Ark Ragnarok Cement Paste Locations

Cementing Paste like any other resource in Ark Ragnarok is important and is used to craft different items. We'll talk about all of that here.

Cementing Paste like any other resource in Ark Ragnarok is important and is used to craft items such as Firearms, Polymer, and Structures used to build bases. You can craft Cementing Paste in the Mortar and Pestle by using Chitin, Keratin, and Stone but this method is time-consuming therefore read this guide to learn about all the locations where you can farm Cementing Paste in the Ark Ragnarok.

Ark Ragnarok Cementing Paste Locations

The easiest way to farm Cementing Paste in Ark Ragnarok is by looting the Beaver Dams found in different spots on the map.

Beaver Dams are found mostly in the water that will either be in the form of a lake or a running stream. Once you have found the Beaver Dam, you can collect the cementing paste and other items that the beavers have hoarded inside the Beaver Dam.

There are other methods in the Ragnarok that can be used to farm Cementing paste. These are by taming creatures like Beelzebufo and Achatina.

You can easily find Beelzebufo in the Northern Swamp and Swamp of the Damned. The diet of Beelzebufo to make cementing paste is Meganeura and Titanomyrma which are usually found inside the forests.

You can find Achatina inside the Redwood Forest area can be tamed to produce Cementing Paste. Achatina needs to consume food like Veggie Cake to produce the Achatina Paste which is very similar to Cementing Paste. The production of Cementing Paste from Achatina is one Cementing Paste per minute.


The location of all the Cementing Paste locations is marked with red dots in the map image below:

Ark Ragnarok Cement Paste Locations

Location #1

You can farm Cementing Paste from the Beaver Dams located all over the Ragnarok map. There is an area named The Redwood Forest in the snow biome where you can find a lot of Beaver Dams inside the river that is flowing from the source to the Southwest. The coordinates of the location are:

  • 38 LAT
  • 75 LON

Location #2

Another area where you can find the Beaver Dams is SW located South of the Green Obelisk on the Ragnarok map. In this area, there are a lot of small streams of water that house plenty of beaver dams if you go downstream until the waterfall. The coordinates for the location are:

  • 62 LAT
  • 35 LON

Location #3

Beaver dams are found inside the water, and you can also find them spawned in the Ice Queen Nest close to Titan Rise in the Ragnarok map. There is a waterfall in the location that has a lake below and that lake houses a lot of beaver dams from where you can farm the cementing paste. The coordinates for the location are:

  • 32 LAT
  • 43 LON

Location #4

Dag Rock Valley also has a lot of beaver dams located inside the lake. This location is close to Cold Eye Ridge which has ice glaciers, and the river originates from it. You can find beaver dams inside the lake from the coordinates below:

  • 28 LAT
  • 41 LON

Location #5

The region located in the Northwest of Ragnarok named Ice Queen Labyrinth has also some beaver dams spawned in it. The location has a lake that has the biggest beaver dam deposits spawned in this area that you will find. The coordinates for this location are:

  • 24 LAT
  • 45 LON

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