How to Get All AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Armor Sets

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to get All AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Armor Sets for your venture into the DLC expansion

The new DLC is out taking our Viking assassins to France. Though no new land expansion would be complete with new armor sets for our favorite Viking. In this guide, we will be explaining how to get AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Armor Sets.

How to Get All AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Armor Sets

With the new Siege of Paris expansion added to the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, there’s a ton of content just waiting to be explored by new players.

If you feel like you need to get yourself some armor before you delve deeper into the game’s new adventures, then look no further as we show you How to Get All AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Armor Sets.

You can get your hands on two sets of armors in the Siege of Paris DLC namely:

  • Reaper Armor Set
  • Paladin Armor Set

Reaper Armor Set

You don’t have to go out of your way to look for the pieces, you actually get them by doing the Rebel quests. So simply, to acquire the armor just complete Pierre’s Rebel Missions, as completing these let you raise your infamy levels.

Yes, that’s it. The requirements for each armor piece in the Reaper armor set may vary as we will list below:

Reaper Braces

Reaper braces are automatically warded for reaching Infamy Level 3

Reaper Helm

Reaper Helm is purchasable for 450 rebel coins after reaching Infamy level 3

Reaper Cloak

Reaper Cloak is purchasable for 450 rebel coins after reaching Infamy level 3

Reaper Torso

Reaper Torso is purchasable for 400 rebel coins after reaching Infamy level 4

Reaper Pants

Reaper Pants are purchasable for 750 rebel coins after reaching Infamy level 4

Paladin Armor Set

The Paladin Armor set, unlike the Reaper Armor Set can be found across the map. We’ll be showing you how to find each piece’s chest’s location below.

Paladin Helm

It is located in the fort in Pruvinis, directly northeast of Melun. Unless you already nabbed the key in a rebel mission. You’ll first need to get the key from a Gedhrit mob inside of the broken tower.

At the base of the broken tower and the wall extending from it, there’s an opening leading to the cellar. To unlock the way to the chest, you need to hit the explosive jars.

Hitting the first will break a section of the wall, that allows you to go around to a small opening from where you can shoot the jars inside the room, giving you access to the chest. All you need now is grab the armor piece.

Paladin Chainmail

The chainmail is inside the guardhouse at Defender’s rest in Paris, accessible through an opening on the side of the building. But you need to get the key to unlock the treasure chest first.

Investigate the tower to find a ladder giving you access to the torture chamber. Clear out the enemies and pick up the key. Go back to the guardhouse and get the armor piece.

Paladin Bracers

In Paris look for a manor called La Greve. The chest is inside a locked room, the lock is held in place by a wooden latch. Which can be targeted from the second floor of the building.

The next thing you need is the key for the chest. Head to the balcony and the key is on its side. Go back to the room and grab the braces.

Paladin Pants

The pants are found in Medanta which is in northwest Melunois. The chest can be found in a large tent. The key to the chest is held by a Goliath near the shoreline. Kill him and return to the chest to get the pants.

Paladin Hood

The Paladin Hood is located in the village of Lisieux in western Evresin. You need to enter a crypt. For which you’ll need two keys:

  • The first can be found inside the bell tower of the church.
  • The second is on a monk near one o the small buildings inside the village.

Enter the crypt and make your way through the cracks and crevices until you reach the Bellatores tapestry. Behind which will be a hidden passage leading to the hood.

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