Alan Wake 2: Taxidermy Deer Head Locations

These collectibles are very dear to Saga.

Pay close attention to the walls of homes and buildings you enter in Alan Wake 2. They just might contain a taxidermy deer head which is not only a point of interest but also a collectible for Saga to pet and collect.

There are a total of 12 deer head locations for you to find across Brightfalls and Watery. Something important to note is that you must find all of them before starting Chapter 6, the literal point of no return of the game.

Finding all deer heads will unlock no achievement or trophy, but Saga will get access to a bunch of weapons, ammo, and items to use in the final chapter.

Chapter 1: Return 1 – The Invitation

Deer Head 1

After you investigate the Murder Site near Cauldron Lake, travel south to find a trailer. Enter the trailer and turn left towards the bedroom to find the first deer head.

After collecting the deer head, head into Saga’s Mind Place and interact with the deer head to find out how many are left to be collected.

There’s an issue regarding the deer count in Saga’s Mind Place. Some players have stated that the deer mounted in the Mind Place doesn’t tell Saga how many more deer heads need to be collected. There isn’t a fix readily available but you can use this guide to collect all 12 of them.

Dear Head 2

The second deer head location can be found in the Elderwood Palace Lodge where Saga Anderson parks her car during the visit to Brighfalls.

Head into the lodge and check on one of the backrooms located right next to the bar to find the second deer head in Alan Wake 2.

Deer Head 3

Make your way to the Oh Deer Diner located on the Harbour Street of Brightfalls. Enter the diner and walk towards the storage room at the back where you’ll find the third taxidermy deer head of the first chapter in Alan Wake 2.

Chapter 2: Return 2 – The Heart

Deer Head 4

After defeating Nightingale, head to the Witchfinder’s Station located in the north of Cauldron Lake. Walk into the station and look for the fireplace in the main area of the building. Saga will discover the deer head mounted on top of the fireplace.

Chapter 3: Return 3 – Local Girl

Deer Head 5

During your visit to Watery, head inside the Suomi Hall located in the Downtown Watery Region. Enter the hall and make your way to the break room to find a deer head mounted on top of the wall.

Deer Head 6

You can find another deer head inside the Lighthouse Trailer Park as marked in the map image below. The trailer you need to go to will be right in front of your (Saga’s) trailer but can only be opened with a key.

To find the key, head to Coffee World and solve the word puzzle with the help of a screwdriver. The key can then be used to open up the trailer. Enter the trailer to be welcomed by a deer head mounted on the wall in front of you.

Deer Head 7

After you’ve progressed through chapter 3 in Alan Wake 2, make your way to the Kalevala Knights Workshop situated West of the Coffee World building. Enter the Workshop and find a deer head mounted on the corner wall.

You can also locate one of the Cult Stashes inside the Kalevala Knights Workshop to increase your inventory space.

Deer Head 8

After successfully escaping the Overlap, the water levels will subside giving Saga the opportunity to discover the Ranger Cabin situated North of the Gift Shop in the Watery region.

Enter the cabin and you’ll be welcomed by the taxidermy deer head mounted on the wooden wall.

Chapter 5: Return 5 – Old Gods

Deer head 9

While meeting up with Tor and Odin at Valhalla Nursing Home, travel to the second floor of the building to find another deer head mounted on the wall in the main lounge.

Deer Head 10

During the investigation of the Wellness Center, Saga will encounter a door in the security room that won’t have a doorknob. Use the computer in the security room and enter the code 170823 to open a sliding door to the reception.

Enter through the sliding door and obtain the doorknob placed under the reception desk. Take the doorknob back to the handleless door to insert it and access the door.

You’ll be able to find a deer head in the small room as well as the hunting rifle for Saga in Alan Wake 2.

Deer Head 11

The second-last deer head will be located in the small wooden shack called Rangers Station located in the Southern part of Bright Falls.

To find access to the Shack, you must complete the Overlap event at the Valhalla Nursing Center and escape with the Bolt Cutters.

Travel to the Wooden Shack and break open the door with your bolt cutters to find the deer head mounted on the wooden fireplace.

Deer Head 12

The last deer head location is the Rental Cabins, east of the Bonny-legged path in the Cauldron Region of Alan Wake 2.

Use your Bolt Cutters to gain access to the cabins. Enter cabin 3 and solve the nursery rhyme. Defeat the Taken and visit the area he spawned at in Cabin 6. You’ll find the last Taxidermy deer head.

Taxidermy Deer Head rewards

Once you have collected all 12 deer heads, head back to the Elderwood Palace Lodge in Brightfalls. This is where you started your journey.

Enter the Lodge and make your way towards the locked 108 room. As you approach the secret room, Saga will hear a deer snorting and walk past her in the alley.

The deer crossing Saga’s path is an indicator that room 108 has become accessible. Visit the room to find ammunition, supplies, and health packs for the last chapter of the game: Return 6 – Point of No Return.

Many players have reported a bug regarding the backroom door being locked even after collecting all 12 deer heads. A quick fix to that would be to head into Saga’s Mind Place and interact with the deer head before you travel to the Lodge.

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