Animal Crossing New Horizons Ladder Guide

In this Animal Crossing New Horizons ladder guide we will discuss everything there is to know about the ladder. This guide will also cover how you can climb cliffs using in Animal Crossing New Horizons. All in all, building this ladder in New Horizons is essential to progress in the game so you need to know how to build and what materials are needed to build it.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ladder

First of all, we will discuss the materials needed to build this ladder:

Material Required
In order to build the ladder, these items are needed:

  1. Wood ×5
  2. Softwood ×5
  3. Hardwood ×5

Now that you can have the materials required to build the ladder, you can make it using the recipe you get. This recipe can only be received after you have paid off your house loan which is 98,000 bells and after that you have help in the expansion of Tommy’s shop.

If your story progresses further you can use this ladder to climb cliffs. The steps to unlock it are written below:

Start off by giving Tom Nook 5000 miles and then pay off your house loan of 98,000 bells. Once you are no longer in debt, help in the expansion of Tommy’s shop with the following items:

  • Wood x30
  • Hardwood x30
  • Softwood x30
  • Iron Nugget x30

Wait a day after you have done the former step, then speak with Tom Nook and ask, “What Should I do?” and you will get the DIY recipe to build a bridge.

After you have built the bridge, Tom Nook will give you the recipe for the ladder.

Gathering Wood and Iron Nuggets
You can gather wood or softwood from trees by using an Axe. You will get these materials randomly so keep cutting down the trees until your requirements are fulfilled, but only in the game because we have to protect trees in real life. Protect the environment people.

In order to get Iron nuggets you will have to strike rocks using a shovel or axe. There are not a lot of rocks on the island you own, so if there are no more rocks to strike, you can go for a mystery tour and bring more Iron.

Climbing Cliffs in Animal Crossing New Horizons
In Animal Crossings New Horizons you need to climb cliffs and these cliffs can only be climbed using a ladder. Now to climb those cliffs, we have to place the ladder on the cliff, simple. When you are against the cliff, hold the ladder and place it onto the cliff and climb on and off of it in this way. Using your ladder will not affect it in any way so you can use it infinitely and it will not break.