New FIFA Street Could be Announced Soon

A famous freestyler posted a photo on his instagram profile, showing himself and another guy in a suit full of sensors. Is Fifa Street coming back?

Fifa Street was one of a kind game. Football fans totally fell in love with it when the first game was released, and the sequels got a great success too in terms of reception from the players. However, the last game was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 and since then, no more information has been revealed about the franchise. By the way, Fifa Street could be ready for a huge comeback.

In fact, famous freestyler Steve Elias has recently posted a photo on his Instagram profile, showing himself and another guy in suits full of sensors. The description of his photo says: “Who wants to see another Fifa Street game?”. Of course this is not a proof that we’ll actually see a new Fifa Street game, but it’s as much it needs to let hope grow.

The first game in the franchise was developed by Alex Shulmann and published by Electronic Arts, releasing for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube. This game followed the “street style” that distinguished titles like NBA Street from the rest of sports games. It had a simpler arcade style game, and it focused on flair, style and trickery.

This game showed up as a huge success among sports/football fans, as it provided a different experience and it was perfect for local multiplayer with friends. Its success led EA to make a sequel, that was released for PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox and Nintendo DS. Then we had Fifa Street 3 and a reboot called just Fifa Street. Besides them, EA never talked about possible sequels.

Do you think it should be a good move for EA to make a new game?

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