Fallout 4 Creatures Guide – Animal Control, How to Kill

By   /   Nov 13, 2015
Fallout 4 Mirelurk

Humans, Super Mutants, and synths aren’t the only threats in the Wasteland. The radiation from the Great War affected just about every living creature in the world, which is why you’ll often come across many unwelcoming beasts.

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Fallout 4 Creatures ‘Animal Control Tips

There is a lot of diversity in the creatures found in Fallout 4. Some are bug-like and fairly easy to take down, while others are the reincarnation of aggressive, intelligent dinosaurs, such as the mighty and fearsome Deathclaws.

This guide will help you get familiar with all these creatures, and also suggest tips on how to take out some of the most fearsome ones.

Bloatflies are annoying, not just because they fly around, but also because they use ranged attacks as their primary source of damage.

They can’t withstand damage, but their evasiveness can make them a pain in the ass. Using VATS to take them out should be the way to go. Bloatfly attacks also tend to inflict a small amount of radiation damage.

Bloobugs are mutated mosquitoes that you’ll find across the Commonwealth. They are extremely aggressive and can overwhelm you when in groups. It’s usually best to try and take them out with melee weapons when they get close to hit you with their stinger.

Deathclaws are arguably the most fearsome enemy you will face. You’re introduced to one fairly early on, and it takes quite a bit of effort in a Power Armor to take down.

That Deathlaw is the weakest of the lot though, as there are many variants, and none of them are pushovers.

A Deathclaw’s resilient hide, incredible pace, and unmatched strength make it an extremely difficult creature to take down without a Power Armor. They are immune to radiation weapons, and the closest spot to a weakness is their belly.

The Chameleon Deathclaw is one of the toughest ones to take down, as it can turn invisible at will. The hardest Deathclaw though is the Mythic Deathclaw, which is also extremely rare. It has an insane level of 91+, so run if you do spot one.

Feral Ghouls
Feral Ghouls were present in previous Fallout games, but none ever instilled the kind of fear the ones in the Commonwealth do. These are essentially humans whose minds have been rotten, and they attempt to attack and consume anything they see.

What makes Feral Ghouls extremely intimidating is they always run in packs. They are extremely fast (unlike zombies), and deal radiation damage with every lunging strike. They also heal from radiation, so avoid such weapons.

Most of the Feral Ghouls individually are fairly weak, but their threat is from sheer numbers. However, you might encounter some really buffed ones called Charred Feral Ghouls. These ones have incredible resilience and do a lot of damage.

Some Feral Ghouls will glow. These Glowing Ones deal very large radiation damage even from a distance, and have the ability to revive recently killed allies of theirs. Take out a Feral Ghoul’s legs to make them easier to finishing off.

Mirelurk Elites
These include the Mirelurk King and the Mirelurk Queen. The King comes in different varieties (including glowing), and are extremely fast. They have a devastating Sonic Attack that makes them truly dangerous, and can also use stealth like Chameleon Deathclaws.

The Mirelurk Queen on the other hand is absolutely massive, but she is also slow. However, her acid attacks make her a significant threat from a distance. She also regularly births tiny Mirelurk Spawns that come and attack you in packs.

Don’t be shy in using a few Mini Nukes to take her down.

Mirelurk Hunters
Mirelunk Hunters are different from standard Mirelurks. They have a very powerful melee strike, and spit acid from a distance. Hunter variants tend to have less armor than standard Mirelurks, but they are also more aggressive.

Mirelurks (Standard)
Mirelurks are crablike creatures with an incredibly tough shell. They are surprisingly fast, and do quite a bit of damage.

You’ll mostly find them lurking near shores. Mirelurks are weak to headshots, but due to their posture, it’s extremely difficult to land a successful hit unless they are charging at you.

Your best bet is to bait the charge and shoot their heads using VATS with a shotgun when they are close enough. Mirelurks also often tend to hunt in packs, and also have glowing variants that do radiation damage.

Mole Rats
You’ll come across Mole Rats fairly early, and they are among the weaker creatures in the Wasteland. Still, don’t underestimate their ability to ambush you in packs, as they can bury themselves underground, only to erupt next to you.

Be especially careful when dealing with Glowing Mole Rats and the Mole Rat Brood Mother.

You’ll find plenty of these out in the open. They are generally mutated hounds, and alone don’t offer much threat. However, the Alpha versions of Glowing and Albino Mongrels can be quite dangerous.

It’s best to try to take them out from a distance, as the Mongrels hunt in packs, and can easily overwhelm you if there are multiple Alphas (though not common). Using melee weapons or a shotgun when they get close is the best way to go.

Radroaches will be the first creatures you come across. They are basically giant cockroaches, and often have the ability to fly. Even in groups though they don’t pose much of a threat.

Try not to waste your bullets; use a melee weapon on them instead.

Radscorpions are giant scorpions that can go underground and ambush you. A single Radscorpion is formidable by itself, but they often hunt in packs. They have surprisingly high damage resistance, but are weak to energy weapons.

Their strikes inflict bonus radiation damages, and their stingers can inject poison which rapidly drains your health. Use shotguns and laser weapons to deal with these creatures, mostly aiming for their head.

Most Radstags will flee when they spot you, but variants, such as the Albino, Rabid, and Glowing ones are considerably more aggressive. Unless you’re hunting for Radstag meat and hide, there’s no need to aggro one, as their antlers are extremely power and deal a lot of damage.

Stingwings are very fast, and have this annoying habit of circling around targets. This makes them extremely difficult to target without VATS. They are highly aggressive, and their poison from their strings is deadly, draining health quite fast. They also have a surprising amount of HP.

Yao Guai
Yao Guai are mutated bears. They are fiercely strong, aggressive, and extremely territorial. Their thick hide allows them to absorb a lot of damage, and their powerful strikes often leave you staggered and are difficult to avoid.

You should try to be a bit tactical when dealing with Yao Guai. Use mines against them and try to initiate them from a long range with a sniper rifle.

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