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The Division Movie

The Division Movie Is Coming Along Good According To Yves Guillemot

During a recent meeting with the investors, Ubisoft Yves Guillemot has talked once again about The...

by   /   Feb 11, 2017
Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass

Become a Hitman With Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass and Launch Trailer

Rebellion has published the launch trailer for Sniper Elite 4, revealing details about Sniper Elite...

by   /   Feb 11, 2017
Nioh Update 1.02

Nioh Update 1.02 Is Ready To Be Downloaded On PS4, Fixes Some Bugs

Koei Tecmo has released a fresh new update for Nioh on PS4: Nioh Update 1.02. According to the...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017
The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of Wild

Link’s Name Discussed By Shigeru Miyamoto, It’s Link Link

During a recent interview with Game Informer, Shigeru Miyamoto and producer Eiji Aonuma answered...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017
Project CARS 2 Switch

“Don’t Expect A Project CARS 2 Switch Version”, Says Creative Director

Project CARS 2 is already in development for consoles and PC, but there's a question being...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017
Fallout 4 1.9 update

Fallout 4 1.9 Update Introduces PS4 Pro Support With Other Things

Bethesda has released this week Fallout 4 1.9 update, that is 460 MB in size. This update...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017
Rocket League Hotwheels DLC

Rocket League Hotwheels DLC Coming Soon to Spice Things Up a Bit

Psyonix has announced today that they are teaming up with Hot Wheels for an upcoming Rocket...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017

Here Is Your New Street Fighter V Character

Capcom has revealed today a new Street Fighter V character that's joining the game's roster. She's...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017

Street Fighter V New Character To Be Revealed Tomorrow

According to the game's official Twitter profile, a Street Fighter V New Character will be revealed...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
Final Fantasy XV Scorpio

Final Fantasy XV Scorpio Release Could Happen But No Confirmation Yet

During an interview with Dualshockers, the game's director Hajime Tabata talked about Final...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
Fire Emblem Heroes Beginner’s Guide

Fire Emblem Heroes Player Has Spent $1,000 to Max the Barracks

As the title says, a Fire Emblem Heroes player has spent over $1,000 to know more information...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
Modern Warfare Remastered Double XP

Modern Warfare Remastered Double XP Starting In Few Days

Raven Software's Amos Hodge has stated on Twitter that Modern Warfare Remastered Double XP is...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
New version of Denuvo

A New Version Of Denuvo Is Ready To Be Released, Will It Work?

The company has announced that a new version of Denuvo is ready to be released. Latest version of...

by   /   Feb 8, 2017
The Division PTS 4

The Division PTS 4 Is Releasing Tonight, Patch Notes Inside

The Division PTS 4 is releasing tonight for Last Stand (latest DLC) and update 1.6, with bug...

by   /   Feb 8, 2017
Gears Of War 4 Valentine's Day Update

Gears Of War 4 Valentine’s Day Update Adds New Interesting Stuff

Microsoft and The Coalition have released today Gears Of War 4 Valentine's Day Update, that adds...

by   /   Feb 8, 2017
Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility

Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility On PC? “Maybe”, Says Phil Spencer

Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One is doing really good. There are more than 300 titles to be...

by   /   Feb 8, 2017
World of Warcraft Cheat

Blizzard Introduces WoW Token, World Of Warcraft Gold Can Now Be Used For Overwatch And Hearthstone

Blizzard has recently changed the way World Of Warcraft Tokens work as you can now use World Of...

by   /   Feb 7, 2017
FIFA 18 Switch

FIFA 18 Switch Confirmed By EA, The Game Will be Tailor-Made

EA's Peter Moore has confirmed (during a recent interview with Gamereactor) that the company is...

by   /   Feb 7, 2017
Fallout 4 sales

Fallout 4 High Resolution Texture Pack Is Now Available

Fallout 4 High Resolution Texture Pack is ready to be downloaded on PC. Its size is 55 GB and here...

by   /   Feb 7, 2017
Forza Horizon 3 Playseat Car Pack

Forza Horizon 3 Playseat Car Pack Coming Tomorrow

Microsoft has announced that Forza Horizon 3 Playseat car pack is coming tomorrow on Xbox One and...

by   /   Feb 7, 2017
Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission

Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission Objective Reached By The Players

The first Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission was a huge failure, with the players not even...

by   /   Feb 4, 2017
Conan Exiles Errors

Conan Exiles Cracked After Denuvo Removal

Funcom's latest update for its famous open-world survival game has caused the team a little...

by   /   Feb 4, 2017

Fallout Shelter Is Coming To Xbox One and PC

Bethesda has announced that Fallout Shelter will be available for Xbox One and PC starting from...

by   /   Feb 4, 2017
PES 2017 Data Pack 3

PES 2017 Data Pack 3 Content Revealed, Coming On February 9

Konami has revealed via press release the content of PES 2017 Data Pack 3, coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox...

by   /   Feb 4, 2017
PS4 Lag

PS4 Performance Is Getting Worse Apparently, Even PS4 Pro is Affected

As reported by players, PlayStation 4 performance is getting worse with the time passing by. A lot...

by   /   Feb 3, 2017