Age of Empires 4 English Civilization Guide

The English are one of the most basic civilizations in Age of Empires 4, as they closely resemble civilizations designs in previous Age of Empires games. In this guide, we will discuss the English civilization and its uniqueness in units and bonuses in Age of Empires 4.

Age of Empires 4 English Civilization

The English civilization is famous in AOE 4 because of their strong defense, their ability to produce food quickly on a large scale, and their unique unit that excel in ranged combat.

The English are one of the more beginner-friendly civilizations, and their early access to heavy infantry means you can easily defend yourself against an early push, or even launch your own raid to distract your opponent.

Given the benefits of fighting near them, you’ll want to concentrate on your defenses.


  • The English are good for early game battles because of their ranged combat playstyle.
  • The farm transition has no effect on English food production.
  • The English have great naval forces for battles on the water.


  • Too much farming will cause English gold shortages.
  • Vulnerable to long-range Siege attacks.

Civilization Bonuses

Like every other civilization, the English are rewarded with the following bonuses:

  • +1 range to Military Ships
  • Town Centers will shoot double the amount of arrows than normal.
  • You will need 50% less wood to build farms.
  • The villagers will have Bows and Arrows equipped.
  • The Vanguard Man-at-Arms is available in the Dark Age (I).

Unique Units

The English have access to two unique units in AoE 4. These are:

Unique Mechanics

When the invaders are detected near Town Centers, Outposts, Towers, and Keeps, the attack speed of available units near these locations is increased by 25%.

AOE 4 English Landmarks

There are a total of six landmarks that are unique to English. These are:

Council Hall (Age II)The speed to produce Longbowmen is increased by 100%.

Abbey of Kings (Age II)Any friendly units that are out of combat are healed by +4 for every 1.5 seconds.

The White Tower (Age III)Works as a Keep that contains all of the technology, bonuses, and behaviors.

King’s Palace (Age III)Works as a Town Center that contains all of the technology, bonuses, and behaviors.

Berkshire Palace (Age IV)Works as a Keep that contains all of the technology, bonuses, and behaviors. It also provides a +50% weapon range and doubles the units.

Wynguard Palace (Age IV)Creates the Wynguard Army that includes Man-at-Arms, Longbowman, Knight, Spearman, and Trebuchet.

The English civilization is great for new players of the game to start with. You get the option to compete against other civilizations with arguably the best Archers in the game and one of the strongest defenses.

You will face some hurdles in the later stages of the game, but with the help of your extraordinary combat units, you will be able to take on any challenge.