damage along with an Elevation Multiplier bonus. Defeat War Elephant – Qetesh
and Resheph to receive this as an award.

Bow of Arash

This Bow is rewarded after completing Medjay Quest – Pax Romana.

Cobra Royale/ Lion’s Mane

These Bows are acquired at Nomad’s Bazaar, and e-Store.

Corrupted Soul

Corrupted Soul is located at Uplay.

Ta-Sety Bow/ Griffin/ Lord of Bones

All of these Bows are found at Nomad’s Bazaar.

Priest of Ma’at

Receive this bow as a reward for defeating Boss Hammer in Cyrene Gladiator Arena.

Rest of the bows are located in Blacksmith, Loot.

  • Achilles Heel Seeker
  • Cobra Royale
  • Gazelle Bow
  • Longbow
  • Obsidian Bow
  • Composite Bow
  • Hunger of the Underworld
  • Ousirmaatre Setepenre
  • The Parthian
  • Hippopotamus Charge
  • Amenhotep’s Bow
  • Concealed Garment
  • Hades
  • Lord of Bones

Extreme-Damaging Bow

Ash Bow

This Extreme-damaging Bows are found at Blacksmith, Loot.

Smoke and Mirrors

This bow can be taken from The Iron Ram Phylakes after you kill one. It has level 3 stealth damage and level 2 critical hit rate.

The range on this weapon is quite good so you can easily attack them from afar. Lastly, there is a small chance that attacks from this bow light your enemies on fire.


This one doesn’t live up to the mark if compared with the other Legendary Bows but, you can still make something out of it. You’ll get rewarded this weapon from the Nomad’s Bazaar chests.


A Level 3 Rate of Fire with an Extra Arrow perk along with continuous bleeding upon each hit. What else can you ask from a bow?! Achieving this one is really hard as you’ll have to complete every Papyrus puzzle in Assassins Creed Origins.


Snakes on a Shield

This is a bonus offered with the Digital Deluxe pre-order. This shield gives you level 3 adrenaline on parry so you can quickly charge your adrenaline.

The level 3 damage absorption can be very useful, especially when coupled with the poison on the block which means that you can continuously deal damage even when you are playing defensive.

That is all we have for our Assassin’s Creed Origins Legendary Weapons Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

Phalangite Shield

A shield possessing a Poison on Block effect, combined with the Adrenaline on Parry and Ranged Resistance. This shield can be received as a reward for completing Papyrus Puzzles.

Reinforced Shield

This shield has a Maximum Melee Resistance along with a level 2 Ranged Resistance. It may be considered as an all-rounder but it lacks in the defensive area. This shield can be received as a reward for completing Sobeks Rage Papyrus Puzzles.

Djosers Pride

According to its stats, this shield is considered the best defensive weapon in the game. It possesses additional perks enable it to reach its full defensive potential.


The best displayed shield in Egypt, this shield as a max level Ranged Resistance and a level 3 Damage Absorption Rate, along with a Bleeding on Block. You’ll find it in the side quest Playing with Fire in the Green Mountains by killing the general.

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