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Scalebound Coop

Scalebound Cancellation: Not Only Rumors

UPDATE: Microsoft has officially stated that Scalebound has been canceled. This is what the...

by   /   Jan 10, 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda Collector's Edition

Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One Is Up For Preorder

Thanks to a post on Reddit by ashermadan, we now know that Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One is up...

by   /   Jan 7, 2017
Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers

Xbox One and Xbox 360 Controllers Are Now Fully Supported By Steam

Valve is working hard to support different types of controllers and now, with a new Client Beta...

by   /   Jan 7, 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda pc

Mass Effect Andromeda Will Suppot NVIDIA Ansel At Launch

It seems BioWare really wants Mass Effect Andromeda PC version to be astonishing. They have...

by   /   Jan 7, 2017
Nintendo Switch Release Date

Another Listing Points to Nintendo Switch Release Date, Price Shared Too

This month will be very important for Nintendo as they are going to showcase this console and its...

by   /   Jan 7, 2017
Rocket League microtransactions

Rocket League Was The Most Sold Game In 2016 On PlayStation Store

Sony has published the list of the most sold games in 2016 on PlayStation Store and it was Rocket...

by   /   Jan 7, 2017

This Nintendo Switch Starter Kit Will Ready You for the Release

This console is about to be shown soon, so you better prepare for its release with this Nintendo...

by   /   Jan 5, 2017
World Of Warcraft Cow Level

World Of Warcraft Cow Level Has Been Found, A Farming Heaven

Here we go, it seems we finally have a World Of Warcraft cow level. Some users on the World Of...

by   /   Jan 5, 2017
Bandai Namco Games

Famous Bandai Namco Games Including Dark Souls 2 Available On PlayStation Now

Sony has updated the games list for PlayStation Now, adding famous Bandai Namco games such as...

by   /   Jan 5, 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date

Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date Is Not A Secret Anymore

It's on! Finally, after a long wait, BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn has officially announced...

by   /   Jan 5, 2017
Bethesda NX support

Bethesda Strikes Back With a Mocking Tweet on CNN Fallout 4 Debacle

CNN has recently published a story about hackers, that managed to get a lot of views, being...

by   /   Jan 4, 2017
Persona 5 sales

Persona 5 and Yakuza 0 Will Only Be PlayStation Exclusives

Many fans have been discussing about whether Persona 5 and Yakuza 0 will be released for other...

by   /   Jan 4, 2017
xbox one red controller

New Xbox One Red Controller Is About To Release Within A Week

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One red controller. It will release on January 10, 2017 at the...

by   /   Jan 4, 2017
Pokémon Sun And Moon Trading Card expansion

A Pokémon Sun and Moon Character Has Been Added to Smash Bros Wii U

If you have played Pokémon Sun and Moon, then you surely know Wicke: she's a member of the Aether...

by   /   Jan 4, 2017

Meet Project Novatio, A Console That Might Draw You Interest

The gaming industry offers really good devices right now: we have PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, PS VR and...

by   /   Dec 20, 2016
Suicide Squad Game

Suicide Squad Game Has Been Cancelled, Apparently

Warner Bros. Montreal, the team behind Batman Arkham Origins, was developing a Suicide Squad...

by   /   Dec 20, 2016
ARK: Survival Evolved Update

ARK: Survival Evolved Update Released On PS4 With Better Performance

Ark: Survival Evolved was recently released on PS4, after a long wait. This game is available in...

by   /   Dec 20, 2016
Nintendo Switch price

Report: Nintendo Switch Performance To Be Slowed When Undocked

Nintendo Switch performance have been discussed multiple times on the net, but thanks to Eurogamer,...

by   /   Dec 20, 2016
GTA Online double Rp

GTA V Has Already Sold 6 Million Copies In The UK, Doesn’t Fail to Impress

GTA V has recently achieved an incredible result. According to Chat-Track data, this game has...

by   /   Dec 20, 2016
Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cosmetic DLC

Don’t Miss Latest Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cosmetic DLC On Xbox One

Released a week ago for PS4, Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cosmetic DLC can now be purchased on...

by   /   Dec 17, 2016
Super Mario Run Kingdom Building

Super Mario Run Has Just Become The Most Downloaded App In The USA

Super Mario Run was only released yesterday, but it managed to become the most downloaded app in...

by   /   Dec 17, 2016
first kojima productions game

Guess What? Former Konami President Is Now Kojima Productions Boss

The split between Konami and former member Hideo Kojima has been discussed for months. No one could...

by   /   Dec 17, 2016
ARK Park

ARK Park Is Coming To VR Devices, Meet the Dinosaurs In A Brand New Way

Snail Games  has announced that ARK Park is coming to VR devices in 2017. This game will allow...

by   /   Dec 16, 2016
Street Fighter V season 2

Street Fighter V Season 2 Accidentally Leaked By Capcom

Capcom has accidentally leaked Street Fighter V Season 2, releasing on December 20, in a PC beta...

by   /   Dec 16, 2016

New Call Of Cthulu Screenshots Look Terrifying

Focus Home Interactive has released new Call Of Cthulu screenshots, and they are...

by   /   Dec 16, 2016