Fallout New Vegas Skill Magazine Locations Guide

By   /   Aug 4, 2011

There are total 213 Skill Magazines that you can find in Fallout New Vegas. Why should bother to look for them? Well, they temporarily raise the corresponding skill by 10 points so are quite handy in many cases.

If you run out of Skill Magazines in Fallout New Vegas, you can always get one random skill magazine from the magazine vending machine.

It’s random, so you may not get what you want, but it’s an unlimited supply.

There is another catch, the effect of these magazines don’t stack, so only use one magazine at a time.

The bonus of two magazine used back-to-back will only be worth one magazine, second magazine will be wasted.

These are the magazine types and their usage bonus temporarily awarded to the players who uses it. Click the Magazine Type Name to go to its section where you will find the locations of that specific magazine. They are written in this order: Name of the Magazine, Permanent Location, and description of the location.

Boxing Times

  • Unarmed +10

Fixin’ Things

  • Repair +10

Future Weapons Today

  • Energy Weapons +10

Lad’s Life

  • Survival +10

La Fantoma!

  • Sneak +10

Locksmith’s Reader

  • Lockpick +10

Meeting People

  • Speech +10

Milsurp Review

  • Guns +10

Patriot’s Cookbook

  • Explosives +10

Programmer’s Digest

  • Science +10

Salesman Weekly

  • Barter +10

Tales of Chivalrie

  • Melee Weapons +10

Today’s Physician

  • Medicine +10

True Police Stories

  • Critical chance +5%

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Boxing Times Skill Magazines

Boxing Times #1
Location. Boulder City
Get to the mining equipment’s bottom.

Boxing Times #2
Location. Goodsprings
Get into the gas station, look on the shelves.

Boxing Times #3
Location. H&H Tool Factory
Go to the reception room, it’s on the desk.

Boxing Time #4
Location. Jacobstown
Go to the lodge, and climb up to the right stairs, get into the small room on the left side and look on its table.

Boxing Time #5
Location. Lucky 38
Inside the bar next to Golden Gloves.

Boxing Times #6
Location. South Vegas Ruins
Upstairs to the Nuka-Cola Quartz, there is an office. It is on its shelf (Zapp’s Neon Signs)

Boxing Times #7
Location. Techatticup Mine
There is an NCR Prisoner in the cell; it is on the cell’s shelf.

Boxing Times #8
Location. The King;’s School of Impersonation
Get to the bedroom of the 3rd floor and search its tables.

Fixin’Things Skill Magazines

Fixin’Things #1
Location. Camp McCarran
Check the first line tents

Fixin’ Things #2
Location. Camp McCarran
If you’re standing on the terminal building then enter into the third building of the first row and search on the lockers.

Fixin’ Things #3
Location. Goodsprings
Go to the Goodspring Homes and enter into the washrooms, search the sink of each and you’ll find it.

Fixin’ Things #4
Location. You’ll find it in the Prospector Saloon

Fixin’ Things #5
Location. Jacobstown
Go upstairs and enter into the room, it’s on the table just next to the Programmer’s Digest. (Jacobstown Lodge)

Fixin’ Things #6
Location. NellisAirForce Base
Search in the workshop.

Fixin’ Things #7
Location. New Vegas Medical Clinic
Search the tables

Fixin’ Things #8
Location. Primm
Next to the programmer’s digest of theMojave Express office lying next to a bed.

Fixin’ Things #9
Location. Puestadel Sol
At the exit of the switching station, lying on a table. It can also be found in the Wrecked room, above the store.

Fixin’ Things #10
Location. Sierra Madre
Find it on the top of the terminal. (Executive Suites)

Fixin’ Things #11
Location. South Vegas Ruins
There is a table next to the couch, its on it. – Zapp’s Neon Signs.

Future Weapons Today Skill Magazines

Future Weapons Today #1
Location. Camp Golf
Search inside the Misfit’s tent

Future Weapons Today #2
Location. House Resort
Search in the stoure house

Future Weapons Today #3
Location. Camp McCarran
Search in the parking lot for a storage tent, it’s in there.

Future Weapons Today #4
Location. Cottonwood Cove
Go to the male restrooms and search on the floor.

Future Weapons Today #5
Location. Followers Safehouse
There is safe house just near-by the Advanced Radiation Suit. Check the far-left bed.

Future Weapons Today #6
Location. Gun Runners Factory
Reach to the barracks and look in the nightstand.

Future Weapons Today #7
Location. Lucky 38
Search in the Presidential Suite.

Future Weapons Today #8
Location. Lucky 38
Cocktail Lounge, Table.

Future Weapons Today #9
Location. Poseidon Gas Station
Enter into the Violet’s fort and look for a box on the shelf.

Future Weapons Today # 10
Location. Ranch House
Kitchen, Cupboard.

Future Weapons Today #11
Location. Whittaker Farmstead
Kitchen, Shelf.

Lad’s Life Skill Magazines

Lad’s Life #1
Location. Broc Flower Cave
There are a couple of skeletons in the center, its lying next to them right on the floor – Lower Irradiated Chamber.

Lad’s Life #2
Location. Camp McCarran
Enter into the tent which is next to the trailer

Lad’s Life #3
Location. Cottonwood Cove
There is a small cave towards the southeast side of the river, search it on a dead body.

Lad’s Life #4
Location. Goodsprings
Get to the Doc Mitchell’s house and enter into the next north-eastern house and search the ladders.

Lad’s Life #5
Location. Goodsprings
There are a number of wrecked desks, its lying on the floor just next to them. – Goodsprings schoolhouse.

Lad’s Life #6
Location. Jacobstown
Enter into the first room which comes on the left side of the right-hand staircase. The book is in that room just next to some instruments. (Lodge)

Lad’s Life #7
Location. Mountain Shadows Campground
East, picnic table.

Lad’s Life #8
Location. Powder Ganger Camp South
Get to the South of the NCR correction facility and find a crate of burnt books, it’s inside it.

Lad’s Life #9
Location. Ranger Station Alpha
Search the left camp.

Lad’s Life # 10
Location. Ranger Station Delta
Table, tent.

Lad’s Life # 11
Location. Red Rock Canyon
Lying on the floor next to the Programmer’s digest, north-west tent.

Lad’s Life # 12
Location. South Vegas Ruins
Go upstairs and search for it in the office’s shelf. It is just next to the Nuka Cola Quartz – Zapp’s Neon Signs.

Lad’s Life # 13
Location. Techatticup Mine
There are 2 hostages, at the entrance of the area. Search at the right side.

Lad’s Life # 14
Location. The Tops
Get to the Benny’s suite and search on the top of the fire-place. (13th floor)

Lad’s Life #15
Location. The Tops
Climb up to the 13th floor and search the High Roller Suite.

Lad’s Life #16
Location. Yangtze Memorial
Northwest, abandoned Shacks.

Lad’s Life #17
Location. Zion Fishing Lodge
Search for it next to the couch.

La Fantoma! Skill Magazines

La Fantoma! #1
Location. Bitter Springs Recreation Area
Search under the books on the table, office.

La Fantoma! #2
Location. Boulder City
Go to the train station office and look on the below of the conveyor belt.

La Fantoma! #3
Location. Camp McCarran
Reach to the 2nd tent on the left side if you are facing the middle doors of the terminal building and looking at the north side. Search beneath the tent’s bed.

La Fantoma! #4
Location. Crimson Caravan Company
Barracks, desk.

La Fantoma! #5
Location. Executive Suites
It inside the bedroom of Vera Keyes, lying on a nightsand.

La Fantoma! #6
Location. Followers safehouse
Safehouse, next to the advanced radiation suit alongside the left-most bed.

La Fantoma! #7
Location. H&H Tool Factory
Entrance Room, Bookshelf on the left side.

La Fantoma! #9
Location. Lucky 38
On the hard-lock briefcase. (Cocktail Lounge)

La Fantoma! #10
Location. Nellis Air Force Base
It’s on Pete’s bed at the Museum.

La Fantoma! #11
Location. Poseidon Gas Station
It is on a metal shelf in a wooden box, this is the place where you encounter Violet, at the tower.

La Fantoma #12
Location. Powder Ganger Camp West
It’s in the southeast, down in the radioactive puddle near a burnt out car and radioactive barrels lying around. To reach there, follow the road south past the camp to the first billboard on the left, turn left from there into a small down depression that leads right into the puddle.

La Fantoma #13
Location. Sierra Madre Vault
Search in the trash can.

La Fantoma #14
Location. Villa Police Station
Go to the back of the station and check into the third cell, it’s behind the locked door.

La Fantoma #15
Location. Zapp’s Neon Signs
It’s lying next to the couch.

Locksmith’s Reader Skill Magazines

Locksmith’s Reader #1
Location. Camp Golf
Enter into the first room on the right side of the 2nd floor, and look under the damaged shelf (House Resort)

Locksmith’s Reader #2
Location. Goodsprings
You will get it from Sunny Smiles at the Prospector Saloon.

Locksmith’s Reader #3
Location. Hoover Dam
It is on a table just next to the door which says Hoover Dam Offices. (Power Plant #1)

Locksmith’s Reader #4
Location. Mole Rat Ranch
Look for it at the foot of the stairs of a house in the corner of outer Vegas, towards Nellis Air Force Base. There is a grenade bouquet trap, a sniper rifle with ammo and a Locksmith’s Reader at the foot of the stairs of this house.

Locksmith’s Reader #5
Location. Sierra Madre
Head into the executive suites and look on the workbench.

Locksmith’s Reader #6
Location. The Tops
It’s again the 13th floor, inside Benny’s work shop.

Locksmith’s Reader #7 #8 #9
Location. Vault 3

  • Go to the living quarters room and find it by the bed.
  • There is a locked room at the left side of the entrance. (Living Quarters)
  • Get to the submerged room and search for it on the shelves located on the eastern sections. (Living Quarters)

Locksmith’s Reader # 10
Location. Westside
Search the first desk right after you enter into Casa Madrid.

Meeting People Skill Magazines

Meeting People #1
Location. Camp Golf
Go to the House Resort and then head upstairs, enter into the washroom and you’ll find it on the floor.

Meeting People #2
Location. Camp Searchlight
This is the place where you find Pvt. Kyle, the Searchlight home. Its lying next to the bed on a desk.

Meeting People #3 #4 #5
Location. Goodsprings

  • It’s on a Sunset Sarsaparilla crate just next to the side door closet to the entrance. (Prospector Saloon)
  • Go towards the Northern Side of the Prospector Saloon and look inside the Metal Trailer, on the shelf.
  • Lying on the floor, next to the safe by the broken desk. (Schoolhouse)

Meeting People #6
Location. New Vegas Medical Clinic
It’s on the left desk from the clinic guard.

Meeting People #7
Location. Residential District
There is a vending machine across the wall which has a bench just next to it. It’s under the bench.

Meeting People #8
Location. Sierra Madre
Go Vera’s bedroom in the executive suites and you’ll find this on a nightstand.

Meeting People #9
Location. Sunset Sarsaparilla HQ
You’ll find this on the southern-most picnic bench.

Meeting People #10
Location. The Tampico
Check inside Vera’s dressing room

Meeting People #11
Location. The Tops
Search on the tables of the presidential suite.

Meeting People #12
Location. Vault 3
Get to the living quarters and get into the first door, you’ll see it on the nightstand.

Meeting People #13
Location. Think Tank
Go to the bottom floor, Dr.8 has it.

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Below are the magazine locations of the remaining 7 types of magazines in Fallout New Vegas.
Milsurp Review

  • Guns +10

Patriot’s Cookbook

  • Explosives +10

Programmer’s Digest

  • Science +10

Salesman Weekly

  • Barter +10

Tales of Chivalrie

  • Melee Weapons +10

Today’s Physician

  • Medicine +10

True Police Stories

  • Critical chance +5%

Milsurp Review Skill Magazines

Milsurp Review #1 #2
Location. Camp McCarran

  • Look in the tent which is under the bunkbed.
  • There is a tent which a lot of shelves and have some metal boxes on them. It is on a counter which is next to the batteries.

Milsurp Review #3
Location. Executive Suites
Go to the bedroom, and find it on the suitcase.

Milsurp Review #4
Location. Primm
Go to the 2nd floor of the wrecked building which is just next to the Nash’ residence and search near the ammo boxes.

Milsurp Review #5
Location. Ranger Station Delta
It is located on the generator under the table of the pool room, ruined building.

Milsurp Review #6
Location. Red Rock Canyon
There is a tent next to a fire on the North-Western side, its lying on its floor just next to a Programmer’s Digest.

Milsurp Review #7
Location. Vault 34
Just next to the rubber pile and a first aid kit with a SMG.

Milsurp Review #8
Location. Villa Police Station
Enter into the first room of the terminal and check on the crates nest to the stair-way. (basement)

Patriot’s Cookbook Skill Magazines

Patriot’s Cookbook #1
Location. Camp Golf
Misfit’s Tent.

Patriot’s Cookbook #2
Location. Horowitz farmstead
There is a house at the SE of the farmstead, search in the bed-room.

Patriot’s Cookbook #3 #4 #5
Location. Nellis Air Force Base

  • Go towards the bunker and search the shelves just next to it, Men’s Barrack.
  • On the shelf next to Pete’s bed. (Nellis Boomer Museum).
  • Check the teacher’s desk, schoolhouse.

Patriot’s Cookbook #6
Location. New California Republic Correctional Facility
Go past the locked cell, Block A.

Patriot’s Cookbook #7
Location. New Vegas Steel
Enter into the first room and search the tables.

Patriot’s Cookbook #8
Location. Nipton
Next to a grenade rifle, inside the safe of the house.

Patriot’s Cookbook #9
Location. Sierra Madre
In the bedroom, on a suitcase – Executive Suites

Patriot’s Cookbook #10
Location. Zion Fishing Lodge
Find a cabinet which has two war books, there is a table just next to it. – Fishing Lodge.

Patriot’s Cookbook #11
Location. Techatticup Mine
Find the supply cage and search the shelves

Patriot’s Cookbook #12 # 13
Location. Vault 34

  • The wrecked room which has a first aid kit, a skeleton and a bag.
  • There is a room which has 3 dwellers in it, and a locked door, just get into the next room from there and you’ll find this.

Programmer’s Digest Skill Magazines

Programmer’s Digest #1
Location. Broc Flower Cave
Go to the upper chamber and get near to the medical loot. It is on the chemistry-set table next to the dummy computer terminal.

Programmer’s Digest #2
Location. Camp Guardian Caves
It is just on the backside of the Lakelurkers group, inside their cane in a duffle bag.

Programmer’s Digest #3
Location. Followers Safehouse
Checkout the middle bed.

Programmer’s Digest #4
Location. Goodsprings
In the schoolhouse.

Programmer’s Digest #5 #6 #7
Location. Hoover Dam

  • Get the Number# 1 Power Plant and you’ll find this upstairs, on a table next to the office gate.
  • In the Eastern Room, just next to the inventory terminal on the table.
  • Go to the ladies room of the NE tower and search the stalls upstairs.

Programmer’s Digest #8
Location. Hunter’s farm
Search the mailboxes.

Programmer’s Digest #9
Location. Jacobstown
There is a lodge upstairs, get into it then take the left hallway and make a right, check the rooms and their tables.

Programmer’s Digest #10
Location. Mick and Ralph’s
Next to the non-functional terminal, 2nd floor.

Programmer’s Digest #11
Location. Poseidon Gas Station
Enter into the Violet’s makeshift fort (south) and search on the shelves.

Programmer’s Digest #12
Location. Prim
It is on the table, Johnson Nash’ House

Programmer’s Digest #13
Location. Puestadel Sol Switching Station
Check the electronic on your right, just when you are about to go down-stairs.

Programmer’s Digest #14
Location. Red Rock Canyon
Search the North Western Tent, next to a fire.

Programmer’s Digest #15
Location. The Tops
Behind a locked door, in the Southern middle room. 13th floor

Programmer’s Digest #16
Location. Vault 22
Just next to the mattress

Salesman Weekly Skill Magazines

Salesman Weekly #1
Location. Aerotech Office Park
Go inside the Suite 300 and check the reception desk.

Salesman Weekly #2 #3
Location. Bitter Springs

  • Gille’s tent, table.
  • There is a shack at the NE side of the refugee camp, check the straw mattress bedding.

Salesman Weekly #4
Location. Camp McCarran
Tent City parking lot, the tent on the western side of the Mess Hall Tent holds this.

Salesman Weekly #5
Location. Casa Madrid Apartments
Go to the lobby and check the main table. (Left side)

Salesman Weekly #6
Location. Goodsprings
There is a book-shelf on the left side of the General Store, check it.

Salesman Weekly #7
Location. Goodsprings
Just next to the chalkboard at the back of the schoolhouse.

Salesman Weekly #8
Location. Gomorah
Go to the mezzanine area of the Nero’s Suite and look on the bookcase.

Salesman Weekly #9
Location. Grub n Gulp Rest stop
North of the shack, on a picnic table.

Salesman Weekly #10
Location. Primm
Vikki and Vance Casino, west-end room, at a desk.

Salesman Weekly #11, #12
Location. The Tops

  • The room 1301 of the 13th floor, on the dressing table just next to the bed.
  • Benny’s room i.e on the 13th floor. See the book-case which is situated on the right of the bed

Salesman Weekly #13
Location. Westside Co-Op
At the corner of the counter, next to Etienne. (Inside Co-Op)

Tales of Chivalrie Skill Magazines

Tales of Chivalrie #1
Location. Allied Technologies offices
Western Room, Bookshelf.

Tales of Chivalrie #2
Location. Camp Golf
Search in the first room upstairs if you’re going up via the Northern Stairs.

Tales of Chivalrie #3
Location. Goodsprings
If you’re at Doc Mitchell’s house then go south and search for a mailbox, its in it.

Tales of Chivalrie #4
Location. Mick and Ralph’s
Go upstairs, and check the desk.

Tales of Chivalrie #5
Location. NellisAirforce Base
See the shelf next to Pete’s bed, Boomer Museum.

Tales of Chivalrie #6
Location. NCR Correctional Facility
Search on the shelf of the Visitor Center.

Tales of Chivalrie #7
Location. The Tampico
Its just next to the projector.

Tales of Chivalrie #8
Location. Villa Police Station
Enter into the first room with a terminal and look on the crates, there is a stair-case just next to those crates. (Basement)

Today’s Physician Skill Magazines

Today’s Physician #1
Location. Aerotech Suite 300
Lobby, side table.

Today’s Physician #2
Location. Broc Flower Cave
See the table next to the dummy computer terminal- Located at the upper chamber with the medical loot.

Today’s Physician #3
Location. Executive Suites
Vera’s Suite, near the chemistry set.

Today’s Physician #4
Location. Followers Safe house
Check the middle bed of the safe house near to the multiplas rifle.

Today’s Physician #5
Location. Freeside
Go to the upstairs tower and look in the room, Old Mormon Fort.

Today’s Physician #6
Location. Goodsprings
You’ll wakeup with Doc Mitchell at this location, just search on the desk right at front of you.

Today’s Physician #7
Location. Gun Runners
Look at the bathroom stall, in the building.

Today’s Physician #8
Location. Jean Sky Diving
On the highway northeast in a Powder Ganger-occupied camp, near a Sunset Sarsaparilla billboard.

Today’s Physician #9 #10
Location. Lucky 38

  • Master bedroom, on the table (Presidential Suite).
  • Northwest room – has bathtubs, on the table (Presidential Suite).

Today’s Physician #11
Location. Mick and Ralph’s
Upstairs, check the bed.

Today’s Physician #12
Location. Mountain Shadows Campground
Search at the table

Today’s Physician #13
Location. New Vegas Medical Clinic
Search at the small table.

Today’s Physician #14, #15
Location. Nellis Air force Base

  • Right after you enter into the Nellis Children’s Barracks, look at the table in front.
  • Search at the teacher’s desk, school house.

Today’s Physician #16
Location. Vault 3
Enter into the medical room and look on the desk. (Recreation Area)

Today’s Physician #17
Location. Vault 34
When you’ll leave the first room after entering in to the vault, you’ll notice a hall way on the right side, follow it and you’ll get into another room. Check the right side of that room and you’ll find the magazine next to a first aid kit.

True Police Stories Skill Magazines

True Police Stories #1
Location. Allied Technologies Offices
Search the cornet table, entrance foyer.

True Police Stories #2
Location. Bitter Springs Recreation Area
Office, just on the right of the door…there is a table.

True Police Stories #3
Location. Boulder City
Go into the ruins and enter into the blown store building, beside the Great Khans. Search its upper floor book case.

True Police Stories #4
Location. California Sunset Drive-in
Scenic overlook, at the picnic table.

True Police Stories #5
Location. Crimson Caravan Company
Search inside the floor of the first restroom stall. (Main Office)

True Police Stories #6
Location. Gomorrah
Upper Floor – Clanden’ Suite, next to the round beds…on a table. (Gomorrah Suites)

True Police Stories #7
Location. Lucky 38
Cocktail Lounge, search the small tables of the middle section.

True Police Stories #8
Location. Mole Rat Ranch
There is a ruined building at the Eastern side, there is a locked room just next to it, the book is in the locked storage rom.

True Police Stories #9
Location. Poseidon Gas Station
Search the Police car, its right next to the radiation barrels

True Police Stories #10
Location. The Basincreek Building
Entrance Foyer, the corner table.

True Police Stories #11
Location. The Tops
Presidential Suite, bedroom’s bedside table.

True Police Stories #12
Location. Vaulr 34
Go the security room and you’ll find a doctor’s bag on the rubble. It’s in the bag. (Reactor Level)

True Police Stories #13
Location. Villa Police Station
Kitchen, right beside the Cosmic Knife.

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