Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Warlord Investigation Walkthrough

The Warlord Investogation in Assassin's Creed Mirage end with the assassination of Al- Mardikhwar.

The Warlord Investigation in Assassins Creed Mirage starts after completing the Hunter investigation and brings new energy to the action-filled campaign. It is the turning point in the quest to eliminate the Baghdad Order.

During the Warlord investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you must complete seven quests, and I will guide you through each.

The Raptor and the Demon

The Warlord investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage will continue after you assassinate Dogan bin Arslan. After killing him, you must infiltrate the club, get into the club complex, and find the note on the wall. Afterward, hide in the bushes and quickly summon Enkidu to scout the area.

Move towards the main building of the Officer’s Club. You will need a key to get inside, and to get the Key, head to the central building without raising suspicion. Assassinate the guards on the tower roof and use eagle vision to find the Key on the balcony. Loot the Key and proceed towards the Officer’s Club Tower.

Kill the guards, enter the club, and hide in a corner to spy. While you are spying, you will see two officers discussing the order and Dogan when a soldier comes into the room and ask them to leave because you have killed Dogan bin Arslan.

These two officers are

  • Al A’eshma (Admiral Nadir Ibn Havid), commander of the Abbasid Navy
  • Al-Rukh (General Jasoor Ibn Basil) is a cowardly, cunning general working for the order.

You will also gather information about Al-Mardikhwar (Warlord Wasif) in AC Mirage, one of the people behind the order and the one for which Al A’eshma and Al Rukh are working. After gaining the information, sneak out of the Officer’s Club and return to the Bureau to share intel.

The Hunt

To continue the Warlord Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you must return to the Sharqiyah bureau and talk to Fuladh and Ali. You will reveal the information about the three officers behind the order.

Fuladh knows the location of Al A‘eshma and Al-Rukh and will tell you to end them there. You and Ali will agree on assassinating Warlord Wasif after killing the two officers. After you leave the bureau, your mission log will be updated, and you can start the Warlord Investigation.

You will have the option to assassinate Al A’eshma and Al Rukh. You can choose to assassinate any of them first, which doesn’t matter as the outcome will be the same. I go after Al A’eshma first.

To Catch a Demon

As Fuladh told you, Al A’eshama lives in a camp in the Sharqiyah Harbor. You have to get there to assassinate him.

After leaving the bureau, follow the marker to the Sharqiyah Harbor in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. There, you will investigate to gain information about Admiral Nadir.

Investigate the Sharqiyah Harbor for information on Admiral Nadir

When you have reached the site, hide and summon Enkidu to scout the area quickly. After that, enable Eagle Vision to spot the chest in a small shelter. Investigate the chest.

After that, you must move towards the harbor end, where two guards are standing. Go from around the harbor and quietly enter the curtain booth. Whistle and let the guards approach you in the booth and assassinate them.

Now proceed towards the cage with a dead body. Open the cage and investigate the body. The dead body will have a note revealing information about the cargo.

Go to Admiral Nadir’s Camp

After receiving the note, you must go to Admiral Nadir’s Camp in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Open the map and place the marker, as shown in the image below.

Enter from the broken fence and move along with the long grass for cover. You have to take the guard on the roof out to use Enkidu. Take a scout with Enkidu before entering the main camp so you will have an idea of where to go.

How to Assassinate Admiral Nadir

From here, you must be vigilant not to raise any suspension. Move along the fence and whistle to lure the guards and assassinate them. Admiral Nadir will be near the ship, and along the way, you will find many guards on short rounds and close to each other.

Assassinate each guard with perfect timing and always hide the body. Near the ship will be a small desk. Approach the desk and read the note in which Admiral Nadir has issued orders not to put any torch near the prototype ship.

That is precisely what I will do to cause chaos and force Admiral Nadir out of his cam. Make sure no guard is on the ground near you, then climb the ship tower.

From there, throw the knife on torch pots in the middle of the ship’s deck, and the ship will catch fire. The ship fire will cause an alarm and lure Nadir out of his camp. You can use this moment to scout on him by summoning Enkidu.

Mark his spot through Enkidu and proceed towards him. A red mark will show the Admiral. Get near him and quietly assassinate him. Search for his body and read his note.

On this note, Warlord Wasif is ordering Al A’eshma to look into the missing shipments destined for Tukic Mercenaries. After that, hide Nadir’s body and leave the area.

Bird Trap

Open the investigation menu and select Assassinate Al Rukh, aka General Jasoor. The marker will guide you to his camp at Qasr Salih in Baghdad.

Multiple marksmen will be on the camp roof, so don’t use Enkidu until you take them out. The main gate is heavily guarded, so you have to move around the camp to the right, and you will find a house roof connecting to the camp.

Climb it to enter the camp. Before entering the watch tower, use your eagle vision and locate guards if there are any. At some distance, you will see a lift. Use it to reach the high platform and form their parkour towards the tallest tower.

After reaching the highest tower, descend two floors and enter the door with two pots outside. Now, you must be careful of his soldiers guard General Jasoor in the room. You must peek and lock targets on the closest two soldiers and then quickly assassinate General Jasoor. You will receive a note from his body, leading you to your next objective.

The Chase

You must return to the bureau and tell Fualdh that Jasoor and Nadir are dead. Discuss the next step to trace the person behind the chaos in the Assassin’s Creed Mirage, The Warlord Investigation. You will decide that it is time to put an end to Al-Mardikhwar, aka Warlord Wasif.

After leaving the Bureau, you will be prompted to meet Ali on a building roof. You will see that Warlord Wasif is exercising his authority on the governor of Baghdad. Wasif will get inside the Garrison; you must get inside to kill him.

Den of the Beast

The garrison is heavily guarded, and you will need assistance to guide you to Wasif. Ali will ask you to meet Steward, who will help you to infiltrate the garrison and reach the Warlord Wasif. You will then enter the great Garrison to assassinate Warlord Wasif in AC Mirage.

Infiltrate the Garrison of Al-Mardikhawar

First, summon the Enkidu and scout the walls of the garrison. Do not go too close as the marksman will shoot, and you will lose it. The walls of the garrison are tall and are not climbable. You have to go from another way in.

But first, you have to sit on the bench near the main garrison gates and eavesdrop on two civilians talking about the garrison walls. They will reveal that there is a hole in the northern wall of the garrison.

To find the hole, climb the staircase along the main gate and assassinate the guard. Next, move along the catwalk to the right, and you will spot the unrepaired hole in the wall.

Do not rush in; the garrison is heavily guarded, and you will be spotted quickly. Your next step will be to reach the Steward so he can assist you in your mission. Stay hidden in cover and summon Enkidu to scout the area inside the garrison. The Steward will be inside the cookhouse, which is located on the corner of the fort with red shelters.

You cannot go straight in, so climb the garrison wall, stealth parkour along the towers, and reach the cookhouse. Assassinate the guards along the way, but make sure they don’t fall after being killed.

Stay along the wall and drop down near the cookhouse. Do not engage or try to assassinate any guard after it. Steward in Assassin’s Creed Mirage will call you inside the shelter. Go and talk to him. You must follow the Steward and maintain a distance from him from here, as you cannot be seen together.

Move along the shadows and stay low. You will reach a wall with planks placed there. You must climb the wall, move the catwalk, and get to the watch tower. Now, wait for Steward to move and follow him while keeping the high ground. Move from one block to another by jumping poles and assassinate the guards on watch.

Refill ammo and Food Supplies

Drop down from the last watch tower and follow Steward to the corridor. He will show you the store room which you can use to get to Wasif. Get inside the storeroom to refill your ammo and food supplies.

You can also pick an optional note from a desk in Wasif’s room on the left side of the store room. Enter there and read the note on the table. This is optional, by the way. Open the door, which will start a cutscene, which is a sad one, unfortunately.

You will see that Warlord Wasif in AC Mirage will approach Beshi in a pond in which he is tied to a chair. After a few dialogues, Wasif slowly impales his sword inside Beshi and eventually kills him.

Now be prepared as Ali will arrive at the scene, and you and Ali will fight the guards inside the garrison. After the fight, another cutscene will take place in which you and Ali will decide to free the prisoners inside the garrison.

Access the Prison

Enter the door on the right to access the prison. However, the prison door will be locked, and you must find your way to a warden holding the Key.

When you get outside, turn left and climb the structures to reach the watch tower. Enter the doors and jump towards the other block of the inner garrison with two guards on the top. You have to take them out to summon Enkidu.

Summon Enkidu and mark the warden holding the Key. The keyholding warden will be highlighted in the red marker. The warden is heavily armored and has three soldiers on his side. From the roof, lock your assassination targets on the Warden first and then proceed to finish the other three soldiers.

Inspect his body for the Key, and after getting it, take the same path you took from the prison to return. When you reach the prison cells, you will find guards there. You and Ali must take them out first and then enter the room to free the prisoners.

After that, reach the garrison square just outside to talk with Ali. It would be best to light a signal fire to distract the garrison guards towards Ali. Meanwhile, you go after Warlord Wasif in AC Mirage.

The signal is not too far, and you can even see the fire from the garrison square. Climb the watch tower on the corner and climb the ladder to enter the big torch room. Interact with the torch to light it, and it will raise the alarm.

Soldiers will come towards Ali and his men while you can now proceed to assassinate Warlord Wasif.

Assassinate Warlord Wasif

After the guards engage with Ali and his men, a red marker will guide you to Warlord Wasif’s location in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and you have to get there quickly.

Climb the structure from the garrison square and kill the guard inside the room on the left. Now, interact with the trap door on the floor to unlock it and drop into the inner garrison where Wasif is located.

Take the right path and observe Wasif from the balcony. Wasif will be yelling at his two soldiers. You can assassinate his two soldiers or wait for them to leave. Finally, it is time to end Al-Mardikhwar, aka Warlord Wasif, in AC Mirage.

Air assassinate him or fight him in the open; it is up to you to finish the job. Like every other assassination cutscene, you will watch one here, too. Be advised that the ending of the cutscene will be a little scary.

The Return

After ending Warlord Wasif, your job in the garrison is done, and you have to get out of the garrison with Ali and other rebels. However, some waves of soldiers will block your way, and you have to fight each of them.

While leaving the gate, you will encounter a guard that will shoot Greek fire, a deadly weapon. Stay out of its sight, or you will be damaged badly. After you leave, Ali will tell you to meet him and Fuladh at the Bureau.

Meet Fuladh at the Bureau

Finally, you will tell Fuladh that Al-Mardikhwar is dead and give him the feather soaked in his blood. This will complete the Warlord investigation in AC Mirage.

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