Persona 5 Books Guide – Where To Find Books, Benefits of Books

Persona 5 Books guide will help players in tracking down all the available books in the game as well as listing the benefits they provide so players know what to go for first.

Persona 5 features a huge amount of books which the players can read for various benefits and skills. Similar to real life, the high schoolers in Persona 5 rely on these books to upgrade or unlock various skills.

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Persona 5 Books Guide

Persona 5 books offer rewards such as fast travel locations, fishing ability or increasing Knowledge. However, to make full use of these players must first progress in the game until they have a chance to freely explore and have cleared linear sections.

These readable Persona 5 books can be found in a variety of places including school library or players can purchase them from stores. Players need to fully read a book before they can benefit from the rewards it offers.

Persona 5 Books

Below is a list of the books available in the game as well as their location and benefits they provide:

Yoncha Wanderer
Can be obtained after clearing the shelf of books at the coffee shop. Provides fast travel options for Bathhouse and Batting Cages upon completion as well as knowledge boost

The Great Thief
Can be rented from the school library for a massive Knowledge boost

Pirate Legend
Rented from school library for massive Guts boost

Zorro, The Outlaw
Rented from library for Kindness boost

The Alluring Dancer
Rented from the library for Charm increase

The Gallant Rogue
Rented from library for a massive Guts boost

Tidying The Heart
Can be purchased from the Taiheido Bookstore for 700 Yen to give a massive Proficiency boost

Buchiko’s Store
Available at Taiheido Bookstore for 700 Yen

Playing The Game
Available at Taiheido Bookstore for 700 Yen and provides Charm boost

Medjed Menace
Can be bought from Shibuya Bookstore in June for a large Knowledge boost.

Crysolf’s Wail
Can be rented from Library after joining Futaba for a Guts boost

Weekend Park Visit
Bought for 1800 Yen from Bookstore in Central Shibuya to unlock Inokashira Park

Gupper Girl
Bought for 1800 Yen from Central Shibuya Bookstore to open up Harajuku

Essence of Fishing
Costs 2800 Yen at Shinjuku Hinokuniya bookstore to grant Third Eye when fishing

Cinema Treasure
2800 Yen, increases effects of Watching Movies after buying from Shinjuku Hinokokaya bookstore

Fast Reading Mystery
Costs 12,000 Yen but allows players to read books by two bookmarks at a time. Can be bought from Jimbocho Urakogo shop

This Persona 5 Books guide will be updated once we find more books. If you would like to add more, share in the comments below.