Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon EV Training Guide

Learn the tricks to speed up EV Training in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon also have the EV training feature. As you might already know, EV (Effective Values) are hidden values that can increase Pokemon stats like HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. 4 EV points can increase 1 stat so EV training is basically a way to make your Pokemon stronger.

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, EV training is somewhat different. In this guide, we will discuss the methods you can use to speed up the EV training process to make your Pokemon stronger.


Generally, you will need 252 EV points for a maximum of a single stat; however, in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, this can be increased by using certain items. It’s also important to note that in Ultra Sun and Moon, the XP you gain by EV training will be shared with all Pokemon involved in the battle.

EV Training Tips: Power Items, Pokerus, and SOS Chains

Six different Power Items can be purchased for 16 BP each from the Battle Tree shop and will grant you a bonus for different stats. The Bracer grants you + 8 HP EVs per Pokemon defeated, the Belt gives you 8 Attack EVs, the Lens 8 defense, the Band 8 Sp. Attack, and the Anklet 8 Sp. Defense and the Weight gives you 8 Speed Evs for each Pokemon that you defeat in the game.

These items will give you the bonuses regardless of the kind of Pokemon you beat. Apart from this, your Pokemon can also acquire Pokerus, a virus that can benefit you. It is acquired at random and it doubles all the EV that you gain, including those from Power Items.

The virus can spread to your other Pokemon as well if you battle with them together. Just remember to not leave an infected Pokemon outside of your PC box overnight as the virus will stop being contagious. Try to battle a lot of Pokemon or trade a Pokemon that has the virus online and then spread it to all of your other Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon often call for help when they are low. You can also defeat the other Pokemon and chain together the battles to multiply the EV that you gain. This means that you can max out your EV of a Pokemon’s stat through just seven chain battles if you have the Power Item bonus.

To quickly farm EV, get the Power items of the EV you want to max and then acquire the Pokerus, spreading it to the Pokemon you want to train. Now begin the SOS chain. Keep knocking Pokemon out that are called in for help, but do not knock out the original Pokemon. Waste your turns using Adrenaline Orbs or healing items whenever the calls for help fail. Knock out seven Pokemon to max out your EVs.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon EV Farming Spots

Since certain Pokemon will give you certain EVs, it’s natural to find the perfect Pokemon and their spots so that you can farm those EVs in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. These are the best spots to farm different EVs for your Pokemon:

  • The best way to train your HP is to fight Grimer in Malie Citie Outer Cape.
  • The best way to train Attack is to fight Yungoose, Pikipek, or Spinarak on Route 1.
  • For Defense, look for Geodude or Roggenrola on Route 12.
  • Special Attack can be increased through Magnemite on Route 1 Trainer School.
  • Special Defense can be increased through Drowzee on Route 2.
  • Speed can be increased by using Zubat or Diglett on the Seaward Cave.

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