Wasteland 3 Aspen Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire Wasteland 3 Aspen questline with detailed information and few hidden secrets so make sure to read the entire guide.

Once you’ve eliminated Valor Buchanan, your next stop is Aspen. Aspen is found at the north part of the map and it’s a part of the main quest in Wastelands 3.

In this quest, you must find Victory Buchanan in the Little Hell Resort and at the end you’ll have to make a decision about his role in the quest.

Wasteland 3 Aspen

Initially in the area, you’ll find a group of Breathers to take care off, you’ll find the Welcome Lodge Key in possession of one of the Breathers.

Find a Truck containing the Employee Longue Key instead and open the side of the building.

Grab the loot and enter the room to come across Opie. From Opie you can buy Pup Scout Camping Guide and the Bear Suit.

There’s a terminal in the small rom that allows you to use the turrets and kill the Breathers (In the same area you’ll find bar with a corpse with the Veteran Ranger’s Star accessory).

Using the turret, kill all the Breathers in the area and find the Gift Shop key along with the M1989A1 assault rifle.

The key is used for entering the small room with items that can be sold for a reasonable amount.

Now, from here you can reach the next area with the help of a drawbridge that’s lowered from the terminal in the shop.

Crossing the Bridge gives you Riley’s message. Keep moving forward till you come across a fork in the road.

You can head North from the blooding sign “Set Yourself Free” or you can head east by passing through the construction area.

You can always head back to the road and explore both areas if you want. But don’t waste time since both the paths lead you to your destination which is a battle against Victory’s henchman, Federico.

From here, make a player step right on a wooden plate while the other player activates a switch on its left.

Once the final activation takes place, everyone is able to cross. Moving on to the next area, the next area consists of spiked turbines that are deadly so stay away from them.

Toss the Wounded NPC to the fans and activate a switch, then activate the next switch and so on till you clear out the area and come to a dirt path.

This path has a lot of Explosive traps on it along with a gate and many containers. Also, you’ll find the grave and the Death Lance sniper rifle in this area.

Interact with the broken valve and cause flames to burn the growlers.

Reach the final area with the help of the switch but keep an eye on the explosive traps here. Once you’ve reached the final area, you’ll be behind Federico and his Breather troops.

To pass time, you can always wreck the generator for the turrets and grab the Wasteland Hawk pistol from the container

The Construction area has several Breathers roaming here and there along with multiple chests with a good amount of loot in them.

There’s a shed with a safe that provides you with ammo and Purifier flamethrower; which is very handy for a situation like this.

The generator on the east side allows you to access the terminal near it which allows you to bring the cover up and enter the storage area.

Once you’re inside the storage area, you’ll find weapons, ammo along with grenades and a Terminal which allows you to disable robot defenses which then allows you to take all the loot in the lockers without fearing the robots.

Loot such as Cold Comfort shotgun, Sawsword bladed weapon, Wasteland Hawk pistol, and Nidhogg machine gun.

Also, you can find the Hearty Henry creepy doll near a corpse in a duffel bag in the corner of the area.

Now, for the battle with Federico, head up the stairs. It’s recommended to head north through the traps instead of grabbing all the loot in the construction site.

The North side allows you to attack from behind on Federico and his troops.

Keep an eye on the breathers in the area as well and once you’ve taken care of the adversaries, take the Gondola Building Key and grab the loot before powering up Gondola.

Activate the lift and your next stop is the Little Hell Resort.

Little Hell Resort

Just like the name, this place is a living hell for the people who come here. Many people are found dead especially due to Hardee Knox (member of the Hundred Families elite), being burned alive.

Anyways, head inside the inn and come across few Breather to take care of in the lounge.

Head right into the room to find Cpl. Riley Woodson badly injured and nailed into the ground.

Heal him with the help of First Aid 6 and you’ll come to know about Buchanan from Woodson who tells you detailed information about Buchanan’s evil plans and how he has kept hundreds of people hostage.

Now it’s your duty to rescue them and kill the Buchanan.

There’s a locker room on the left of the corridor, find an intercom there and you’ll have Ash on the other side talking about how he’s going to blow up the hostages.

Take his words seriously and move through the corridor grab the picture of the Gift quest item then destroy all the robot servitors.

Head left into a room to find the Gift, here you’ll receive few dialogue options such as:

  • Show family picture — If you grabbed the quest item from earlier.
  • Mechanics 7 — Allows you to examine The Gift’s wheelchair. If someone has Explosives 8, this lets you see that there’s a bomb strapped to it. Disarm it now and ignore The Gift’s admonishment.
  • Kiss Ass 8 — The Gift will let Pizepi go.

Talk to Pizepi and once the conversation is over, explore the lab and find a contraption for chemicals. Mix the chemicals to form a laxative for Llewellyn.

Now, talk to Dr. Hyde to heal you up and you can also buy medical items from him.

The next stop is the Kitchen, head into the Kitchen to come across Gertrude the Gruesome along with other mobs.

To take them out, you need the Nitrogen tank, use it and blast them. Now, open the freezer with the key found in Gertrude’s corpse.

Let La Loca eat food while you take care of Buchanan. Don’t forget to grab the Anabolic Injector accessory from the containers there.

Take each Breather out from the pool area to the entrance and grab the Sauna Maintenance Key to find multiple items in the backroom.

The pool is drained with the help of the computer, the corpses are equipped with weapon and possess money.

The door of Sauna is unlocked through the pipes which frees Estin Ward. Head right and meet Llewellyn at the southeast side of the initial room.

He is injured therefore use First Aid to heal him. He possesses the key to Hundred Families’ vault however, it’s in his stomach so the only way to get it is by killing him and picking it from his insides.

The containers there have the Wasteland Hawk pistol a Note to Llewellyn, and an audio cassette.

Now to enter the vault you can Kill Llewellyn outright, Use the chems in The Gift’s lab to create a laxative for Llewelyn, Open the vault door

Once you’ve entered the vault, you’ll find a lot of useful items like a Composite Armor, Sawsword, Nociception Clamp (Cyborg Tech accessory), Silver Dollar Necklace (Barter +1 accessory), and the Gold-Plated Hammer.

Take these items and head back to the main lounge area when you’re supposed to use the Golden Hammer to break the wall near the room where you found Riley Woodson.

Behind that wall is a hidden room with the Patriarch’s Prototype Hammer weapon in it.

Return to the main section of the vault and in the room next to the initial place where you found Llewellyn is now filled with Breathers. Kill them to acquire the Guest Suites Keys.

Now, unblock the foot on the left side and encounter the sisters of Isaac Reed. You’ll find each one standing on a plate.

This is an evil trap which is set up in a manner if one sister is misbalanced from the step, the entire place explodes.

Interact with the panel on the wall and disable this trap. Grab your items and enter the door on the right to see an injured Ranger, Rook.

Heal him and talk to him, Grab the Ferocious Francesca Creepy Doll from the chest in the room and head out the hallway.

In the hallway you’ll notice something weird, look up to the vents, that’s poison gas being sprayed all across the area.

Simply step on to the wooden plate in the suites and disable the gas before it kills everyone.

Another player has to interact with the generator to put an end to the trap. Once the hostages are rescued, return to Ash’s room and confront him.

Here you’re given options to either arrest or kill him. You’ll receive the Patriarch Wing Key and a Commando Armor from the safe in the room.

To reach the Patriarch Wing, use the hallway on the right and find Gwendolyn Reed there, deactivate both generators near the staircase to disable all the turrets.

From Gwendolyn’s room, use the side door to head onto a snowy passage.

This passage leads you to the upper level of the facility and opens an opportunity for you to regroup your team and prepare for the battle against the Breathers.

Once the Breathers are taken care of, open the door and it’s the moment of conclusion where you’ll decide what to do with Victory Buchanan.

Victory Buchanan welcomes you as you head inside his chambers, the outcome is dependent upon the choices of dialogues. Dialogues such as:

  • Attack — Will lead to Vic Buchanan getting immediately shot in the head. No boss battle, just a quick headshot. His death means you’re done with this quest, but the Patriarch won’t be pleased since you were asked to bring him back alive.
  • Lie — Vic’s “scarecrow” Clarence will drop a frag grenade. Vic also ends up dead.
  • “The Gift turned on you,” “We freed the Rangers,” Kiss Ass 10, or First Aid 8 – Will offer new dialogue options for you.

If he dies, you’re still left with useful item such as Vic’s Piece (a pistol) and the Mermaid Ornament (for your Kodiak).

The other three option leads Victory to offer his role in your team.

You can arrest him to end the quest and he’ll be sent to Ranger HQ Brig or you can kill him or even accept his assistance in your team.

The choice is yours and make sure to grab every valuable item from his room such as Best Boss skill book (Leadership +1) and Polar Vortex assault rifle.

Meanwhile, the bathroom has a cassette and the K-Cannon revolver.

A toaster is found with the Poke Action Figure, telling Patric about this reward you with Peek & Poke ornament for the Kodiak. In the end you can check the map at the corner of the room.

Now, what if Vic was with you? If that happens then there would be many changes made especially when you’re exiting the Little Hell resort.

You interact with Gwendolyn Reed; Vic releases her without causing any harm. Entering the Gift’s lab, Vic tries to blow her up while a bomb is attached to a wheelchair.

During the interaction with Ash, Vic gets upset about the fact that his childhood friend betrayed him.

At the lounge area, Rook and La Loca order to you get rid of Vic, that you must do that.

Hard Ass 8 can be used on Rook but if you failed to confront them, both will get hostile and you’ll have to kill them both.

You can also visit the graves of Larra and Livia where Vic does additional commentary. Larra’s grave is found at Broadmoor Heights’ park, for Livia’s grave, you must visit Hoon Homestead.

Bringing Vic to meet Patriarch’s Place starts a commentary from Patriarch and you’ll find Liberty Buchanan.

Finally, in the end, you’ll encounter a very noticeable and important character for criticism to end this quest.

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