Alan Wake 2 Inventory Upgrade Locations: How To Increase Space

Add more rows to hold more.

The inventory upgrade locations in Alan Wake 2 increase your storage space and allow you to loot more items.

When you first start out, you will have to choose what to pick and what to ignore. We will help you unlock more rows to your inventory so that you can start hoarding early in the game.

One thing to note is that Alan Wake and Saga Anderson have different ways to increase their inventory space. Both require you to find upgrades but the nature of those upgrades are different.

Saga Anderson satchel upgrade locations

Saga can only increase her inventory space in Alan Wake 2 by finding satchel upgrades in cult stashes. These are also some of the main collectibles provided that you want to do a 100 percent completion run.

Satchel 1

Chapter: Return 2 The Heart
Location: Lake Cauldron General Store

The first satchel to increase Saga’s inventory space can be found next to a cult stash in the Cauldron Lake General Store. You can access the stash after you’ve encountered the first Taken enemy during the second chapter: Return 2 The Heart in Alan Wake 2.


After defeating the Taken Enemy, head into the small room where he emerged from to find the satchel placed on a cabinet above the locked stash.

The locked stash can help you unlock the Sawed-Off Shotgun which can be used to defeat the first boss Nightingale at the end of the chapter as Saga.

Satchel 2

Chapter: Return 2 The Heart
Location: Western side of the Cauldron Lake Beach

After completing the second Chapter Return 2 The Heart, make your way to the west side of the Cauldron Lake which becomes explorable after the sea level goes down to find a locked stash confined between a few brambles.

Interact with the stash and press the codes that pop up on the keypad to open the stash and get a hold of the second satchel. The second satchel will unlock the second crossed row in your inventory.

Satchel 3

Chapter: Return 5 Old Gods
Location: Fishing Shack in Brightfalls

During the chapter Return 5 – Old Gods, make your way to the main street of Bright Falls and look for a shack with the sign ‘Seafood’ dropped on the road.

A small fence is present on the side of it that can be pried open with Bolt Cutters.

Pry open the fence and enter the shed to find a cult stash. The cult stash can be opened by a puzzle that refers to the sea levels in Alan Wake 2. For your ease, the code for the stash is 6-9-7. Open the stash and unlock the third crossed row in your inventory.

Alan Wake words of power upgrade locations

Compared to Saga, Alan has his work cut out for him. The only way to increase his inventory space is to find words of power.

These words of stuff are some of the rarest inventory upgrades to find in Alan Wake 2. The same words of power also act like perks that are unlocked by completing chapters or exploring certain locations in the Dark Place.

Words of Stuff 1

Chapter: Initiation 5-room 565
Location: Second floor, Oceanview Hotel

During the initiation 5 – Room 565 make your way to the ballroom on the second floor of the Oceanview Hotel and flash your light above the bar counter as shown in the image below to reveal the scribblings for the Words of Stuff perk.

Use the perk and upgrade your Magic Pocket which increases Alan’s inventory space by one row in Alan Wake 2.

Words of Stuff 2

Chapter: Initiation 8 – Zane’s Film
Location: Poet’s Cinema

The second location where you can find the Words of Stuff perk is on the rooftop of Poet’s Cinema in Chapter: Initiation 8 – Zane’s Film.

After arriving at the rooftop, make your way to the Northwest side of the roof right next to the spotlights and shine your flashlight at the wall to reveal the scribblings.

Use the perk token and increase Alan’s inventory space by unlocking another row in his inventory.

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