Far Cry 4 Towers Guide – Locations, How To Liberate Towers, End Transmission

By   /   Nov 19, 2014

Towers in Far Cry 4 used to be bell towers but are now broadcasting Pagan Min’s propaganda; so since they are not thoroughly militarized, you won’t find a lot of enemies against you.

What you do find is sets of tricky spots that you need to maneuver in order to get to the top of the towers so that you can hack the radios.

In order to explore the world of Far Cry 4 you would definitely want to conquer each one of the towers because they do exactly what they used to do in Far Cry 3 i.e. reveal regions of the map.

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Far Cry 4 Towers Locations, How to Liberate

There is a total of 17 towers spread all over the map of Far Cry 4; getting to the top of them would require you to, sometimes, get rid of the enemies, kill the wildlife and most of all make good use of your navigational skills among ladders, ledges, ramps, grappling points and more.

We have listed the location of each of them along with the map coordinates so that you can find them easily. We have then given a thorough account of how you can reach from the ground level to the radio on top.

Tower #1

Map Coordinates: x:272 y:444

How to Get to the Radio: The first tower is a part of the campaign and you would have already conquered it in the Propaganda Machine mission.

Tower #2

Map Coordinates: x:331 y:475

How to Get to the Radio: The tower is situated on the north eastern side of Khilana Bazaar. Upon being conquered it will unlock Tiger Den (x:316 y:459), Satish’s Sad Room (x:311 y:484) and Prabin’s House (x:336 y:495).

You will need to take out the guard circling it as well as two other guards that are on the western side. Moving on grab the health pack and chest inside the shed and the mines from the zipline anchor on the south.

Now go inside by hitting the lock and kick aside the boxes to take the ladder up. Next step is to go on the outer side and walk around the broken wall; jump in from there and take the ledge to get to the upper area.

Once you are there, turn clockwise and take the next ledge. Now take the ramp to get to the next step where you will come across a ledge barricaded behind boxes, etc. Jump over the gap and destroy the barricades to get to the ledge.

From up there, take the ramp and go around to reach the next ledge. This is the last step, just get through the hole you see in the roof and you will reach the radio.

Tower #3

Map Coordinates: x:386 y:385

How to Get to the Radio: This tower is on the south eastern side of Khilana Bazaar. Upon being conquered it will reveal Partisan’s Clinic (x:369 y:400), Great Drought Chorten (x:398 y:397) and Banashur’s Pyres (x:400 y:368).

However, when you are in the area look out for Pit Vipers and Honey Badgers coming at you. You can also grab an ATV and hang glider around it as well as a health pack on the anchor block to the north.

The first step inside is to take the ledge right inside; up there you can check out the chest that can be found in the corner before balancing a beam to get to the ledge on this broken floor.

One you have gone up; you might get attacked by snipers; there is a mounted gun alongside some Molotovs on the balcony. In order to go up, take the ledge and on the next step, go clockwise to reach the ladder.

Up the ladder, you have to go on the outside and reach another ledge to get to the next step. Here, you will find a crumbling walkway leading to the next ledge, take it and go around the inside clockwise to reach a balance beam. It will take you to the ladder going up.

The last step, is to walk around anticlockwise from where the you land up the ladder and take the final ledge that will get you to a chest, a health pack and of course the radio.

Tower #4

Map Coordinates: x:231 y:575

How to Get to the Radio: This tower is located on the northern side of Banapur, and upon being conquered it will reveal Danger Dashed (x:210 y:564), Kalinag the Seeker (x:221 y:547) and Jhankri Ashram (x:235 y:585).

There are no enemies here, just make sure you are safe from the large fires at the entrance. There is a chest in the corner, check it out and then take the ladder. On the next step, jump the gap to get to the stairs and go up.

Now go clockwise or anticlockwise to the ledge on the other side. Once you are up there, jump the gap again and reach the second ledge on the other side.

On this step, go anticlockwise to reach a roped plank, take the plank to reach the third ledge. Get rid of the boxes up there and walk the crumbling walkway and get to the fourth ledge. Up the ledge, you have to take three balance beams one by one in order to get to the fifth ledge.

After that, go out to check out a chest and then finally take the ladder inside to reach the radio that also has a chest beside it.

Tower #5

Map Coordinates: x:342 y:581

How to Get to the Radio: This one is located on the west of Shanath Breeders and reveals Aghori Ashram (x:349 y:607), Avinash Primary School (x:330 y:571) and Raski Still (x:355 y:558) upon being conquered.

However, there are two guards stationed on the location, so it will be a good idea if you get on their back side by grappling up a cliff that you meet while coming from the south-eastern road.

Other than the guards, you might also need to keep an eye out for the wolves.

Go inside after you have taken out the guards, take the stairs and then the ramp and then the ledge to take you to the upper area. Now go on the outside and take the ledge by going anticlockwise.

You will find a lock up here, break it and get the ledge up. Now check out the chest inside and take the ledge on the outside. On the next step, you have to take the ramp and then crouch until you get to the roof.

Outside, locate the ledge and go up, now take the ramp on this area to finally get your hands on a health pack, some ammo and the radio.

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