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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Hyper Training Guide – How to Hyper Train, Bottle Caps Farming

Hyper Training Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is a bit different compared to the previous entries in the franchise and this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Hyper Training will detail step-by-step how to hyper train the Pokemon and how to farm Bottle Caps.

Hyper Training your Pokemon is basically breeding your Pokemon and to do that, players are required to have Bottle Caps and this guide will detail how to hyper train your Pokemon and how to farm bottle caps in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon to Hyper train your Pokemon as fast as possible.

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This Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Hyper Training and Bottle Caps Guide will tell you all the intricacies of how to hyper train your Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon and how can you quickly farm up the bottle caps for training all of your Pokemon as fast as possible.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Hyper Training

In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Hyper Training Guide, we take a look at what is Pokemon Hyper Training, how to farm Bottle Caps, and what is the most efficient way to farm Bottle Caps.

Hyper Training Guide

Pokemon Hyper Training essentially allows the breeding of Pokemon to be a little easier for novice players, as sometimes you do not even have to breed a Pokemon at all.

You will be able to bump your stats all the way to the maximum quite easily with this new method, similar to that of a perfectly bred Pokemon.

Hyper Training in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is done by spending Bottle Caps in the shopping center part of the Hau’oli city. The Bottle Caps come in two different forms.

However, before indulging ourselves with the types of Bottle Caps and their uses, you need first to know what Effort Value (EV) and Individual Values (IV) are, and how hyper training effects the stats of your Pokemon.

Effort Values (EV), as the name itself, indicates, are effort points that Pokemon get upon defeating or fighting other Pokemon.

Effort Values have commonly been known as base stats lately or even Stat Experience in the first two generation of Pokemon. Effort values are essentially gained by leveling up Pokemon and come in the form of effort points.

Effort Values are the ones that make sure that a trained Pokemon is stronger than a wild Pokemon, even if of the same level. In a battle, effort points are distributed equally among all Pokemon fighting in the battle

Individual Values (IV) are individual values of a Pokemon that are used in determining the battle stats of the Pokemon. There exists a total of six battle stats in the Sun and Moon game, with each of them having an associated IV to them.

This along with the Pokemon’s EVs, their base stat and Nature determine the actual stat number of the Pokemon. IVs are essentially the gene-equivalent of the Pokemon and come as constant with Pokemon inside an egg.

They cannot be changed from the value they come in when the Pokemon is created in the game, however, Hyper training can increase the Pokemon’s stats to the maximum level corresponding to the maximum IV level.

Silver Bottle Caps will raise one of the stats of a Pokemon’s individual values to the maximum when you spend them. The Gold Bottle Caps will raise all six of the stats of the Pokemon to their maximum.

Find the man in the red shirt known as Mr. Hyper to spend these caps and raise your stats.

Hyper Training

Hyper training is the process of training ones Pokemon to max out all its stats to the maximum level.

It is an intensive training session conducted on the Melemele Island the Hou’oli City shopping mall by Mr. Hyper that would max out your Pokemon’s selected stats or even all of them very quickly in exchange for Bottle Caps.

He maxes out a single selected stat of your Pokemon for a Silver Bottle Cap and for a Gold Bottle Cap, he fills out all the stats of your selected Pokemon.

The effect of the training is to essentially obtain a stat level of a Pokemon with max IVs or a Best bred Pokemon; which can only be achieved when a Pokemon egg is obtained from two perfectly bred Pokemon.

Breeding Pokemon to exactly to the right level is a bit of a pickle and that is why hyper training is so useful.

Note: You can only hyper train a Pokemon when you get access to Mr. Hyper, which you will get only after you have become the Champion in the game. Mr. Hyper will max out your Pokemon’s stats to the maximum level of 31.

You choose the basic stat or the set of stats to be hyper-trained yourself, however, if a Pokemon has a max stat bar for one of the stats, it would not be allowed to be selected for hyper training or if it has all stats maxed out, Mr. Hyper would not let that Pokemon be selected for Hyper training.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Bottle Caps Guide

There are three different ways to which you can get bottle caps and we will mention them all!

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Bottle Caps Farming – Fishing
This is the easiest and the slowest method. Cast a line on the bubbling underwater rocks and there is an extremely small chance that you hook in a bottle cap rather than a Pokemon. This method is not particularly recommended.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Bottle Caps Farming – Poke Pelago
There are two ways to farm caps here. Send Pokemon on Shard hunting missions and then trade thirty shards of the same color for a bottle cap. You can trade them to the old man found in Festival Plaza’s main castle. The second method is by sending a Pokemon on a rare treasure-hunting mission on the Isle of Aphun. The Pokemon will return after a day and there is a good chance that it will have a bottle cap.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Bottle Caps Farming – Festival Plaza Lottery
This is the best way to farm the caps. Rank up your festival plaza to a level between 80-90 at which point you will be offered five-star facilities as level up rewards. Fill your plaza with max level Lottery shops. Then follow the method mentioned below.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Hyper Training – Best Bottle Caps Farming Tips

First of all, level up your Festival Plaza to level 8 and find someone with the Treasure Hunt (2 stars) facility. Add that player to your VIP list by talking to their character in the plaza. Do not worry you do not need to know the player to add them to your list. Now add the Treasure Hunt facility to your Plaza by paying for it. Go to the treasure hunt facility as soon as you buy it and you will get a Silver Bottle Cap as a reward.

Now you have one bottle cap. For the others, head to the castle and page the VIP player by taking to the attendant on the left side of the castle. Add the treasure hunt (2 stars) facility again which will cost 200 Festival Coins. Make sure you remove all other Treasure Hunt facilities in your plaza otherwise the building will cost more. Now go to the facility and claim your prize once again. Keep on repeating the aforementioned steps for a limitless supply of Silver Bottle Caps.

Lastly, it is best to remember that you can also farm festival coins by completing Global Missions rather than the regular one as they will reward you with much more bounty, ensuring a massive supply of Bottle Caps for you.

That is all we have for our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Hyper Training and Bottle Caps Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!