Wasteland 3 Broadmoor Heights Walkthrough

Broadmoor Heights in Wasteland 3 is your stop if you want to experience how the rich live and we will take you through this location

In this Wasteland 3 Broadmoor Heights Walkthrough, we will be showing you every little detail in the mission so you can exploit them to your advantage.

In the world of Wasteland 3, the rich reside in Broadmoor Heights. The fancy folks relax and enjoy themselves far from the world’s troubles and worries.

Wasteland 3 Broadmoor Heights

After saving Delgado at Little Vegas, you will get a call from Gabriel Reyes. Use the western exist past the Sherriff’s Office to get to Broadmoor Heights.

Your adventure through Colorado will now bring you to the next chapter in the story at the luxurious Broadmoor Heights.

Church of the Deluge
Your first stop in Broadmoor Heights is at the Church of the Deluge. Interact with the terminals to open one of the rooms.

You can also find a Negotiated Settlement skill book lying in a chest that gives you +1 Kiss Ass.

Talk to Gideon Reyes who will tell you about the refugees. He wants you to find out who’s smuggling all the refugees into the city.

To find out the solution to the problem, you will need to head to the Bizarre.

However, there is something that we can do before proceeding with our main objective.

Finding Hardee
Miriam Knox in the church will ask you to find her husband Hardee who has been taken hostage by Victory Buchanan.

Grab this side-quest so you can complete it later.

Ward Manor’s Servitor
You can hack the Servitor if you have Nerd Stuff (5), and enter the door if you have Lockpicking (6).

Talk to Bellamy Ward who will then thank you for saving him earlier in the Garden of the Gods.

Fix the Contraption
On the second floor, you will be able to find a contraption that you can fix if you have Mechanics (7) or Weird Science (4).

Bellamy’s dad will reward you if you choose to help.

The Coach Gun and other Goods
You can find the Coach Gun which is a shotgun over at Lucia’s place located South-East. You can unlock the containers which require Lockpicking (4-6).

Bypassing the traps require Explosives (4-6). The safe will reward you with a cassette, and a toaster with a Gold-Insulated Power Cord which will sell for $1,000.

The Patriarch’s Palace

Talk to Diligent Joe and enter the Patriarch’s residence. Go to the throne room and talk to the Patriarch himself.

You will unlock more dialogues depending on how much you know regarding his dealings / captured his children etc.

Head to the upper right corner after talking to the Patriarch and use the terminal with Nerd Stuff (7) to shuffle around the soldiers. Enter the rooms with Lockpicking (7).

To the right is a hallway that will lead you to the bedrooms of the Patriarch’s children.

You can find a toaster in Victory’s room with a Peek Action Figure. You can also find a Legend of Bazooka Jim Skill book which gives you Big Guns +1.

In the middle room, you can find Valor’s lab which has computers. Interact with the console with Nerd Stuff (1).

You will now have two options to correct the algorithm with either Nerd Stuff (8) or Weird Science (7).

Liberty’s room will have a SWAT rifle you can get from the safe using Lockpicking (1) along with a SOCOM rifle.

You can use Weird Science (7) to decode the map on the desk. This will help you realize that Liberty has hidden some stuff inside the dining room.

Use the door to the left side hallway utilizing Lockpicking (7). You’ll find adoption papers, a book, several mods, and a Guardian pistol.

You’re now done with the Patriarch’s palace and can decide what you want to do next.

You have a total of three options.

  • Go to Sans Luxe Apartments to deal with Irv.
  • Head to The Bizarre to find out who’s smuggling the refugees.
  • Aid either Hoon Homestead or Arapaho Caravan after getting the distress calls.

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