Wasteland 3 Denver City Ruins Walkthrough

In this Wasteland 3 Denver City Ruins Walkthrough, we’ll explain all the possible decisions you could take during your foray into the area

In this Wasteland 3 Denver City Ruins Walkthrough, we’ll explain all the possible decisions you could take during your foray into Denver Ruins and all the possible outcomes choices will have.

We’ll also give away all the important locations and all that you need to know before you take on the bad guys who call Denver City ruins as their home.

Wasteland 3 Denver City Ruins

Located to the northeast of Colorado Springs past Hoon Homestead, these Wasteland 3 Denver City Ruins lie within the empire of Valor Buchanan’s ally, The Gippers.

However, you cannot make it to Denver without running into Patriarch’s favorite daughter, Liberty Buchanan.

You can either arrest her, or you can let her go. I would rather stick with the latter option since she won’t allow you to arrest her without putting up a fight.

With her being more intelligent, and at a higher level, you don’t really stand a chance against her in the battle.

To further reduce your chances of defeating her, she would also be protected by several warbots surrounding her.

Furthermore, an upgraded Kodiak’s chassis is important for your explorations since it will be protecting you from all the harmful radiation.

Once you’ve reached Denver, talk to Mother Nancy Reliance using Kiss Ass 4 to make it inside the Western White House.

Here you’ll be making some interactions as well as coming across a few side quests.

Western White House Side quests and Interactions

You’ll come across Sister Glory at the zone entrance. She’ll require your help to defeat Godfishers.

Destroying three of their camps located on the outskirts will get you a Reagan Statue decoration for the Kodiak.

in the main hall, you will run into Bill whom you’ll be sending in search of his mother.

You’ll know he did what was asked of him when you find his hat next to a pile of corpses in Union Station.

Next, you’ll encounter Wyman in the western room. She’ll give you a side quest where you can learn more about how the Machine Commune heals humans.

There is a front-facing hall on the way to her room. It has a container in which you’ll find Cruel Cory doll.

Sister Nancy Forge in the southeast section will give you a Neutron Projector weapon for free if you use Weapon Modding 4, followed by Nerd Stuff 5 or Weapon Modding 5.

Finally, there is Valor Buchanan in the basement and he’ll want you to upgrade the Reagan statue’s defenses. Ronald Reagan AI will also be present in the basement.

To get rid of Valor Buchanan peacefully, and resume the oil supply to Colorado Springs, you will have to obtain the Cybernetic Transfer Module from the Machine Commune.

The Gippers would then be able to transfer Reagan AI’s consciousness to a human host.

To help you carry out the mission you can talk to Mother Nancy Reliance using Kiss Ass 4 or Nerd Stuff 6.

If you want to further interact with Mother Nancy Reliance you can play StarStationWars.exe on the nearby computer.

In the end, you will have the option of arresting Valor Buchanan but he isn’t going down without a fight.

The Godfisher Camp

If you decide not to pick a fight with The Gippers, head over to the Godfisher camps.

By speaking to Flensing-Ice you can turn Godfishers against The Gippers and have them take care of each other.

There is also a LAW rocket launcher inside the cavern behind Flensing-Ice’s location.

Machine Commune

Here you will run into sentient bots, and for the time being, they will not show any hostility towards you.

Greet-0, as the name suggests, would be the first bot you meet. Afterward, look for SAL inside the crashed plane.

This is just the beginning of all the bots you’ll interact within Machine Commune, and the way you interact with every single one of them will affect the storyline.

From Indigo Rouge showing off its artistic skills to Little Sparrow having robot sex, there’ll be all kinds of bots.

PICO would require your assistance in a robot vs. hologram fighting game. Nerd Stuff 7 and Hard Ass 6 could be of help in this situation.

Vendomatic 2000 will give you wrong items, but nothing that could not be fixed with Nerd Stuff 5 and Mechanics 6.

You will also come across a synth, Tinker. Tinker will tell you about the events that took place between Wasteland 2 and Wasteland 3.

It’s better not to attack it as it will turn the entire surrounding community against you.

If you are curious about how machines are curing humans, robot doctor Vivisecto R.N. will satisfy all of your queries.

You can also by Cyborg Tech accessories from it. this robot doctor will require you to locate its assistant VICI.

VICI would be found outside the terminal near the hangars, surrounded by razorback mobs whom you’ll have to fight.

Afterward, you can either let her go to Ranger HQ or use Nerd Stuff 6 to return her to Vivisecto R.N. You can earn a special perk by letting her go to the Ranger HQ.

You will find Be The Dog skill book and the Last Resort revolver as well as some other loot near VICI.

To exit the terminal, head towards the right. Once you are out, look for a snowy patch on the ground, this is where Electric Emmett creepy doll is located.

The air traffic control room is located up the stairways and this is where you’ll find Machine Tower Intelligence.

Machine AI will then go over all of your actions up till now to decide your fate.

If the Machine AI decides that you have a heart, you’ll be given the Cybernetic Transfer Module.

Handing it over to Gippers will result in Reagan AI being sent to the Machine Commune.

What to do with Valor Buchanan

When you talk to Mother Nancy Reliance with the help of Kiss Ass 5, you come to know that if there is a human host for Reagan AI, it is Valor Buchanan.

Now, there are three possible options available regarding the transfer of Reagan AI.

You can either have it transferred to Valor Buchanan, Machine Commune, or Ranger HQ.

If you decide to have the Reagan AI transferred to Valor Buchanan, Valor Buchanan will die.

You will be appraised by Gippers, but you’ll make an enemy out of Machine Commune.

These relations, however, will be short-lived as you’ll have to fight Valor/Reagan.

In order to win the battle, you will have to destroy all the NPCs inside the Western White House as well as defend the attacks from the Reagan Statue.

Take help from Kodiak during the battle. Also, with this option, you’ll unlock Reagan’s Gaze energy rocket launcher.

Machine Commune Option

This time around you’ll have better relations with Machine Commune and bad ones with Gippers.

A fight with Gippers is inevitable that will eventually require you to take out Reagan Statue.

You will unlock Party Pal’s unique AI-controlled companion with this option.

Ranger HQ Option

This option won’t reap any rewards; however, you’ll be in possession of Reagan AI.

This way you can have Valor Buchanan handed over to you. but, on the other hand, you’ll have bad relations with Gippers and Machine Commune.

There still won’t be any hostilities from either side.

Dealing with the Reagan statue and the Godfishers

Most of your Gipper problems would be solved by striking a conversation with Flensing-ice. As this will send Godfishers to fight them.

However, if you plan on approaching Flensing-ice, make sure you haven’t already defeated Gippers yourself.

Moreover, you can upgrade the defenses or sabotage the machines by accessing terminals.

Terminal 1 is located to the left side of the main hall and it requires Mechanics or Nerd Stuff.

Terminal 2 on the other hand is located to the right side of the main hall and it requires Hard Ass, Kiss Ass, or Kiss Ass plus a better reputation.

Finally, terminal 3 is located in the shed near one of the smaller Reagan statues and it requires Mechanics to power-up the generator and then sabotage it. This will destroy the giant Reagan Statue.

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