Age of Empires 4 English Longbow Rush Build Order

Players in Age of Empires 4 can win solely by destroying opposing landmarks and the Town Center. As a result, performing a rush early in the game with the correct civilization is highly successful. In this Age of Empires 4 English Longbow Rush guide, we’ll show you how to use the English to make an early game push in AoE 4.

Age of Empires 4 English Longbow Rush

The long range and fast attack speed Of English Longbow makes them one of the most threatening troops in Age of Empires 4.

Build Order

This villagers setup will allow you to effectively farm the essential resources in AOE 4, ensuring that you do not run out while setting up the Longbow rush.

  • Gold – 2 Villagers on Gold.
  • Wood – 5 Villagers on Wood.
  • Sheep – 8 Villagers on Sheep.
  • Enemy base – Send 2 Longbowmen to the enemy base.
  • House – Send 1 Villager to the house.
  • Landmark – Send 2 villagers from sheep to Landmark and 1 villager from Wood to Landmark.

While expanding your economy, continue to train Longbowmen and target the opponent and harry their base early on.

For this rush to work, you must follow the instructions. Remember that your scout is out there hunting for food as well as the enemy’s position.

Your scout’s job is to locate regions where the opponent is most fragile, allowing you to approach their most isolated mills, residences, and communities in order to destabilize their economy.

Avoid approaching the enemy’s Town Center. It’ll outsmart you and inflict way too much damage on your units. Simply remain out of the opposing Town Center’s grasp and attempt to inflict as much havoc as possible.

This build will provide you with much more than a competitive advantage in the future. By eliminating the enemy’s villages, you have a chance to effectively end the game.

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