How to Farm Element in Ark Lost Island

Read this guide to learn about how to farm Element in Ark Lost Island, including how to craft Elements, and what its main uses are.

Ark Lost Island has many materials that are required to craft new objects. Element is vital in crafting Tek Tier Object and equipment among those materials. It is a highly advanced rare material that radiates energy and is difficult to farm.  Read this guide to learn about how to farm Element in Ark Lost Island, including how to craft Elements.

Best Ways to Farm Element in Ark Lost Island

There are several ways to farm elements in Ark Lost Island. But the best and the easiest way to farm Element is by hunting wild Tek Creatures. This way, you don’t have to worry about all the breeding processes, and the waiting breeding process involves. You will hunt for fully mature Tek Creatures from the wild and harvest Element dust in no time.

Boss Fights

The first and the best way to farm elements in Ark Lost Island is by doing boss fights. Ark Lost Island has only one main boss: Dinopithecus King, that has a skull helmet. There are three types of Dinopithecus King bosses in Ark Lost Island: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Each of the bosses drops a different number of Elements when defeated.

Gamma bosses are the easiest to defeat, and they will drop 60 Elements when defeated. The difficulty of the boss fight will increase with Beta and give you 165 Elements. At last, the Alpha bosses will reward you with the greatest number of Elements which is 330, and they are the most difficult to defeat.

Farm Element Dust

You can farm element dust by killing Tek creatures in Ark Lost Island. This is quite an easy method to farm element dust; that’s why there are very few Tek Creatures in Ark Lost Island. The actual work in finding the Tek Creatures.

Among all the Tek creatures, you will find Tek Stego easily by traveling to Green Obelisk Area. The actual coordinates of the location are (56.3,53.8). Finding and killing a Tek creature is like killing a wild animal. You will get all the free meat without even bothering to breed the animal.


The same thing is true for Tek Creatures. Once you have found the Tek Stegio, you can harvest all the element dust for free. The only tool you will be needing is a Chainsaw.

Tek Creatures

In the last part, we have told you that you can farm Element Dust by killing wild Tek Creatures. These wild Tek Creatures will one day end. Then you must move on to breeding your own Tek Creatures.

Breeding your own Tek Creatures is a difficult task. Your target is to breed the creature that will yield a maximum number of Element Dust. For that, Tek Parasaur and Tek Raptor are the creatures will high Element Dust yield.

Both creatures will drop different amounts of Element Dust and require different times to mature. Tek Parasaur is the one that will harvest in the least amount of time among these two.

It will fully mature in 1 day and 2 hours. Then you can harvest it to gain an average of 15-23 Element Dust. Tek Raptor will require a little more maturity time of 1 day and 13 hours. And will yield you an average of 15-30 Element Dust.

Once your Tek Creatures are fully mature, you can harvest them with the help of different tools. Among these tools, Chainsaw has 100% efficiency in harvesting Tek Creature to Element Dust. You can use Chainsaw to slaughter them when you are close to the creature.

Tame Ferox

We have discussed all the methods of farming the Element Dust in Ark Lost Island. This method will require you to tame the creatures named Ferox. They will then work for you to travel to different areas on the map and collect Element Dust from the ground.

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to farm Element Dust because Ferox will do all the hard work of finding and collecting the Element Dust. Ferox are special creatures that can identify Element Dust from the ground by sniffing.

How to Craft Element in Ark Lost Island

There is a tool called Engram that is used to unlock different crafting recipes. With the help of these recipes, you can make different useful items like weapons, equipment, and Clothes.

You can also unlock the crafting recipe to make Elements at level 58. Once you are at the required level, go to the Engram, and inside, you will find Unstable Element unlocked. An unstable Element is a raw material that will be required when you are making an element.

To make an Unstable Element, you will require 1000 Element Dust. An unstable Element will spoil itself in some time, and then you will end up with an Element.

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