Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon EV Training Guide – How to EV Train, Increase Pokemon Stats, Best EV Training Tips, Best EV Training Method

EV training in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is very important for a player who takes the game seriously. This Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon EV Training Guide will tell you all of the ins and outs of the system and how you can use it to effectively train your Pokemon with best EV Training method.

If you are reading this guide then you are here to know how to EV train Pokemon? It is a question players need to figure out to the get best out of their Pokemon through EV training. We assume that you already know how to check EV stat in Ultra Sun and Moon. It is the same way we did it Sun and Moon but if you don’t know, check out one of our other guides explaining this process.

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Pokemon Evs are hidden stats that let you know how powerful or weak certain stats are. So Pokemon EV stats are very important for progression and this guide will help you with the Defense EV training, Attack EV training, and will help you step-by-step with the best EV training method in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon EV Training

Now we take a look at what EVs are, how can you increase it and what is the most effective way to max it. Keep in mind that Pokemon EV Training suggestions, tips, and advice is based on our own time in the game; things that we found helpful during our playtime in Ultra Sun and Moon.

How to EV Train Pokemon

EVs are effort values which are hidden numbers that define how strong a given stat is. EVs are acquired when you gain experience. EVs are one of the few stats along with Base Stats, Individual Values, and Nature which make a Pokemon unique from one another.

EVs act as points which are attached to each of the six stats of a Pokemon. EVs work like training which can make a less strong Pokemon much stronger than an otherwise better Pokemon. You can have a maximum of 252 EVs into a certain stat. During competitive play, trainers usually have 252 EVs in two particular stats and the remaining ones into a third.

4 EVs equal a stat point at level 100 and the various different Pokemon award different numbers of EVs when you beat them. Remember that some numbers are not divisible by 4 and the numbers of stats you get from EVs are always rounded down. There is a cap 252 so you do not end up wasting your EV. There are also certain stackable bonuses which will help you get EV faster.

Before we move on, remember that EVs will go wherever your experience goes. EVs will spread to each of the Pokemon that gets a share of the experience from a battle. You can also reset EVs using some specific Berries such as the Pomeg, Kelpsy, and Qualot. You can also train EVs using items like Protein or Iron but they are incredibly slow and costly so they will not be mentioned in this guide.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon EV Training – How to Boost HP EV, Attack EV

There are six different Power Items that can be purchased for 16 BP each from the Battle Tree shop and will grant you a bonus. The Bracer grants you + 8 HP EVs per Pokemon defeated, the Belt gives you 8 Attack EVs, the Lens 8 defense, the Band 8 Sp. Attack, the Anklet 8 Sp. Defense and the Weight gives you 8 Speed Evs for each Pokemon that you defeat in the game.

These items will give you the bonuses regardless of the kind of Pokemon that you beat. Apart from this, your Pokemon can also acquire Pokerus which is a virus that can be quite beneficial to you. It is acquired at random and it doubles all the EV that you gain, including those from Power Items.

The virus can spread to your other Pokemon as well if you battle with them together. Just remember to not leave an infected Pokemon outside of your PC box overnight as the virus will stop being contagious. Try to battle a lot of Pokemon or trading a Pokemon which has the virus online and then spread it to all of your other Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon often call for help when they are low. You can also defeat the other Pokemon and chain together the battles to multiply the EV that you gain. This means that you can max out your EV of a Pokemon’s stat through just seven chain battles if you have the Power Item bonus.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon EV Training – Best Pokemon EV Training Method

To quickly farm EV, get the Power items of the EV you want to max and then acquire the Pokerus, spreading it to Pokemon you want to train. Now begin the SOS chain (it is the name of the tactic mentioned in the last paragraph). Keep on knocking Pokemon out that are called in for help but do not knock out the original Pokemon. Waste your turns using Adrenaline Orbs or healing items whenever the calls for help fail. Knockout seven Pokemon to max out your EVs.

The best way to train your HP is to fight Grimer in Malie Citie Outer Cape. Best way to train Attack is to fight Yungoose, Pikipek or Spinarak on Route 1. For Defense look for Geodude or Roggenrola on Route 12. Special Attack can be increased through Magnemite on Route 1 Trainer School whereas the Special Defense can be increased through Drowzee on Route 2. Speed can be increased by using Zubat or Diglett on the Seaward Cave.

Well, that’s it! Have fun while you EV train Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon.

That is all we have for our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon EV Training Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is now available on Nintendo 3DS.

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