How To Farm Element In Ark Extinction

Farming Element can be a difficult and confusing task. We, therefore, have made a complete guide on how to farm elements in Ark Extinction.

Element is a highly advanced resource in Ark Extinction that is packed with energy. It can travel between different DLCs of the Ark Survival with some degradation. You can craft Tek Tier components from the Elements. You can also use the Elements to craft Tek Tier Armor.

Element is used as a fuel to power Tek Structures. All Tek Tier items can be accessed in the end-game levels. Farming Element can be a difficult and confusing task. We, therefore, have made a complete guide on how to farm elements in Ark Extinction.

How to farm element in ARK Extinction

There are many ways to farm Element in Ark Extinction. Therefore, we have made of list of all the possible ways to farm in Ark Extinction:

Farm element dust

In Ark Extinction, you can farm elements from Element Veins. These Element Veins are found all over the map. Once you have located the Element Vein, you can easily farm it using Pickaxe or Mantis.

There are Corrupted Creatures in Ark Extinction that are highly aggressive and untamable creatures found all over the map. These creatures will destroy the Element Nodes when they see one.

The best way to protect the Element Veins from the Corrupted Creatures is to put Yutyrannus near the veins. The roar of Yutyrannus will lure the Corrupted Creatures away from the Element Veins.


There are three levels of difficulties to farm Element Vein in Ark Extinction. Easier ones are easy to farm and will yield fewer Elements. Likewise, as the difficulty of farming Element Veins increases, Element yield also increases.

You can also farm Element Dust by killing Defense Units. They can easily be found in the Sanctuary region of the Ark Extinction. In Ark Extinction, there are a lot of Lampposts, Benches and Tables found all over the city structures. These resources also contain significant Element Dust in them.

Tek creatures

You can farm Element dust by killing Tek Creature found all over the Ark Extinction map. Tek Parasaur can be found on the Northwest side of the Wastelands and Sanctuary. You can also find Tek Raptor in Wasteland and Sulfur Fields.

Farming the Elements from the Tek Creatures will require the Chainsaw as a tool to slaughter them. If you think you have finished all the Tek Creatures in the Ark Extinction. The other way is to breed them.

Breeding the Tek Parasaur will require 1 day and 2 hours to fully mature. A fully mature Tek Parasaur will yield 15-23 Element Dust. Likewise, Tek Raptor will need 1 day and 13 hours and will yield 15-30 Element Dust.

Tame Gacha

There is a creature in Ark Extinction named Gacha. This creature can farm Element Dust when tamed. In Ark Extinction, you can find him on the Northwest side of the Wastelands.

Once found, you can tame Gacha by feeding him virtually anything. Gacha will only eat food if he is happy. The best way to make him happy is to put little pieces of meat on the ground. When he will eat them, he will eventually be happy.

How to craft element in ARK Extinction

In Engram, if your game level is more than 58, you can unlock the crafting recipe to make elements. Once you have located the engram, you can easily craft Element from the Unstable Element.

You will require 1000 Element Dust to make 1 Unstable Element. Element dust will automatically spoil within 2 minutes to become an Element. You can also craft the Element using the following materials below:

  • x15 Blue Gem
  • x8 Charge Battery
  • x50 Congealed Gas Ball
  • x20 Element Ore
  • x20 Green Gem
  • x1 Powered On Station
  • x10 Red Gem

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