Pokémon On Home Consoles Is Not Going To Happen

The series has always been a handhelds console exclusive and it seems things will stay the same as Pokémon on home consoles is not going to happen.

The Pokémon series has always been an handheld consoles exclusive if you think about it. From the very beginning of the series, every single game of the franchise was made for portable devices. Anyway a lot of fans wanted these games to be available for other gaming platforms, but it seems Pokémon on home consoles is definitively not going to happen.

This concept has been expressed by Game Freak’s Junichi Masuada during an interview with EDGE.

“When coming up with the idea of Pokémon, we wanted to create something where people could meet together and have fun trading, battling, showing off their Pokémon collection, and just talking about their own adventures with the game. Handheld consoles and devices offer us the best way to achieve this aim. We want Pokémon to be a about communication and forming great memories of these experiences”.

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Anyway, even if Pokémon on home consoles is not going to happen, a Pokémon game is expected to be released also on Nintendo NX due to the console being a hybrid, especially with Nintendo pushing hard this console.

However, a new Pokémon GO update has been released, featuring some bug fixes and general improvements.

With the catch bonus, trainers can earn bonus for catching more Pokémon of the same type. Morover, trainers can now bring up to six Pokémon to battle at the friendly fights in the Gyms.

Another important add for Pokémon go is the Egg & Incubator Screens, which will periodically provide an update regarding the distance walked by the trainer during his play sessions.

Pokémon GO has been a huge success worldwide, but within these months the number of active players is decreasing as casual players left off to lose time other ways. By the way the game still stays in the top ten of the stores for any device.

Pokémon GO is available for Android and iOS, while Pokémon Sun and Moon is scheduled to release on November 18, 2016 for 3DS.