Assassin’s Creed Mirage Den Of The Beast Walkthrough

The Den Of The Beast mission in AC Mirage requires you to assassinate Warlord Wasif.

The Den of the Beast mission in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a part of the Warlord Investigation. This mission can be accessed after completing The Chase mission. In the Den of the Beast, Basim has to enter the Great Garrison and assassinate Warlord Wasif.

Ali also accompanies you on this mission; his task is to free Beshi and the rebels found inside. In AC Mirage, the Den of the Beast mission begins with a cutscene in which Basim tells Fuladh that General Jasoor and Admiral Nadir are dead.

Ali then announces that he is going to the Garrison, where Wasif might have taken Beshi. Fuladh will then ask you to meet Ali at the Great Garrison and kill Wasif there. This will lead you to the first objective of the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Den of the Beast.

Speak to Ali

Follow the quest marker to make your way to Ali, who will be waiting for you on a rooftop opposite the Great Garrison. From the rooftop, you will observe Wasif talking to Baghdad’s Governor, Muhammad ibn Abdallah ibn Tahir.

Talk to Ali, and he will tell you that one of the stewards inside the Garrison is loyal to him. He can be found near the cookhouse and will help you once he sees your red sash. He will tell you his plan of freeing Beshi and the other rebels. Now, you must go inside the Garrison in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Hear the civilians’ conversation

Go near the Garrison and sit on the bench found outside. You can eavesdrop on the civilians standing nearby. They will be talking about the holes in the northern wall of the Garrison and how all the boundaries are laden with guards.


How to enter the Garrison

Go to the northern wall of the Garrison, and you will see a hole in the wall there. Make your way inside the Great Garrison through this hole. You will find two soldiers here. Assassinate the guards in Assassin’s Creed Mirage Den of the Beast and keep moving forward.

Now climb the wooden stairs at the side and get rid of all the soldiers found at the top. After taking down the soldiers, drop down to the Restricted Area and use the grass to hide. Assassinate the soldiers encountered and climb to the upper level again.

Two soldiers will be on watch duty here. You have to get rid of them as well. Keep moving forward till you reach another level. Drop down into the haystack found here. The cookhouse in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is right next to it.

Talk to the steward and follow him.

You will find Ali’s man inside the cookhouse. He will recognize you by your red sash. He will then ask you to follow him, but you must stay hidden. Use the walls, grass, and hay to hide while following the steward. Assassinate any soldiers you encounter along the way while staying hidden.

You will pass through the Barracks, and then the steward will take you to a door that leads to Wasif. Enter the door to Wasif’s room in Den of the Beast. You can explore his room and look for loot here. Make sure that you pick up the key on the floor. Enter another door you will find inside. This will trigger a cutscene in which Wasif will kill Beshi.

Kill the Guards

Ali will also appear at the scene, and the guards will start attacking him. Take down the guards found here. You can also use a Smoke bomb to distract them, as all of them will attack you at once. Ali will then go to Beshi’s body in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. He will tell you that he is going to free the rebels inside.

Look for the rebels

Go inside the Garrison and continue forward till you reach a locked door. This is where the rebels are kept. A rebel from the inside will tell you that the warden has the key to the cells.

Look for the warden

Now, go back outside and assassinate the guards found there. Climb the stairs to reach the upper level, where you will find the warden in AC Mirage Den of the Beast. Assassinate the warden and the guards surrounding him to obtain the key to the cells.

Free the rebels

Once you have acquired the cell key, return to the cells. Unlock the locked door with the key to free the rebels. Converse with Ali to rally the rebels; he will tell you about a beacon to make the guards come to them.

Light the beacon

Climb to the top till you reach the beacon. Interact with it to light it, and the fight between the guards and the rebels will break out. Now, go to the room with the trapdoor by following the pinwheel and eliminating any guards found along the way. Once you reach the room, you will find a trapdoor on the floor.

Assassinate Wasif in AC Mirage Den of the Beast

You will find Warlord Wasif here talking to two of his soldiers about Ali and the rebels. He will ask them to request reinforcements. Get rid of the soldiers first and then move towards Wasif. Keep fighting him till he is dead.

This will trigger a cutscene featuring a conversation between Basim and Wasif. With this, the Den of the Beast mission will end.

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