Ark The Center Obelisk Locations

Go through this quick guide to learn where to find Obelisks in Ark The Center. We've covered all 3 types of Obelisks and their locations.

Obelisks are pillar-type structures that you can find floating in Ark The Center. The primary function of the Obelisk is summoning available bosses and transferring players across different servers.

On Ark the Center map, just like many others, you will find three Obelisks. This guide will cover detailed locations of all three Obelisks you will discover in Ark The Center.

Ark The Center Obelisk Locations

In Ark The Center, there are three Obelisk towers on the official map. You can find all three of them pretty quickly. But before we tell you about their exact locations, let’s discuss some of their functions.

Obelisk will perform the same functions on all maps of the Ark: Survival Evolved. The first and the most important use of Obelisk is summoning available bosses and traveling to their arena using the portals.

However, if you play solo, you cannot use all Obelisks to summon the bosses. Then you have to go to a dedicated Obelisk.

Other than that, you can also use Obelisk for server traveling. The Obelisk is used to save character data; you can then transfer this to different servers. Not just data, you can even transfer dinos and items to other available servers.

The process of transferring data is simplified a lot. You must move the items in the ARK DATA Inventory and log off the current map. The rest of the things will be done by the game automatically.

You can access the TRANSMIT ARK DATA menu by interacting with the console under the Obelisk tower. Once the console is activated, you will see a UI, and this option will be available on the top right side of the screen.

The Obelisks that you will find in Ark The Center can be seen on the map below.

Finding these obelisks is easy as they are visible from a long distance. Just go towards the coordinates we mentioned below, and you will spot them before reaching them.

Red Obelisk Location

The exact coordinates of the Red Obelisk location in Ark The Center are below.

  • 20 LAT
  • 40 LON

Blue Obelisk Location

The coordinates of the Blue Obelisk location are below.

  • 30 LAT
  • 00 LON

Green Obelisk Location

The coordinates of the Green Obelisk location are below.

  • 60 LAT
  • 30 LON
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