Ark Aberration Obelisks Locations

This detailed guide will brief you on how to locate red. blue and green Obelisks on the Ark Aberration expansion map.

Obelisks in Ark Aberration are usually referred to as towers, beacons, or spires are huge megastructures found across the game. These mega-structures emit light, so players can easily spot them at the very beginning of their journey regardless of the fact where they spawn.

In the world of Ark, there are three types of Obelisks which are as follows :

  • Red Obelisks
  • Blue Obelisks
  • Green Obelisks

The main purpose of these obelisks is to summon a boss. You can access the boss arena of a particular boss by opening a portal once all the artifacts from the caverns and trophy items from particular beasts have been obtained. Character Data Transmission is another incredible feature that Obelisks offer to gamers. You can move your character to a different server, send things and dinos between servers, and more by saving your character data.

Ark Aberration Obelisks Location

Obelisks never move from their position on the map. Players can recognize them because of their particular appearance. The Obelisks have a platform and in the middle of the platform, there is a crystal-shaped spire. Other than that at their top there is also a rock-looking object which points above the sky and encircles the colored beam of light that they give off.

In Aberration, Red Obelisks are located in the Southwest, Blue in the Northwest, and Green in the East of the center of the map.

Ark Aberration Obelisks Locations


Location #1

For the blue obelisk, go into the cave from the location with the following coordinates:

Lat 19.6

Lon 27.4

In this cave, there are radiations so players are always advised to be properly equipped with the armor. Go in with the hazard suit, just to be on the safe side. Players will find a blue obelisk at the following coordinates:

Lat: 19.2

Lon: 24.0

The blue obelisk is better than the other two types as it has amazing loot compared to the other types.

Location #2

Now, from the green obelisk go to the following coordinates:

Lat 26.9

Lon 63.1

At these coordinates, there is a location “River Valley” in Ark Aberration. So in this location follow the light and there will be a green obelisk at:

Lat  22.5

Lon 77.7

Location #3

Red Obelisk is found at the toughest location, though it’s not that great in terms of loot.

Lat 78.4

Lon 28.6

This will take you to the location straight up for the red Obelisk. This is in the hauls of the river queen. Reaching the location will going to be very stressful and there is an absolute chance for a player to die.

How To Upload A Dino On Obelisks

In Ark Aberration, Obelisks are used to summon Rockwell, that is the second largest creature in the world of Ark. Knowing the features is of no use if you have no idea how to execute them, here is a quick overview of how players can upload Dinos and Items on Obelisk:

  • Follow the dinosaur to a loot drop or an obelisk. Open the relevant inventory there.
  • Here, a menu with ARK data, creatures, and tribute is located on the right side.
  • Go to animals to upload a dinosaur. Dinosaurs that have previously been posted are in the upper part, and those that have yet to be submitted are below.
  • Use the “paw” on the right to select the dino you wish to upload.

How To Upload Items On Obelisks

  • Take the items to a loot drop or an obelisk. Open the relevant inventory there.
  • Here, a menu with ARK data, creatures, and tribute is located on the right side.
  • Go to ARK data to upload an item. The already uploaded things are located on the right side.
  • Now move the things from your inventory that you want to upload to the right.

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