Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Locations

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Locations Guide to help you find and catch all new Ultra Beasts in the newly released Pokemon USAUM.

Catching the Ultra Pokemon can be quite difficult in the new Pokemon game. This Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Locations Guide will ensure that you are up to date on the easiest way to catch all of the new ultra Ultra Beasts in the game. Read on to find out everything that you need to know about them.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Locations

To catch the Ultra Beasts, you need to defeat them with their stat boost that they get from the Ultra Wormhole. The Ultra Beasts are not shiny locked so you can get shiny Ultra Beasts. Now we take a look at how to capture each of these special Pokemon.

Nihilego is an octopus-shaped beast with no apparent face or body. It levitates in mid-air with its tentacles hanging below its silk-like, hat-shaped body. It uses sludge bomb as a signature attack. Other moves are power gem, acid spray, stealth rock and mirror coat.

The first encounter with this beast is in the Aether Foundation. This Pokemon cannot be captured and has its defense boosted.

After this battle, you will see Ultra Beasts again when Lusamine uses Cosmog to create an Ultra Wormhole.

The wormhole takes you thousands of light-years away into a dungeon. This will cause the Ultra Beasts to spread out across the Alola region.

You can finally obtain Nihilego when you explore the White Wormhole in Ultra Space, in that same dungeon.

Sit in the stone at the end of a small corridor. Nihilego will appear behind you and attack. That is when you can capture it.

Poipole and Nagandel
This Level 40 Ultra Beast is found in and is specific to the world of Ultra Megalopolis. The beast is small and purple in color with distinct alien patterns all over its body.

It has a pot-shaped head with a small body underneath. Its special attack is the dragon pulse. Others include charm, venom drench, and poison jab.

You will be offered to have it when you defeat the Ultra Necrozma. It is offered to you by the Ultra Recon Squad and you can take it whenever you want from them. The ultra-beast evolves into Nagandel.

This Ultra Beast is found in the Ultra Sun game in Ultra Jungle. It is a large mosquito-like figure with excessively large forearms and upper-body. It has four legs and the color red dominates it.

Once you go into Ultra Space, follow the path in the forest to the largest tree where it is found in the large area of trees connected by vines. A volcano will erupt when you get to the tallest tree and Buzzwole will appear to battle you.

This is found in the Ultra Moon game in Ultra Desert. It is a Bug-type gentle beast that resembles a radiant woman. Its moves include triple kick, lunge, and bug buzz. It is known for its swift and accurate movements and precise attacks that leave the enemy in confusion.

Find Pheromosa in the White Wormhole where you complete the strength puzzles. You will have to use strong Pokemon such as Machamp to traverse and progress. You can get Pheromosa after you have completed the puzzle.

Found in Ultra Plant, obtain it in the White Wormhole in the location that looks like Xurkitree. The beast has plant-like branches that it uses to charge up and to control massive thunderbolts.

When it discharges, it plants its arms into the ground to get charged again. Its moves are hypnosis, discharge and power whip.

Get to the top of the area to witness the tree getting struck by lightning and the advent of Xurkitree. You can have it then on.

This is found in the Ultra Moon game near the Ultra Crater. It is a pyramid-shaped hovering body with arms extending on both sides. It has the ability to travel at astronomical speeds. Its arms are the source if its power. Special moves include automating, speed bomb and iron defense.

Get to the Ultra Crater in the White Wormhole and get to the end of the area to see Celesteela rise up from the ground.

Find it in the Ultra Sun game, in the Ultra Forest area. The beast is resident to the world of warrior-like creatures. And although it looks thin and weak as a paper, its arms are sharp as swords that can cut through steel. Special moves are leaf blade, detect and air slash.

Find the small forest path which has a lot of flowers shaped like Kartana. There you will find humans resident of the planet.

You will have to battle them in order to get to Kartana, who will appear in a dashing manner slicing a rock afront and charging towards you. Defeat it to obtain it.

Found in Ultra Ruin. It is literally an omnivorous being, as it can consume any and everything.

It has a huge body with the mouth all over it. In Ultra Ruin, you will be warned of the creature, and in the end, you will see a Guzzlord eating everything in its way. Attacks include hammer arms, trash, and gastro acid.

There in the ruins of the Hou’uli city, you will find the beast. Fight it and defeat it to have it.

Stakataka, Blacephalon
These two can only be found in Poni Grove on Poni Island after you become the champion.

Once you have become one, you shall be called up by the Ultra Recon Squad to help them defeat some beasts. Those two will be Stakataka and Blacephalon. They will also bestow upon you, beast Pokeballs to capture these two.

Stakataka is made of brick-shaped stones and is usually enraged by the sight of any, other than its own. Special moves are iron defense, rock blast, and iron head.

Blacephalon is an extremely treacherous beast not to be trusted at any cost. It is of an invading species. Special attacks include mind blow, shadow ball, and trick.

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