ARK Aberration Survival Tips and Tricks Guide

ARK Aberration Survival Tips and Tricks Guide to help you learn all about surviving in the newest ARK Survival Evolved expansion.

This Ark Aberration Survival Tips and Tricks Guide will tell you all some very important and useful tips which will help you as you try and survive with the new content.

The Aberration update has introduced a ton of new content into ARK and many other new features which will revamp some of the aspects of the game. It can be difficult to figure out how to account for all of the new stuff that is available when playing through the game, and our guide is here to help.

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ARK Aberration Survival Tips and Tricks

Before we start, you should make sure you understand how Hooks work. They break quite quickly but can be repaired. You can also get another pair out very quickly and continue your climb.

You can also use them to walk on the roof and place platforms in unusual places.

After the hooks, you should know what mushrooms are. There are four different kinds of mushrooms and each of them has a different use.


But remember that consuming them may lead to hallucination effects for your character. Let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks for ARK Aberration.

Avoid Ice Crystals
Occasionally, you might see some ice crystals on the ground. Make sure you avoid them as they will give you a debuff which will slowly knock you out and eventually kill you.

If you manage to catch them though, they are narcotics who do the same work that a narco berry does.

Avoid Spores
Ark: Aberration is full of mysterious places that shouldn’t be visited. Areas containing spores is a prime example.

These Spores appear near mushrooms and can seriously hallucinate you, freeze you and even kill you. So, be careful when visiting these areas.

Differentiate between Mushrooms
There are many types of Mushrooms in the game such as the Auric mushrooms, Aggeravic mushrooms, Aquatic mushrooms and Ascerbic mushrooms.

Auric mushrooms get rid of radiations, Aggeravic mushrooms recover your health and save you from green spores.

Aquatic mushrooms restore water and provide resistance to freezing spores. As for Ascerbic mushrooms, they’re mainly used for making narcotics.

Watch Out for Gas Veins
Gas Veins have gas balls but be careful, since you can get a debuff from them which will deal a massive amount of damage to you in a very short time.

Weight Reduction can also be accomplished by using the Ravager. They can go half the weight on many of the raw resources in the game so that you can have more stuff in your inventory.

Watch Out for Ravagers
Ravagers are really aggressive creatures in the game. They’re usually found ganging up on herbivores in packs of three or five. Even though they can travel alone, they are still way too dangerous to cross paths with.

This creature attacks you, ambushes you and on top of it, straight up assaults you. The thing that makes this creature so dangerous is its attack. Even after defeating it you’ll have a continuous bleeding effect which keeps hurting you.

In case you encounter a Ravager, just use arrows, bullets, or shotgun shells and lower your chances of dying due to blood loss.

Nameless is a massive problem, but you can actually beat them. Bring them near to a light source and they will get a debuff which will heavily decrease the amount of damage that they do to you.

Don’t Spend too much time near the Starting Portal
First rule of survival in Ark: Aberration: never spend too much time near the starting portal. Why? Because there’s no water supply and you’ll end up dead from thirst.

Therefore, simply collect your desired items and fall down from the cliff, directly near the lake.

Earthquakes Drop Resources
Earthquakes may be a natural disaster in the real World however in Ark: Aberration, it’s a natural treasure as it provides useful resources like stone, metal, crystal, wood, and flint. So, when there’s an earthquake, make sure to collect as many resources as possible.

Hell Surface
Ark: Aberration consists of a burning floor on its surface area. This area is a rich source of oil but it is surrounded by Hell fire.

To reach the natural resource (oil) visit this area at nighttime and once you’ve taken what you need, simply head back down and into the underground cave.

Never Pack a single Climbing Pick
Rock climbing is a new addition in Ark: Aberration. You can unlock this mechanic at level 34 along with a set of climbing picks. This enables you to climb high places.

However, these picks are easily broken and can lead you to your death. Therefore, the best option is to pack multiple of these picks and switch when the other one is broken.

Carry a Bulbdog
Lastly, you can carry a light animal with you such as a Bulbdog. These animals can be quite useful and they work like a torch which (almost) never runs out.

This leaves your hands free to do whatever they want as you will not be carrying a torch with you.

That is all we have for our ARK Aberration Survival Tips and Tricks Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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