How To Get The Bolt Cutters In Alan Wake 2

Best for prying open locked doors.

While playing as Saga Anderson, you will come across many doors and fences that require a set of bolt cutters to open in Alan Wake 2.

You will even get a prompt that these doors require a bolt cutter to open. However, you will not be able to get the bolt cutters until later in the game.

You can backtrack once you have the tool in your inventory. It opens up new paths to secret areas with valuable loot. Here is what you need to do.

Bold Cutters location in Alan Wake 2

You will be able to get your hands on the bolt cutters during the fifth chapter (Return 5: Old Gods) of Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2.

You will find yourself stuck in an Overlap while chasing Tor. This will be right after you encounter the nightmares of the wellness center.

Since it’s an overlap, you’ll keep on crossing the same hallway quite a few times until you come across a generator. Switch on the generator to clear the walls summoned by the Dark Place.


Saga will discover a new pathway has been made to break through the Overlap. While following the new path you’ll come across a set of stairs that lead to a breach room with levers as shown in the image below.

Take the stairs and turn on the generator.

Once you’ve entered the room, interact with the lever right in front of you to switch on the lights. On your right, Saga Anderson will discover a set of Bolt Cutters tucked inside a locked cabinet which can only be opened after you’ve found the specific cabinet key.

The cabinet has the bolt cutters, but you need a key to open it.

The key for the cabinet can be found in one of the small drawers located in the room east of the lever.

Head into the room and walk straight until you find another lever that turns on the light for that room. Switch on the lights and search the drawers to acquire the key. You can also choose to loot the drawers and find some resourceful items.

Once you’ve acquired the key, walk back to the main area and switch off the light. Take out your flashlight and make your way to the locked cabinet. Insert the key to unlock the bolt Cutters.

You can use the Bolt Cutters to pry open the lock in the same room where you found the cabinet key and move on forward with the Old Gods Chapter in Alan Wake 2.

How to use the Bolt Cutters in Alan Wake 2

The Bolt Cutters were the only barrier keeping you away from exploring the depths and secrets of Alan Wake 2. Simply head to any locked door and interact with it to prompt a few choices. Select the Bolt Cutters and Saga will do the rest of the work.

If you plan on exploring Brightfalls after completing the chapter, it is recommended to open the door near the fishing shack that holds one of Saga’s satchels inside a cult stash. Saga’s Satchels help to increase her carrying capacity in Alan Wake 2.

If you plan on returning back to the Watery region, look for the Kalevala Knights Cult Stash to find some rare loot.

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