ARK Extinction Best Base Locations Guide

Having trouble staying alive in the newest DLC: Extinction of ARK: Survival Evolved? We had some trouble in the beginning too. But fret not! We have collected a list of several locations on the map that are both safe and have an abundant amount of materials for you to easily farm on.

Similary, some of these bases are obscured from plain sights or are in caves, and you’ll be able to protect yourself from any inevitable raid attacks without doing much. Be quick, though, before someone else claims that location!

ARK Extinction Best Base

ARK Extinction is the newest DLC of ARK and it sure has some great content. From world-class events like meteor showers to smaller additions like PvE hordes.

ARK Extinction will definitely make you feel the adventurous world of ARK in a whole new manner. Of course, if you’re a veteran player of ARK, you realize the fact that location is everything in ARK.

If you don’t have a good location, you’ll be met with some unfortunate demise while you’re offline. Taming a dino can become a chore too, if you don’t have a good base nearby.

Here are some of the locations you should definitely head over to, if you have a GPS.

Waterfall Cave

The first base that might be good is a cave filled with waterfalls on the outside. It’s located around 32° longitude and 19° latitude. The cave has a decent number of material spawns including trees and bushes.

Since its a cave, it might have some hidden locations for metals, but we haven’t found many of them just yet. It is a good location for a base if you’re playing alone.


  • Good amount of wood, stone, and berries
  • Secured area
  • Chances of running into an alpha is low
  • Safe from PvP attacks


  • Secluded and small area.

Cave Below King Titan Terminal

This cave below King Titan is a great location for a 3-4 player clan.This cave is located between 2° Longitude and 48° Latitude.

There are only two entrances and the area is pretty safe from all other forms on PvP attacks, and probably the bigger dinos too.


  • Has only two entrances and can become a fortress easily
  • Easy to find
  • Enough space for a small clan
  • Protects from any aerial attacks


  • Finding materials in this area might be a bit difficult.
  • Directly below the King Titan Terminal, so expect some visitors every now and then

Near the City Terminal of 66°-88°

A fine choice for a bigger clan is the location near the City Terminal located on 66° longitude and 88° latitude. The area is a very good spot for both farming as well as building a HUGE fortress.

There is a catch though, the area is full of dangerous dinos, so you might want to level up a bit and have some weapons before moving to this location. This is why this location is great for bigger clans.


  • Good amount of rock
  • Big area
  • Fast level farm
  • Great for controlling the whole region


  • Tough to build a base on your own
  • Lots of dinos
  • Rather low amount of greenery

Crystals Cave at 31°-19°

The best spot in my opinion is the cave down at 31° longitude and 19° latitude. The area has a lot of green biome as well as crystals that you can mine if you have the required tools for the task.

Additionally, the area seems very safe from large dinos and you can build a base on the higher cliffs here for better protection from the world.


  • Great amount of wood and berries
  • Good amount of rocks
  • Easy to find crystals
  • Great spot for taming and breeding dinos


  • Expect a lot of visitors

Abandoned Building

The abandoned building located 38° longitude and 13° latitude is a great spot for smaller tribes because the area itself is almost fully flat and almost covered. There is not enough space for bigger dinos to get inside, so you can rest easy.

The amount of trees and rocks in the surrounding’s pretty good too, so you can move up here even if you’re low level. Although, you might expect some issues crafting a GPS at such a low level.


  • Great amount of wood and stones
  • Flat area
  • You don’t have to build much to complete a base
  • Great spot for taming and breeding dinos


  • Your tamed bigger dinos won’t fit inside. Though the cryopod might fix that issue.
  • Expect some visitors every now and then

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