Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Hunter Investigation Walkthrough

Save the Widow's son and kill Dogan in Assassin's Creed Mirage to complete the Hunter Investigation.

The Hunter Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage takes place in Jarjaraya, and you can get it from the Sharqiyah Assassin’s Bureau. You can play through this investigation to inquire about the disappearing Zanj slaves.

You will have to follow Ali to Jarjaraya and investigate about the slaves disappearing there. In the end, you will find leads on someone called Dogan bin Arslan who needs to be killed as the investigation concludes.

Speak with Ali at the gate in AC Mirage

As the Hunter investigation in the Assassin’s Creed Mirage begins, your first objective is to meet Ali outside the Sharqiyah Gate. Follow the pinwheel on your map, and it will lead you to Ali.

Ali will be waiting for you. Converse with him, and he will ask you if you are ready to go with him. Choose the “I’m ready” dialogue option, and Ali will tell you you must leave for Jarjaraya with him.

Follow Ali to Jarjaraya and get the Information

Now, you must follow Ali and mount your horse to begin the journey toward Jarjaraya. Ali will talk to you about the Hidden Ones on the way. He will question your freedom and tell you about his own. You must keep following Ali and go through Palm Grove and towards Jarjaraya.

Once you reach Jarjaraya, dismount your horse and follow Ali in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. He will lead you to the roof of a building where you can speak to him. He will tell you about a teahouse nearby where you might get some information. With this, Ali will go on to make his inquiries and ask you to report back to him if you find something.


Investigate the Teahouse

Now, your objective will be updated to investigate the teahouse. Make your way to the teahouse, and you will find an Elder there. Go to the Elder and try talking to him. He will refuse to talk to you, but you can bribe him with a token or a gift.

Once you provide him with either, you can inquire about the Zanj slaves that are going missing. You can climb up the teahouse if you do not have a token to bribe the elder. There, you will find a wooden crate that has bricks of tea in it. Take a brick out, and you can return to the elder to offer it as a gift.

Once the Elder is ready to talk to you, you can ask him about the Zanj slaves in AC Mirage, The Hunter Investigation. He will tell you that it has something to do with an acquaintance of Ali ibn Muhammad.

You also need to investigate other teahouse customers. You will find a drunk civilian lying next to the pond of the teahouse. Talk to him and ask him about his missing slaves.

The teahouse owner will be standing nearby, and he will overhear your conversation. You can go over to him, and he will take you to the back of the teahouse to talk privately. Follow him and then speak to him once you are alone. He will tell you about a slave on a nearby farmhouse who has recently gone missing.

Return to Ali

Now you need to go back to Ali and inform him about everything you have found till now. Ali will be carrying out his interrogation with Beshi in Assassin’s Creed Mirage: The Hunter Investigation. Tell him about the farmhouse, and your quest objective will be updated.

Now, you need to tail the informant who can be found on the harbor. Sneak up after him and keep following him till he goes to a soldier. Sit on the bench nearby so you can eavesdrop on their conversation.

How to Pickpocket the Soldier in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

After listening to the conversation, follow the soldier. Crouch behind him and pickpockets him to obtain the informant’s letter. The letter will let you know they are working for Dogan bin Arslan.

Find and speak to the widow

Now, go to the Zanj Widow’s farmhouse and speak to her. She will ask you for savory white flowers for her husband’s burial.

Help the widow by bringing her the flowers. The flowers will be nearby around Palm Grove. Once you bring her the flowers, she will ask you if you want something. Ask about her son, and she will tell you he went somewhere late at night and did not return.

Investigate the Son’s disappearance in AC Mirage

Follow the son’s footsteps in the sand outside the farmhouse, and they will lead you to a building. Find a way inside by going around and then moving the wooden shelf in front of a window.

Look around the room, and you will find the Son’s Letter lying on the table. Return to the widow and tell her about the letter you found. Now go back to Ali and tell him about Dogan bin Arslan in AC Mirage. He will ask you to free the captured rebels and meet him outside the farm.

How to Rescue the Captured Rebels in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Make your way to the farm. You will find the rebels kept in wooden cages here. Hide in the tall grass and behind the hay till you can kill all the soldiers. Once you have gotten rid of the soldiers, free the rebels and look for the widow’s son.

The widow’s son would be held captive in a building nearby. Climb to the top and then drop down. Kill the soldiers found here and then enter the room where he is kept. Get rid of all the soldiers and free the widow’s son in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, The Hunter Investigation.

How to Kill Dogan and his guards

Now, go to Ali, who will be waiting for you with other rebels. Follow Ali and the rebels as they lead you to Dogan bin Arslan. Attack Dogan bin Arslan and his men. Keep going till all of them are dead. You can also take the letter titled ‘Dogan’s Orders’ from Dogan and read it.

Once Dogan is taken down, talk to Ali and tell him that Dogan was working for superiors at the “Officers Club in Sharqiyah.” This will end the quest.

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