Wasteland 3 Hoon Homestead/Arapaho Caravan Walkthrough

In Wasteland 3 will make a number of choices like choosing between Hoon Homestead or Arapaho Caravan and we will help with that choice

Post-apocalyptic Colorado is a dangerous place, filled with tough choices for the ranger. You can’t choose all the options; you might have to sacrifice one thing for another. One such dilemma is the Wasteland 3 Hoon Homestead/Arapaho Caravan choice which we will go over in detail in this guide.

Wasteland 3 Hoon Homestead/Arapaho Caravan

Our walkthrough will layout the scenario, to choose between Hoon Homestead or Arapaho Caravana, completely to help make your choice easier when you come across it in Wasteland 3.

Hoon Homestead

The Homestead is located a bit to the northeast of Colorado Springs. Here Erasmus Dorsey leads a bunch of hoodlums, you can either:

  • Convince them to leave, needs kiss ass 2
  • Fight them (with an advantage if you have Hard Ass 2).

Some good lootable from the corpses and around the area are the Infantryman’s Bible skill book (Automatic Weapons +1), a toaster (Toaster Repair 1) with junk that can be sold for $1,000. The nearby safe (Lockpicking 6) has an audio cassette.

Inside the house is a prized rifle which if you try to take will turn the Hoons hostile if they aren’t already.

Behind the house is a bunker Entrance, to get in you would need Sneaky Shit 4 and Mechanics 3 to disable the defenses here or Lockpicking 6 to open the doors.

Inside, you can find several weapons and a Survivalist’s Diary.

If you go to the Arapaho Caravan after Hoon Homestead, you will find it destroyed.

Arapaho Caravan

The Arapaho Caravan is located in the southwest. Enter the building to your left with Lockpicking 3 to open the door and reveal a hidden pathway if your Perception is high enough.

Further ahead there are defensive turrets that can be shut down if you go to the next building and interact with the generator (Mechanic 3).

Fight the Scar collectors and then Speak with Drive Train where a Kiss Ass 5 will get you 10x repair boxes. The containers in the building have ammo and weapons.

The building to the right from the starting point, has a locked door (Lockpicking 3), inside you can find a chest that has a cassette and Red Wire or Blue skill book (Explosives +1).

If you go to the Hoon Homestead after, you will find it destroyed, and only be able to get the toaster. All other paths will be blocked.

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