Ark Survival Evolved Obelisk Locations Guide

Ark Survival Evolved features obelisks, also known as towers, beacons, or spires, which are enormous megastructures throughout the game. At the start of a journey, players can easily spot these mega-structures because they emit light. This guide will help you spot and reach Obelisks in Ark Survival Evolved and all of its DLC maps, along with lat/long coordinates.

In Ark Survival Evolved, there are three types of Obelisks which are as follows:

  • Red Obelisks
  • Blue Obelisks
  • Green Obelisks

Ark Survival Evolved Obelisk locations

It is very easy to locate Obelisk in Ark Survival Evolved. Obelisk looks like towers in Ark Saga, so you can spot them easily. They are mostly found around caves on The Island. Below are the coordinates which will give a head start in terms of finding this resource.

Ark Survival Evolved Obelisk Locations

Location #1

Head to the coordinates mentioned below to find Blue Obelisk in Ark Survival Evolved.

  • LAT 25
  • LON 26

Location #2

Use the coordinates below if you want to find Green Obelisk.

  • LAT 58
  • LON 72

Location #3

If you want to find Red Obelisk in Ark Survival Evolved, then use these coordinates.

  • LAT 79
  • LON 17

Uses of Obelisk

The primary use of Obelisk in Ark Survival Mode is to summon bosses.  If you want to use Obelisks properly, head to al the terminals in each DLC and summon the boss you want.

In The Island, you can summon Broodmother Lysrix on the Green Obelisk, Megapithecus on blue, and the Dragon on the red obelisk.  You can also use Obelisk to transfer character data between the servers.

Obelisk Locations in Ark Ragnarok

The obelisk is another resource that is found in Ark Ragnarok. Most famous places to locate Obelisk in Ark Ragnarok are Redwoods, Hidana plains, and pirate cave. Red and Blue obelisks can be found in Redwoods and Hidana plains while Green obelisks can be found in a pirate cave.

Obelisk Locations in Ark Valguero

Valguero is another free DLC expansion of Ark Survival Evolved. It is easy very easy to find Obelisk in Ark Valguero as they can also be found in Snowy areas and near rivers as well.

Obelisk Locations in Ark The Center

The Center is a very beautiful DLC expansion of Ark Survival Evolved. The map of this expansion is full of rare resources. Obelisks in Ark The Center can be spotted very easily as they are found near towers and you can locate them very easily.

Obelisk Locations in Ark Scorched Earth

Ark Scorched Earth is a unique map in the Ark Saga. This map is home to very useful resources. Same is the case for Obelisk in Ark Scorched Earth.  All three obelisks can be found near the caves.

Obelisk Locations in Ark Aberration

Aberration is a paid DLC expansion of Ark Survival Evolved. Obelisks in Ark Aberration is spread in different directions including Southwest, Northwest, and East.

Obelisk Locations in Ark Extinction

Ark Extinction is another paid DLC expansion of Ark Survival Evolved. Unlike other maps, you can not find Obelisk in Ark Extinction in towers, but there are some coordinates in which they are found.

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